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  1. I have read them, but it is not specific to us like the regulations for ebikes and escooters. I do ride with a ton of caution, avoid sidewalks as much as I can, the only time I do go on them is when I have to click on the button for the light to turn green otherwise nothing. The grey area of the law is what bothers me, it leaves a lot of wiggle room for misinterpretation from both sides -fighting an infraction will not be fun. I know I keep on saying this but we need strong lobbyist like the ones e-bikes has because the last thing we need is a government registry system similar to those for the UAS (drones).
  2. I read about this http://lapdonline.org/home/news_view/65818 , apparently the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) has created this new task force to "crack down" on illegal e-scooter riding, but it concerns me a bit. I ride an electric unicycle, however, what is there to prevent the LAPD from stopping you since I doubt that they truly know the difference between a e-scooter and a electric unicycle? They see motor driven device and think they are the same. I own an e-bike, I know the different classes, where they are allowed, what type of motor is allowed, as well as other requirements minimum age to ride and the exception such as registration, drivers permit, insurance and so on. I feel that this is the beginning of the end, that this will give LAPD and other law enforcement agencies an excuse to stop and ticket EUC , electric skateboard, and onewheel riders based on the regulations that exist for e-scooters. Do any of you feel the same way about this new task force?
  3. I thought so too-- I am leaning towards the 16x the main reason is speakers --I use the navigator sometimes and it is very nice to hear instructions-- but there is something mythical about the gotway--gosh I wish I could get both---
  4. I work at a school- as it is I have to hide my wheel in a closet-can't have it charging in the presence of students- as it is they don't concentrate, and my luck--just my luck something negative happens during me charging it ---I just do not want to risk coming out on the 5 o'clock news.
  5. I once left a segway mini pro without charge for a year and it would behaved as you described --try resetting the battery
  6. I suppose that what I meant by 18+ was that I do not have a need for anything smaller than 18 inch but could be 16 but wide- anything else smaller would be too harsh for me due to poor the road conditions. Monster doesn't have a trolley handle and might be too bulky and heavy to carry a few stairs on a daily basis. Z10 has almost no spare parts available so if anything goes wrong it will be almost next to impossible to repair. I do use slime but only for my bicycles and it's messy, I wanted to use a liner instead but when I tried it the wheel felt a bit odd, so I took it out. I get a lot of flats because I ride in a very industrial part of the city, there is all kinds of sharp metal objects everywhere. I am NOT 260lbs but I am a very short female ;-) with small hands for the Nikola.
  7. I need (emphasis on the word need) a new wheel, actually is more like a spare wheel. I do have a spare (V8) but the range is not there for my commute 30miles total (15 going and 15 coming back). I currently use a KS18L but I had a flat twice and I had to use the V8 to get to work. I hate to have to carry a charger, I hate charging at work, I already carry too much in my backpack so I am trying to keep it as light as possible. I also take a train so, the weight of the unit matters since I have to carry it. I already carry my KS18L, therefore gotway monster is out of the question and so is the KS18s too bulky and no trolley handle. I do not want to get a KS18XL, mainly because I already have a 18L, I want something different. I was considering a Kingsong 16x but I have read that it has a lot problems (tilt back and oscillation when braking), I've never been on a gotway but from watching many videos I've noticed that they seem to have somewhat sketchy quality control. I do need an 18+ size wheel because the roads that I use for my commute are on par with third world country roads. I will not be making this purchase now, mainly because none of the wheels that I want are readily available, but perhaps will purchase mid september or early october. (btw I am 5'3 female).
  8. On my road bike I had people trying to cut me off- back then I could go as fast as 25mph, they just don't care, cars want to be first even when you have the right of way, I had so many close calls and the nerve of these people to curse me out as if is my fault they are about to kill me. When I ride with my wheel I also do not exceed speeds of 15-18mph, I am really afraid of getting hurt. I wish it was legal (in CA) to ride our unicycles in the river path, as far as I know only e-bikes class 1 are allowed there. I know some of you do it but I am too chicken to do that -my luck and I am the first one who gets busted doing that.
  9. california law says you need to wear a helmet whenever riding any PEV- the way I see it, I just do not want to get a ticket or have my vehicle impounded.
  10. As a woman I could tell you is not fear that puts off women from riding EUC's-- Most of my girlfriends feel that it could be too heavy for them to control. Men must realize that women weigh less and are not as strong. That is not say that women cannot do what men do, they do, but like learning how to drive cars and motorcycles, the perception of them doing so needs to change. I own both, EUC and e-bike, I much prefer my kingsong over my e-bike as it is more compact and can take almost every where. E-bike you have to find a safe place to lock it and even then how many people truly feel confident that their 2000K bike will not be too much temptation for a thief. Most people do not know how to ride electric unicycles so re-selling a stolen one could be a bit harder to accomplish than an e-bike. I feel safer on my EUC and if I ever get a puncture, I could use public transport (bus) to get back home; as far as I know, at least in So. Ca e-bikes are not allowed on bus racks meant to carry regular bikes. Unless they fold 20 inch or smaller wheels can be taken on board.
  11. We need a strong lobbyist -take for instance e-bikes, now they can ride almost everywhere depending on their class (class1-3). https://peopleforbikes.org/blog/new-e-bike-law-passes-in-california/ I since then purchased an e-bike but as everyone knows is not as fun an EUC. I am open for limited speeds on bike paths if it means we can use EUC there which are currently banned.
  12. If you know how to ride --I say go for it. Yes, the KS 18l is a heavy wheel but it is very stable and if you ride where the roads look like they've been hit by meteor showers, this wheel will be what you need. Now if you are like me, and use it to commute 18l is heavy to carry up and down a flight of stairs, 18xl is heavier keep that in mind.
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