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  1. I’m considering getting these Scorpion SGS MKII gloves with SPS. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/scorpion-sgs-mk-ii-gloves Do you think I should skip them and buy wrist guards instead? I was hoping to find something that would be quick to put on, but still offered decent protection.
  2. The fact that KS initially wanted to rate the 16X as a 45kph wheel, but were then persuaded to make it 50kph, shows that they’re comfortable pushing their margin of safety, probably recognizing that they were being too safe at the cost of performance that many of their customers wanted. Let’s say that the cutoff speed for a 200lb rider on a 16X is 60kph. Previously KS had a 15kph buffer, which was overly safe. Now they’re okay with a 10kph buffer, which is still safe. The 18XL speed limit was set in the 15kph safety buffer era. It should be updated as an option for this new 10kph safety buffer era. Also, it should be reasonable to expect that an 18-inch wheel would be 10% faster than a 16-inch, given the same motor, since the distance traveled per rotation is about 10% more.
  3. I agree with the safety sentiment. I’m always wearing helmet, wrist guards, knee & elbow pads, and will put on a motorcycle jacket if I’m traveling into uncharted territory. So safety is a priority for me. I rarely go above 40kph, but knowing that I can safely hit 50/55kph gives me confidence that I have the option to get out of tricky situations with overtaking speed when the need arises.
  4. This happened to my V8 as well. The solution is pretty easy. On the bottom of the pedal (when it’s in the folded up position), there’s a screw located in the centre. Use an Allen key to tighten this screw to adjust the folding friction. I had to retighten this screw roughly every 10 rides. More frequently on the right-side pedal for some reason.
  5. There's an esk8 group ride happening tomorrow Saturday 2pm at the Olympic cauldron downtown Vancouver. https://www.facebook.com/events/310065379706697/ There will be at least three EUC riders there. Hope to see you there.
  6. It’s great to hear that @Jason McNeil was able to get KingSong to increase the top speed of the 16X to 50kph. If KingSong has found a way to do this safely, then perhaps they’d be amenable to increasing the top speed of the 18XL from 50kph to 55kph? Seems odd that their 18-inch wheel goes the same speed as their 16-inch. It might also be incentive to move some 18XLs who’s sales have likely been affected by the 16X announcement. 55kph would also make it a little more competitive with the MSX. I’d be fine if 55kph was only available for the top 50% of the battery. Anyone else interested in a firmware update that would push top speed of the 18XL to 55kph?
  7. Ticket for riding a motorized vehicle without insurance. Of course ICBC doesn't offer insurance, so it's impossible to ride legally. Many of us are trying to get the laws changed, but it could take a while. Heck, Vancouver still hasn't allowed Uber. That said, Vancouver is awesome for cycling infrastructure. So when the laws finally modernize, it's going to be an EUC paradise.
  8. Get your best friend to start riding too and you’ll have a wheel when you get out here.
  9. I wish the police were as friendly in Vancouver. eRiders are still getting hit with $600 tickets - hence the night rides.
  10. Thanks Seage! There's a sweet spot between when the bar stragglers go home and the Jocko Willinks of the world get up. Let me know when you decide to visit Vancouver - we have many beautiful paths and trails, as well as a small, but growing EUC group.
  11. Thanks Rama! It's a V8, so a blistering 29.9 kph to avoid the very prominent InMotion beep from waking up the neighbourhood.
  12. Thanks Marty! It's my first wheel, but I'll be upgrading soon. MSX, 18XL or 16X. So happy to be getting into EUCs during a time with an abundance of choices! The hunch is to try to maximize speed and range by reducing wind resistance. It was also freezing out, so reducing my frontal profile helped to reduce heat loss. Holding a squat is also great way to generate some body heat while "feeling the burn".
  13. Thanks! It's the beautiful city of Vancouver - looks even better during the day.
  14. City night ride. Strap on your headphones.
  15. Instead of hard shin pads, I used some soft knee pads (Triple 8 ExoSkin) and rotated them so that the padding faced the wheel. It made learning a lot more pleasant. You won't need them once your technique gets better, but you can continue to use them as under-clothes knee protection (if you don't want to go for the armoured robot look).
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