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Wheel for a 265lbs rider? MSP? Nik+

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Hey there!

My friend asked me to buy him a new wheel, he has his old KS18AY and wants something better...

He's a pretty heavy boy, around 260lbs/115kg. His budget is around the price tag of Nik+ or MSX/MSP...

As he is huge, I guess he would hate the angled pedals on MSX/MSP and bigger pedals of the Nik+ would do a better job for him... But is the Nikola Plus okay with a  rider that heavy? Isnt there any chance he would break the axel just by hitting a bump or something?


Thank you guys! Have a great day!


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Gotway told me, the bigger pedals are not included. You have to pay for the pedals if you want the bigger ones. (Upgrade) 

At least, I had to pay for it! 

Maybe EWheels ordered already with the bigger pedals. 

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