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  1. Asphalt


    Ticket for riding a motorized vehicle without insurance. Of course ICBC doesn't offer insurance, so it's impossible to ride legally. Many of us are trying to get the laws changed, but it could take a while. Heck, Vancouver still hasn't allowed Uber. That said, Vancouver is awesome for cycling infrastructure. So when the laws finally modernize, it's going to be an EUC paradise.
  2. Asphalt


    Get your best friend to start riding too and you’ll have a wheel when you get out here.
  3. Asphalt


    I wish the police were as friendly in Vancouver. eRiders are still getting hit with $600 tickets - hence the night rides.
  4. Asphalt


    Thanks Seage! There's a sweet spot between when the bar stragglers go home and the Jocko Willinks of the world get up. Let me know when you decide to visit Vancouver - we have many beautiful paths and trails, as well as a small, but growing EUC group.
  5. Asphalt


    Thanks Rama! It's a V8, so a blistering 29.9 kph to avoid the very prominent InMotion beep from waking up the neighbourhood.
  6. Asphalt


    Thanks Marty! It's my first wheel, but I'll be upgrading soon. MSX, 18XL or 16X. So happy to be getting into EUCs during a time with an abundance of choices! The hunch is to try to maximize speed and range by reducing wind resistance. It was also freezing out, so reducing my frontal profile helped to reduce heat loss. Holding a squat is also great way to generate some body heat while "feeling the burn".
  7. Asphalt


    Thanks! It's the beautiful city of Vancouver - looks even better during the day.
  8. Asphalt


    City night ride. Strap on your headphones.
  9. Asphalt

    EUC pads on body not soft (at all really)

    Instead of hard shin pads, I used some soft knee pads (Triple 8 ExoSkin) and rotated them so that the padding faced the wheel. It made learning a lot more pleasant. You won't need them once your technique gets better, but you can continue to use them as under-clothes knee protection (if you don't want to go for the armoured robot look).
  10. https://www.theverge.com/2019/2/27/18243310/battery-lithium-ion-cargo-ban-faa-department-of-transportation Also, companies cannot ship batteries with more than 30% charge aboard cargo-only aircrafts. So this probably means: No flying with your EUC Prepare for very long shipping times if you buy overseas Prepare to receive your new EUC with near-dead batteries Hopefully this opens up a market for home-grown battery companies.
  11. Asphalt

    Quiet Wheels

    @csmyers Yeah, audio isn't very usable at this point due to wind noise and wheel whine, but I'm experimenting with dead cats and post-production filters. I'm mostly shooting moving objects e.g. bicycles, skateboards, cars, etc, but it is fun playing around shots like the Michael Bay 360. EUCs seem like the a more flexible and less expensive alternative to $15K+ RC dolly systems,
  12. Asphalt

    Quiet Wheels

    I wonder if the reason why dogs freak out, when an EUC approaches, has anything to do with the high pitch whine? Can any MSX riders testify to lowers incidents of dog harassment compared to louder wheels?
  13. Asphalt

    Quiet Wheels

    Thanks Marty. Are there any generalizations to the noise levels of the wheels? Smaller wheels are quieter than larger wheels? Wider wheels are louder than thinner wheels? Brand X is quieter than brand Y? Stationary loudness vs rolling loudness? Your opinion just swayed me heavily towards the MSX. Maybe I need to ask Eddie to balance things out
  14. Asphalt

    Quiet Wheels

    I've been very happy learning to ride on my V8 since November - I'll have 1000 miles on it soon. I'm outgrowing the wheel, wanting for more range and speed, so I'm evaluating candidates for my next EUC. Currently contemplating the MSX or KS18XL. One of the reasons I got interested in EUCs was for the ability to use it as a gimbal for video work. The InMotion V8 has a high-pitch whine from the motor. It's not terribly loud, but noticeable in a quiet room. I was wondering if this was common amongst all wheels, or if some models are quieter than others? Any suggestions on quiet wheels suitable for gimbal use would be much appreciated.