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Veteran Sherman stock charger longevity

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I've had the Sherman for a little over a month now and the stock charger is wailing like a banshee.

It's impressive that Leaperkim has been able to squeeze 5A charging in such a lightweight package, but I'm concerned about how long it will last.

Has anyone experienced any failures with their charger yet?

Anyone purchase a backup or alternative charger?

Is the charge pin set-up compatible with Gotway/Begode?

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Thank-you for sharing your unfortunate experience.  We are very lucky to have your A-B testing data.

Did you buy the second charger from your EUC dealer or AliExpress?

I hope this quality fade isn't a trend with Veteran - perhaps it's YZPower trying to save money?

Either way, it looks like BYC 2007 is better than BYC 2008, with the use of more highly rated capacitors.



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