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  1. Asphalt

    Gotway EX

    They should have called this the Gotway Fat. Width (footrests closed) 250mm - EX - 2700Wh 231mm - Monster 3 100V - 1845Wh 230mm - MSP 100V - 1800Wh 195mm - Sherman - 3200Wh 148mm - V8 - 480Wh Weight 38.0kg - EX 35.0kg - Sherman 29.0kg - Monster3 100V 25.0kg - MSP 100V 13.8kg - V8 I hope people enjoy riding in Horse stance, or are naturally bow-legged. It gets comically wide if you add pads.
  2. I'd love to see a comparison - particularly the how the new ride dynamics feel with the shorter pedal arm length. All the reviews so far say it's "different", but what I really want to know is how it affects stability and turning at different speeds.
  3. Good point about the comparison with the modded v1. I wonder why Gotway would go to the trouble of changing the motor when there haven't been many complaints about it? Perhaps they thought the torque was overkill and thought they could provide more headroom on the high end? It's interesting that Gotway seems to be adjusting their wheels to be more balanced - in the process reducing what makes them stand out: MSX (known for speed) -> MSP : reduces speed for more torque MCM5 v1(known for torque) >- MCM5 v2 : reduces torque for more speed I hope EcoDrift does a follow-up teardown blog post were they open up the motor to check the windings, however, its unlikely since they already did a teardown on an early variant v2 with a 2.125-inch tire. On that wheel, it appeared to be the same motor as the v1 with 35mm magnets. https://ecodrift.ru/2020/05/10/gotway-mcm5-v2-razbiraem-67v-280vtch-versiyu/
  4. Denis Hagov posted his review of the MCM5 v2 with the 2.5-inch tire. He seems to believe that there is a new motor tuned for more speed compared to the torquier v1. His hill tests suggest that the climbing and braking ability has been reduced on the v2, but the lift speed has increased from 59.1 km/h to 64.8 km/h <speculation> My theory is that the motor is the same, but Gotway has adjusted the firmware to account for a larger tire circumference - one revolution will move you further with the 14x2.5-inch tire compared to the original 14x2.125-inch. This firmware adjustment would report a higher lift speed, even though the motor is spinning at the same RPM. A larger tire will also mean that the motor has to work harder to accelerate at the same rate as a smaller tire - hence the perceived reduction in torque. </speculation> While I'd have preferred the same zippiness of the MCM5 v1, I am okay with a slightly less zippy MCM5 v2 that can keep up with any of Kingsong's premiere wheels, yet weighs and costs half!
  5. Have you received your V11 yet? I'd love to know your opinion on how it compares to the 18XL.
  6. From what Milli was saying, GW/KS do not sell to Chicway. Maybe GW/KS are selling to Green Fashion at dealer prices with Green Fashion listing at the "approved" price. Chicway might be Green Fashion's way of undercutting the competition by using a different company name. That's just my speculation. That said, I wouldn't expect any after-sales service from Chicway.
  7. As a satisfied customer of a previous Rywokast 18XL, I can vouch for the quality of his wheels and his prompt response and shipping. @Rywokast - are you making room in your stable for the Sherman, S18 or V11?
  8. I'm interested in purchasing from Chicway as well, so I contacted Milli Zhao at Gotway. Milli: "Don't buy from Chicway, it's not our official dealer" Me: Does Chicway sell fake Gotway products? Milli: "Fake Gotway I don't think so. Sometime they use other company name order from us" As a customer, we have the right to shop where we please, but this seems to be the greyest of the grey market. Chicway are in the naughty book for both Gotway and Kingsong. That said, I'm still tempted to purchase from them
  9. Rider was ~280lbs and was intentionally trying to achieve cut-out. I'm all for someone testing the limits of these wheels, but let's try to provide as much context as possible around these videos that will be shared broadly.
  10. Asphalt


    Crazy? Yes Reckless? Yes Irresponsible? Yes Would I ever do it? Not intentionally! Am I impressed that someone has the cojones to find the limits of these wheels? Absolutely! My hats off to these Chuck Yeagers of the EUC world - real-life crash test dummies. It will be interesting to see how Veteran and other EUC manufacturers respond to these types of videos: Claim that the rider (280+ lbs) was outside design specs and make no changes Design EUCs capable of handling aggressive heavy riders Never again send a wheel to NYC for testing Send every new wheel design to NYC for testing. Maybe this is NYCs version of Overheat Hill? Acknowledge nothing (most likely) To the NYC EUC Collective - your NPS mantra is entertaining to watch, but is terrible for your longevity. So many of your crew have gone down in the last month. Please look out for each others well-being and at the very least, don't let someone in your crew do an intentional cut-out test without fully gearing up. Having a medic around wouldn't be a bad idea either.
  11. If manufacturers want to supply sales numbers, that's up to them. They might see it in their best interest to justify why there are so many reports for a particular wheel. There's value in an open dataset (not controlled by manufacturers or dealers) where riders can see what failures have occurred and if trends start to appear. Currently, there's a lot of rumouring and "mis-rememberings" about reliability of particular wheels (often tainted by brand loyalty). An open dataset would enable objective analysis.
  12. With EUCs being relatively new technology and manufacturers operating without serious oversight or accountability, it would be useful to have an open dataset on the failure rates of EUCs. Riders could use this data to make more informed purchasing decisions. This would also (hopefully) reverse the trend of manufacturers using early adopters as guinea pigs. What data would you like to see in a failure report? Here's some to get started: Model Manufacturer Dealer Manufactured Date Batch ID Failure Date Failure Time Failure Description Geographic Location Ambient temperature Elevation Weather Rider weight Rider riding style aggressiveness Rider experience Wheel mileage Wheel battery level at time of failure Wheel temperature at time of failure Wheel speed at time of failure Wheel customizations Damage to wheel caused by failure Damage to rider caused by failure Damage to third-party property or people caused by failure We could use replies to this forum topic to log data until it grows larger.
  13. Yes, zooming into the photo of the MCM5 v2 does indeed show a 2.5-inch tire. It's strange that the specs still say 120mm footrest height though. I'd expect something higher, perhaps 140mm?
  14. Can you provide a link to the photo on the Gotway site?
  15. Compiling MCM5 v2 specs for reference. It appears as though there are a few variants, which makes buying from AliExpress even more of a crap shoot. Ecodrift MCM5 v2 https://ecodrift.ru/2020/05/10/gotway-mcm5-v2-razbiraem-67v-280vtch-versiyu/ Higher pedals with new pedal hangers Ships with 14 x 2.125" tire with room for 2.5" tire No speakers No LED side lights EUCSale MCM5 v2 https://eucsale.com/euc-transport/gotway/mcm5.html Original 12mm pedal height Ships with 14 x 2.5" tire Bluetooth speakers No LED side lights Verachai MCM5 v2 https://www.facebook.com/1389375382/videos/10222710285850991/ Higher pedals Ships with 2.5" tire No speakers LED side lights
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