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  1. Here's a theory that might help your knee pain. I was developing knee and foot pain when I switched to a wheel with a more aggressive pedal angle, causing my feet to be in an over-pronated position. Switching to a third-party pedal with adjustable angle, allowed me to flatten the angle to a more neutral position. Kingsong tends to have a less aggressive pedal angle than other manufacturers, so perhaps that's the reason you prefer the 16X and S18? Changing footwear from an elevated heel to a zero-lift heel also helped a lot.
  2. This motor cable junction box should make tire changes a lot easier and faster. Same thing with control board replacements, although I'm going to have to brush up on my soldering skills with the motor cables being soldered directly to the control board.
  3. TLDR: "It sounds like a you problem...until it's not" We are in the honeymoon hype phase, post-product launch, pre-reality. I'm sure there are a lot of dissenting voices from the people that have to design, engineer, manufacture, QA, retail, and warranty this new 126V tech. From a rider/consumer POV, it's sounds like it might give us that low-speed, rocket-boost torque that feels so exhilarating, while also providing more safety headroom at high speeds. eWheels' great warranty service, for better or worse, allows riders not to care about things like "is this a good i
  4. Smoke is an often overlooked problem with all these reactionary safety measures. They may be able to prevent the fire from spreading, but if you're indoors, toxic smoke is going to cover everything. Not to mention the serious water damage if the sprinkler system goes off. If you live in an apartment and don't have a balcony, I think the next best thing would be to have something like a fire bag/box next to a window with an aluminum exhaust duct. There are already buildings in NYC that ban PEVs inside. Unless there's a way to fireproof PEVs, insurance companies are not going to take t
  5. The only Kingsong 16X fire report was in Oct 2019, caused by faulty eWheels fast chargers, which they've since fixed. A fire bag is an additional safety layer, which can be used along with a fire alarm, extinguisher, fire suppression stickers, fire suppression balls, bags of fire suppression granules, fire blankets, fire cabinets, purchasing from reputable manufacturers, safe charging practices, regular wheel maintenance, and not subjecting your wheel to conditions that may lead to a battery fire.
  6. Thanks for the link. This Gotway Nikola fire was already reported, but the referencing Facebook post had been removed. Edited the Nikola entry to include the YouTube link and more accurate date.
  7. So the real-world photos have spokes and the spec sheet indicates 100V. I'm curious what differences they've made to the 3500W motor compared to the Sherman's 2500W motor? I would guess a torque-based motor coil winding (maybe C38)? Perhaps they've also been able to squeeze in wider magnets despite the same motor width? A torque-based winding would be the simplest solution with the increased tire diameter accounting for maintaining a similar top-speed to the Sherman.
  8. Look at the lack of spokes. This suggests a much larger motor than anything before. The Gotway Monster series had essentially the same motor as the MSX, but with larger spokes. The Veteran Abrams could be a wheel with incredible torque if the magnets are actually further from the axle and the coils are wound for torque. This would bode well for an off-road wheel. The larger wheel diameter should also eat up bumps without the need for suspension. Benefits of having magnets further from the axle: greater moment arm (torque) fit more magnets around the circumference
  9. Bearing size shouldn't have any effect on torque. Torque will be influenced by stator-rotor radius, wire thickness, stator windings, and magnet size, as well as voltage and current.
  10. Not saying that Begode reads these forums, but it looks like they finally came to their senses. They have a new supplier that's designed a new hub motor with a smaller bearing to improve durability and water resistance. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Glydiators/permalink/2271957829613372/
  11. Asphalt

    InMotion V8S

    Battery Cell specs: V8 - LG MH1 6.4Ah / 480WH V8f - LG MJ1 7.0Ah / 518WH V8s - ??? 10.1 Ah / 728WH If the V8s battery cells are 21700, shouldn't they have a greater discharge rate than 18650, leading to the possibility of a bit more speed?
  12. Asphalt

    InMotion V8S

    Will be interesting to see if they changed the shape of the shell to accommodate the larger battery capacity (the overall wheel dimensions haven't changed according to the specs on the InMotion France website). I'm a little disappointed they didn't bump up the speed to 40 km/h like the 5 km/h bump going from V8 to V8F.
  13. Asphalt

    InMotion V8S

    Looks like InMotion has released an update to the V8 series: 1000W motor (up from 800W) 728 Wh battery (up from 480Wh) 15kg (up from 13.5kg) Still has the same max speed of 35 km/h, although I hope it's closer to a real 35 km/h without the 7% inflation, now that they have more battery and motor power. https://www.inmotion-france.fr/v8s
  14. I don't use the pads while riding, but I find them useful when doing a one-legged push start. The curvature of the shell away from your leg gives very little contact area to control the wheel with one leg - it forces an awkward inward angle of your knee. This combined with the smoothness of the shell material, makes single-leg mounting difficult without pads. If you've ever ridden a V8f, the shell actually protrudes at the top, which can be uncomfortable at first, but provides very good single-leg control.
  15. Added Kingsong 14d fire after hopping off a curb.
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