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  1. Thanks for posting the teardown of the bearings. It's crazy the conditions of those bearings AFTER the EcoDrift waterproofing service - standard Begode bearings stand no chance. From this picture we can see that there are 24 ball/cylinder bearings (or groups of double-bearings, it's hard to see through all that grease). No wonder these bearings are so expensive! It also looks like the bearings were already sealed (or at least shielded): I'm not sure there's much that can be done to remedy the situation. I'm hoping that there's a bearing manufacturer ou
  2. Thank-you for sharing your unfortunate experience. We are very lucky to have your A-B testing data. Did you buy the second charger from your EUC dealer or AliExpress? I hope this quality fade isn't a trend with Veteran - perhaps it's YZPower trying to save money? Either way, it looks like BYC 2007 is better than BYC 2008, with the use of more highly rated capacitors.
  3. I've had the Sherman for a little over a month now and the stock charger is wailing like a banshee. It's impressive that Leaperkim has been able to squeeze 5A charging in such a lightweight package, but I'm concerned about how long it will last. Has anyone experienced any failures with their charger yet? Anyone purchase a backup or alternative charger? Is the charge pin set-up compatible with Gotway/Begode?
  4. I've ridden a V8 through two winters (rain, slush, snow and salted pathways) - it's a robust wheel that is more water-resistant than a lot of wheels that came after it. As long as you don't run into the power-switch cut-off issue, then you have a good one and shouldn't have to worry about riding it throughout the winter. Puddles are fine, just don't go deeper than the wheel axle. I didn't tape the power button, but it wouldn't hurt (some owners reported the power-switch cutting out after water ingress). The wheel is separated from the internals of the wheel by the shell. I've
  5. I agree. I wish companies outside of China would have been allowed to innovate on EUCs as well, because Shane wasn't interested in pushing the technology any further. Instead he gave us Hovertrax, Iotatrax, OrbitWheel, and Hoverwheel I do have some sympathy for Shane though - he could have made a small fortune on Hoverboards if the Chinese manufacturers didn't blatantly rip off his ideas.
  6. Shane Chen tried taking Segway/Ninebot to court, but the Chinese judge would only rule in Shane's favour if he gave permission for the Chinese factories to continue manufacturing the products they stole from him. https://www.forbes.com/sites/wadeshepard/2018/01/31/meet-the-inventor-of-the-hoverboard-who-lost-millions-to-chinese-counterfeiters/?sh=317bf1313c47
  7. @evX_Mick mentions it at 55:05 of his podcast with John Angel. He says that Gotway got the EUC patent from Shane Chen and is threatening to use them against Veteran. Someone sell Onyx to John Angel so that he can start an EUC divison!
  8. On the EX the circumference of the bearing is 566 mm. On the MSP the circumference of the bearing is 180 mm. So the EX bearing has ~3 times the area in which debris can enter and is ~70 mm closer to the ground. The 6832-2RS bearing that the EX is using, already has two rubber seals - one on each side of the bearing. Perhaps an improvement could be made to the seals, like on these triple sealed waterproof, dustproof bearings: https://www.nsk.com/common/data/ctrgPdf/e1234a.pdf Overall, there's no quick, cheap solution to this issue. The manufacturers are going to have
  9. Hollow bore/centreless/hubless motors will always wear out faster than traditional axle motors, given the same bearing material for the following reasons: Being further away from the centre, each ball bearing has to travel further and faster for every rotation of the wheel More ball bearings are required as you increase the bearing distance from the the centre of the wheel. Increasing the number of required ball bearings increases the likelihood of one of them failing. With the bearing being located closer to the tire, there is a greater likelihood of water and debris enterin
  10. Here are my takeaways from the story: EU regulations around PEVs are far too restrictive - actually encouraging car usage by limiting speeds that are slower than manual pedal bikes. The law should be implemented at the individual human level, not the broad device level. Cars are not hardware-limited to the local speed limits because sometimes you need bursts of speeds to overtake, merge, or escape dangerous situations - the same should apply for all modes of transportation. It's understandable why EU riders are more sensitive to seeing NYC-style riding videos, because they li
  11. German police stopping riders and taking e-bikes off the road for having the ability to exceed 25km/h. E-bike makers respond by implementing app updates to software-limit their bikes to 25km/h. https://www.theverge.com/2020/11/10/21558235/vanmoof-slows-s3-x3-europe-japan-speed-limit
  12. Thanks for troubleshooting this all by yourself and sharing the results with the community. Unfortunately Leaperkim hasn't released a list of error codes for the Veteran Sherman. By any chance did they share any more with you? Did you find out why you had different outcomes with the two chargers?
  13. I wonder why Begode didn't flip the design upside-down and have the "foot" inside the shell?
  14. @Hsiang Would you mind measuring the diameter of the air shock tube in the pedal hanger? <very rough calculations> If it's 0.5-inch, the surface area of the piston head would be roughly .375 square inches. At 1200 PSI, that should support 450 lbs. Adding both sides that would be 900 lbs support. </very rough calculations> This leads me to suspect that there may be some internal spring that is preloaded by the air pressure?
  15. Thanks, looking forward to your review! It'd be great to know if there are any dampening systems, apart from the rubber pads glued to the top and bottom of the central block - I'm hoping there's something interesting happening inside the pedal hanger column. There's also a large vertical column in the middle of the central block. My guess is that this is just being used as a support structure, but I'm curious if there's any spring/dampening happening there too. Yeah, 1200 PSI seems like a lot - by an order of magnitude. The solid block of pedal hanger metal should be strong enou
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