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  1. InMotion is aiming for the sweet spot in the market with the V12. The specs suggest a good upgrade path for V10F owners. Think of this as a slightly slower RS, but with good build quality. Or an 18XL with better acceleration, range and top speed. Enthusiasts will always want more battery, but the trade-off is weight and $$$. While it remains to be proven if they can make a durable, weather-resistant hollow bore motor, the potential benefits are smooth, powerful acceleration and braking. Those who have ridden the V11 can attest to the ride feel. InMotion have talked about a
  2. I would say that the five points CAN be achieved today, but manufacturers are currently not implementing all of them in any wheel. The closest might be the Ninebot Z10 and InMotion wheels, but I don't know any manufacturer that monitors individual cells. Current Gotway wheels might score 2/5 if their assembly line is having a good day I accept this risk as well. My worry is that governments won't, after a few fires make the headlines.
  3. Yeah, the problem is that there isn't an inexpensive, convenient, fool-proof solution currently. So the next best thing is to have multiple layers of mitigation and response. IMHO, fire stickers can be one of those layers. I'm definitely not relying solely on fire stickers to put out a battery fire! I have not tested them under duress. I'm guilty of being convinced by YouTube videos, reading some online information, and messaging the owner of the company with some questions. The stickers do seem small, but if you trust the specs a 100mm x 50mm sticker is supposed to be
  4. @Hsiang nice coverage on the recent Gotway fires. I've been considering storage units as well, but that just moves the problem to another location - unless the storage facility uses fire-proof containers. There is no way PEVs are going to gain mass adoption if people feel like they're living with ticking time bombs. Can you imagine if every household had multiple PEVs? Even a 0.001% fire rate would be reason to have them banned from multi-residential and business buildings. Fire extinguishers, balls, bags, particulate, stickers, blankets, coatings, etc are all layers o
  5. This is a great idea. Please provide a link to such a product.
  6. I like the new annual release cycle. I hope that the June release date is a real consumer-ready date, and not a pre-beta release for YouTubers that requires another 6 months to QA, recall, and fix production issues. V12 Expectations: 60 kph stable top speed that can be achieved from 100% to 25% battery. Powerful braking that won't cause wobbles - looking for overall good weight balancing and stability. Weather-resistant design, allowing for daily commuting in rainy climates - without having to replace bearings or worrying about control boards and batteries catching
  7. Begode should just install the stickers on every new wheel. I'm sure there'll be a fire video testing their effectiveness soon enough
  8. That CellblockEX looks like a good active response to a battery fire if you're at home and can deploy the particulate over your EUC. What I like about the stickers is that they are a passive system and will deploy even if you're not at home - even if there's a fire while you're riding! I wouldn't trust any single fire suppression product. We should all probably be using multiple fire response options. A video talking about a fire response system would be interesting to a lot of PEV and drone enthusiasts: Fire alarm Fire extinguisher Fire blanket Fire b
  9. @Hsiang I'm a fan of your thoughtful observations on PEVs. Your standards for usability and safety must be quite high as a successful architect. Please don't take this as petty - I'm genuinely curious what set-up you are using to mitigate the fire risks of the PEVs in your place? Perhaps the topic of an upcoming video?
  10. I installed the automatic fire suppression stickers inside the Sherman. A single 100mm x 50mm sticker is supposed to suppress a fire for a 20L volume, so I figured cutting it in half would be fine. I attached them above each battery pack and repeated the process with a second sticker on the other side of the Sherman. In addition to this, I bought a fibreglass fire blanket. With these two precautions, I feel a little better about being able to get the wheel out of the building in the event of a battery fire.
  11. Compiling a list of reported EUC fires and burned control boards. Frequency by Manufacturer Gotway: 11 Kingsong: 2 InMotion: 1 Segway: 1 IPS: 1 July 2015 IPS 101 https://www.facebook.com/groups/hkeuc/permalink/924235507632544/ Sept 2018 InMotion V10 Feb 2019 Segway E+ May 9, 2019 Kingsong 16S Aug, 2019 Gotway Monster V3 Oct 15, 2019 Kingsong 16X May 25, 2020 Gotway Nikola 100V 1800Wh
  12. Good question. I haven't seen a demonstration yet. Someone needs to sacrifice a battery pack for science. In principal, dropping the temperature of the fire should reduce the mechanism for thermal runaway, but I would like to see video evidence too. At the very least, it should help reduce the rate at which the fire grows - hopefully buying some crucial time to get the wheel to a safer location. These fire suppression stickers have only been around for a few years. With the growing use of large LiOn battery packs in consumer goods, I wonder if manufacturers will start to integra
  13. Discount code M2EV20 for 20% off.
  14. With all the battery fires lately, many of us are looking for ways to reduce the risk and damage caused by a potential battery fire. Fire-proof storage boxes and fire extinguishing balls are good layers of defence. Here's another, more convenient option. Fire Suppression Stickers https://firesticker.ca/ https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B08DLDSTYR/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_F3iaGbHAAC0PT?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 These small stickers can be placed inside your wheel, next to the battery packs. At a temperature above 100 C, they start to emit NOVEC 1230, a waterless fire suppression gas that is
  15. Is there any reasonable solution to this? Or is it a matter of managing the results of unbalanced current with a cell-level smart BMS?
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