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  1. Hope you and your wheel are okay.
  2. Stephen recommended carving. That really helps me once I get I into a rhythm. Where my feet are positioned on the pedals makes a difference. Alternating between sitting and standing on your wheel can help take pressure off your feet.
  3. Is there any old firmwares you can roll back to?
  4. How did the V12 handle accelerating up and down large slopes?
  5. 16x for off road fun. Veteran Sherman for everything else.
  6. 16x is my favorite wheel for commuting to work. I would choose the V11 and 18xl for long distance riding. My foot tends to fall asleep when riding the 16x for long periods of time. I would go with any of the 16" wheels if you're ride to work requires going up and down hills. I wouldn't ride any wheel in the rain.
  7. Good video. I'll be happy with the Hero if it can handle riding in the rain.
  8. Didn't see that coming. Is your wheel operable after all that?
  9. @ThaBlackCobra hope you get better soon.
  10. They look interested in the wheel. You should teach them how to ride.
  11. Have a wheel strictly for riding in the rain.
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