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Help! (Can no longer turn on front light on V10)

Samuel lawson

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I seldom use an app to turn on or off the front light: physical button FTW.
You can turn the front light on or off by a long press on the power button.
It can be done while riding safely as well, an accidental short press wouldn't shut off the wheel when in motion.

Bonus tip: you can turn on and off the side RGB LEDs by a long press of the power button + motor lift switch.
That one I discovered by accident and use it often as well!

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You need to take off side cover, then the top cover and then the headlamp is a module you can flip out. There are videos that show how to dismantle the V10 series. 

The hard part is to take off the sidecover without then cracking. 

(I will update with more info later...now fully updated) 

This does not show the way to pop off the sidecover fully. 

Have a look here to

This from when I had to open my V10f. And I managed to crack my sides (both of them) until I got the tip I shaped in this post above. (have a look of my thread asking for help too you may find some pictures helpful. 


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He will likely have a new headlamp module for you. It isn't that expensive. 

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On 1/7/2021 at 11:07 PM, Unventor said:


The hard part is to take off the sidecover without then cracking. 

It is pretty easy once you have figured out the proper method. All you need are two really big screwdrivers with wide, flat heads. Ideally you wrap their shafts with some tape and cloth to pad them. 


You first remove the screws that hide underneath the side pads, then insert one screw driver near the top and lever the sidecover away from the shell half an inch or so. Then you insert the second screwdriver into the gap that you have just opened, as far away from the first screwdriver as possible. Then you use THAT screwdriver as a lever to prise open the sideshell. Then repeat this maneuver with the screwdriver that you used first.  Work your way down one side of the sidecover this way, always alternating screwdrivers. When you have arrived near the bottom and are about two inches from the lower edge you use your screwdriver to lever open the "hook" or "tooth" with which the sidecover holds onto the shell. Repeat that three more times for both sidecovers.

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