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  1. Asphalt

    MSuper Pro?

    We’ve had too much British influence around these parts lately. Now if Harry and fam started riding EUCs, then maybe I’d change my mind. Also, apparently British women prefer Foxy scooters over EUCs - you gotta do a better job converting the fairer sex If you do a review of how the MSuper Pro holds up in rainy British weather, then I’d definitely watch that video.
  2. Asphalt

    MSuper Pro?

    The jump to the stronger motor and 21700 batteries likely necessitates a new control board and firmware. There’s going to be more heat as well, with the dual headlights and potentially higher current draw with the new motor-battery combo. That’s a few too many possible failure points for my liking. I’m waiting for Marty’s Overheat Hill and range tests, Kuji’s max acceleration, braking and jumping tests, and Chooch’s off-road durability test, before I order the MSP. It’d be great to see Chris and Tishawn’s NYC maneuvering tests too, but I don’t know if they’re still videoing their rides much these days.
  3. @Young il KIM Thank-you for creating the IRON-100. It fills the market niche for a sport-specific wheel. No need to worry about trolley handles, speakers, rainbow light shows - just the essentials. It's incredible that something that weighs only 42 lbs can get you moving 68 km/h! I'm looking forward to the reviews. Perhaps you can get @Kuji Rolls to test drive it? Also looking forward to seeing the improvements in quality and reliability over the Rockwheel GT-16.
  4. Asphalt

    MSuper Pro?

    I asked Gotway about those pseudo-vents. Their reply was somewhat cryptic, probably due to translation issues: "External circulation system"
  5. Asphalt

    MSuper Pro?

    We won’t know for sure until someone can test a production unit, but there are some clues that would suggest Gotway is trying to build a more performant wheel. 1. The wider custom motor probably indicates that they’re using wider magnets and more wiring. 2. The higher 2500W motor rating suggests that the motor is capable of drawing more current than the previous 2000W motor. 3. The larger capacitors suggests that the control board is capable of handling larger current spikes. 4. As mrelwood said, the 7.3A LG 21700 batteries can momentarily produce more current than the old 18600. Assuming that the mosfets and other control board components have been upgraded as well, the MSuper Pro should perform better than the MSX. My concerns would be Gotway production QA (Gluegate) and heat. Putting powerful fans in an enclosed case just pushes hot air around. They need some effective way to transfer heat out of the wheel, whether it be by flowing air through the shell or liquid cooling. It’s not like they’re worried about shell integrity - punching holes in the shell to accommodate speakers.
  6. Asphalt

    MSuper Pro?

    Here’s what Gotway says has been improved: Msuper Pro details: 1. T6 24v double headlamp, fan cooling! 2. Bass loudspeaker! 3. Better motor column! 4. 24V powerful fan, external circulation! 5. Thickened customized motor! 6. Waterproof rubber strip! 7.Color interface, color differentiation ! Looks like they’ve implemented a lot of user feedback!
  7. Asphalt

    MSuper Pro?

    Some more images from Gotway. Looks like a thicker shell, wider motor and fan for the dual light. The electronic stuff I defer to people more knowledgeable to interpret.
  8. The KS-16X is a fantastic wheel. The extra range alone is worth it. The only thing I'd recommend that you do is seal the power button and gap under the mud flap, so that Wet Coast weather doesn't find its way into the wheel.
  9. Asphalt

    MSuper Pro?

    Also note that speakers are only on the right side of the wheel. I guess they have batteries on the left side. Wonder how the asymmetric design will feel for balance?
  10. Asphalt

    MSuper Pro?

    Interesting cutoff switch design. It looks like they added a button next to the handle. Hope you’re right-handed!
  11. Asphalt

    MSuper Pro?

    Must start training horse stance - it looks even wider. Don’t care too much for the double ingress points for the speakers, but the dual headlights are a nice addition. I just hope they are smart enough to allow switching between dual and single modes.
  12. Asphalt

    InMotion V8f

    Can anyone with the V8f comment on: 1. Tiltback on hills 2. High speed vibrations These were observed on the prototype unit in the EUCO video. https://youtu.be/b3UM8gJk6Oc Curious if these issues have been addressed in the production units.
  13. Asphalt

    MSuper Pro?

    Has anyone heard of this variant? Is it a new official Gotway or an unofficial mod? Either way, the specs look good! https://eucservice.com/en/gotway-msuper-x/72-gotway-msuper-pro-1800wh-100v-21700-new-cells.html New Msuper Pro Specifications: 1-19inch skid resistance Tire 2-Double T6 head light , Intelligent brightness 3-5w strong heat sink fan 4-35w BT music 5-2500w motor 6-100v 1800wh 21700battery 7-Lift up switch
  14. Thanks for the explanation. Optimized seems very useful. I may just have to get an Android phone! Are Standard and Optimized battery algorithms specific to the EUC World app? Or are they options that manufacturers or other apps also provide?
  15. @Seba Thank-you for this insight! I was unaware of the difference between firmware speed limiting and current-draw-induced tiltback. I was experiencing frequent tiltbacks once the battery was below 50%, which I assumed was the speed limiting. Is it correct to assume, that below 50% battery, it’s possible to attain 50kph as long as acceleration is gradual and there are no current draw spikes? Also, how do you switch between Standard and Optimized algorithms? And what difference do they make? Finally, how are you determining the theoretical limits? Free-spinning the wheel, or some sort of firmware analysis tool?
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