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Found 19 results

  1. I've owned H5102, C-186, and K262. For street use, I like H5102's behavior, but I'm nervous with it around broken glass because the tread seems very thin. C-186 is actually more carefree on the street for me, since the thick tread seems so robust to damage (but carving is very different). I've ridden C-1488 and generally like it, but it wears out very fast. Other possibilities below- has anyone tried these? Thx __ Kenda K340, 2.75-14 35P: CST CM610 2.75-14 35P or 49P (not available in USA) : CST C6004 2.75-14 41P (thx @fbhb) : Kenda K272 2.75-14 35P (not available in USA) : CST C137 2.75-14 41P : @EMA likes it CST C113 2.75-14 35P : (fits nicely) ContiScoot 80/90B14 46P (tubeless): (left, vs 1488 right) Michelin Pilot Street 80/100B14 49L (tube; discontinued?) or 80/90 46P (tubeless) or 70/90 40P (tubeless) : Michelin Pilot Street 2 80/90-14 46S (tubeless) Michelin City Pro (not available in USA?) 80/90 14 46P - too wide for MSX/MSP . OK for RS and heavier EUCs. 70/90-14 40P - ez fit Michelin City Extra 80/90-14 46P (tubeless) - fits S22 rim nicely IRC NR77 80/90B14 40P (fits MSX/MSP but only if your shell is centered) 70/90B14 34P (more clearance) Avon AM63 Viper Stryke 80/90B14 40S : Bridgestone 80/90 -14 40P BATTLAX SC (tubeless) (thx @Steve Jo) or 70/90-14 34P (tubeless) (thx @XaBi) Eakia / Jiluer J-1836 18x3.0 : Jiluer 820 (J-820) 2.75-14 (tubeless) Kingsong S22 OEM tire ChaoYang H587 18x3.0 : ChaoYang H-666, 18x3.0 ewheels has stock again (May 2022) Poor fit on 60mm wide Sherman rims. CST C-1593 18x3.0 : (unknown) P218 2.75-14 35P : Shinko SR567 80/90-14 43P (tubeless) Shinko SR898 80/80-14 43P (tubeless) Shinko SR877 80/90-14 40P (tubeless) or 70/90-14 34P (tubeless) @houseofjob also had a lovely reply to the Sherman thread:
  2. Just a few months old with a little over 1,000 miles. Fully loaded with Gotway seat, mudguard, jump pads, studded Nikola pedals. Prefer local sale. Willing to deliver to LA area for free.
  3. Easy to install without tools. Large fender will gaurd your back from tire spray and has a built in parking stand. Fits MSX/MSP. $45 FIRM US shipping included
  4. Hey guys! Are there any MSP C30 owners? I am looking for more information about range and top speed... Thank you! Wish u a great Sunday funday!
  5. Here are the facts of my Gotway MSP-HT 2500w Motor/1800wh Battery for sale in the SF Bay Area ($1250) *SOLD*: I am the original owner and I purchased this wheel from eWheels in May of 2020. In February 2021 the original control board stopped responding to the power button and would randomly turn on/off the wheel's fans and lights and motor (not while moving). This wheel was sent to eWheels to be inspected and repaired. eWheels provided a new control board with the most recent firmware. This wheel is still covered by the eWheels warranty until May 2021. It has approx. 950 miles on it (850 miles on the original control board and 102 miles on the new board). The battery charges to 100%. It has never been dropped, in a crash, ridden off-road or in the rain. It has never needed a tire change. There are no abnormal creaks, rubbing sounds or vibrations. All of the LED's, headlight, speaker, buzzer and trolley handle work correctly. Comes with original and shipping boxes, original sidepads, after-market mudguard, original seat, and original charger. This sale will be for local pick-up/drop-off only and payment will be through PayPal only.
  6. Hey folks! I think I read it somewhere, but could not find it anymore. Would it be possible to take a motherboard of the Gotway Msp HS (C30) and install it into a Gotway Msx 100V? Both wheels use the same motor, but I do not know, if the connections are compatible with each other. There could also be problems with the hall sensor as in the RS... Reason for this question: The new motherboard used in the Msp seems to be better engineered and adapted. So the chance of a sudden controlboard-death should be lower. Is there anyone here that thought of that or even did it? Thx for every thougth.
  7. I'm having an issue with my month old MSP HS headlight. Unsure if it's related but it only started after the latest update to EUC World. When the headlight is on and in steady mode it will begin to flash as I start moving and will stop strobing when I stop. This is a slower flashing pattern than when using the regular flashing mode. Basically I'm unable to get a steady headlight to work. I have reinstalled EUC World and changed all the headlight settings I can find with no luck. Any help would be great. ✌️
  8. SOLD! 1600+ Miles New IRC NR77 Tire Vicious grip tap Standard 3A Charger 1540 Shipped to your door (P.M for international shipping)
  9. I am selling my wheel because of an accident. It was in great shape before the accident and seems to have suffered mostly cosmetic damage. Comes with blue Roll.nz cover and charger. Balances fine. My friend rode it and said for the most part everything felt good. I just got out of a wheelchair last week and onto crutches so I haven't rode it. I am located in Rhode Island but will ship. View more pictures here. If you would like detailed pictures of anything else let me know. At its current 47% charge it's free spinning to 43 MPH. All lights and speakers work. The tip of the handle broke in the accident. It can be bought on ewheels for $28.
  10. 150 miles Looking to sell with nz cover for 1850 + shipping Same wheel as this link HIGHSPEED! https://www.ewheels.com/product/new-gotway-msx-pro-100v-1800wh-battery-2500w-motor/ video of wheel
  11. Has anyone heard of this variant? Is it a new official Gotway or an unofficial mod? Either way, the specs look good! https://eucservice.com/en/gotway-msuper-x/72-gotway-msuper-pro-1800wh-100v-21700-new-cells.html New Msuper Pro Specifications: 1-19inch skid resistance Tire 2-Double T6 head light , Intelligent brightness 3-5w strong heat sink fan 4-35w BT music 5-2500w motor 6-100v 1800wh 21700battery 7-Lift up switch
  12. Ever cutout on a Gotway wheel because you couldn't hear the beeps? It's not uncommon to hear from people who love to ride fast. I've been struggling with the beeper placement ever since I purchased a Gotway. After many months and a cutout, I finally came up with the FlyBeeper. This mod positions the beeper straight up unobstructed by anything on your wheel. It's been tested and works great. For those wanting to do this on your own, the first 10 or so minutes are the steps necessary to split the shell and install it. I'm not positive if the stock buzzer wire length is long enough so soldering may be required. The other 15 minutes is me explaining my additional beeper switch. Just swapping the top panel is pretty easy and should only take an hour or two, adding the switch will add a couple more hours and require some soldering. See my motor switch video description for details on tools needed to install a switch. https://youtu.be/7TxPBVzqYDQ The FlyBeeper is available for personal use and can be downloaded at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:458... Please note that the file isn't the most 3D printer friendly since it was designed for injection molding. I've since modified the file to be more printer friendly and have not tested it yet. Visit http://euco.us/flybeeper to purchase the panel and the entire assembly if you want so all you have to do is remove the original top panel and plug in the new one. I've received many comments about the water prevention and this mod is not very water proof just like the original panel. From what I understand the beeper itself is pretty waterproof but could oxidize quicker if water gets in. I recommend using hot glue or silicone to create a seal around the components if you ride in rain often. There are also 29mm rubber caps available on amazon and other ways to quickly prevent water intrusion, but know that if you cover the beeper, the sound will be quieter.
  13. Am I the only one that thinks wheels shouldn't have people names (like cats and dogs)? Anyhoo.... thanks to @Hsiang and indirectly eWheels for the brief poke-prod-ride today of the Sherpa (I refuse to call this wheel by it's official name). While you're all waiting for the Hsiang-ster (call him Sean, he'll love that!) to drop his Spongebob video, thought I'd offer my brief and unbiased thoughts for you insatiable bastards EUC folk. Thoughts in No Order: This wheels reminds me a LOT of my now dead Rockwheel GT16, from the layout (2 permanently wired longitudinal battery pairs down each leg, board on top, exposed wheel), to the long hex pedal shape, to the similar hex column trolley (albeit the GT16 one was an external add-on). The gyro-pedal resistance even feels reminiscent (but not identical) to the GT16, with the GT16 being more a hard rubber sponginess, to the Veteran's medium rubber sponginess (ie. not like the Gotway brick hard or glide-y/air-y soft mode swing, although local guys tipped me to the fact that the newer MSP boards now also feel spongy, unlike previous MPS FW boards. The natural comparison is to the MSX/MSP, but the ride feel to me is not that. First, the ergonomics are waaay better than the MSX series, as there is more side shell area support height, from pedal to top-of-shell, which the MSX series never had, due to it being just an MSV3 case with the pedals moved up higher, so less resulting side shell area height support. The benefit of the batteries being perfectly balanced on each side flanking the center axle, is that there is no top-heaviness that wheels with extra top batteries suffer. Same goes for the MSX series, since those batteries are held above the center axle with no lower battery to balance it out. On ride, Shermona felt plenty balanced, albeit with some girth, even with pretty high-feeling pedals (whatever that means anymore). Neither me nor @Hsiang nor @Ben Kim were willing to bust 40+, but it's my theory that this wheel will perform similar or slightly higher max compared to the 100V MSX, esp seeing in the stress torque test below that this wheel is not tuned for torque like the MSP is (but no other wheel is basically). This isn't to be confused that Slovenia doesn't feel easy to push accelerate, because it does feel nice and robust in that realm, but the ppl seem to confuse real torque power with what they are feeling pedal pressure-wise, which IMHO is more how the response is tuned v acceleration. Rough feel/eyeballing it, I'd say the She-man feels more responsive to acceleration than a 100V MSX simply due to the fact that the 100V MSX is a brick hard shelf on all modes and will fight you the more acceleration you try to summon (yes contrary to what guys on here think, but I'm adamant about this point often on these forums). I say this because the internal components (battery, board, BT module, etc.) all look like the same supplier stuff as Gotways, because it IS coming from the same place! So I don't think they're reinventing anything here, just variations on a theme. If anyone cares (I think only me @Tishawn Fahie, @chulander, and maybe a couple more guys would), this Veteran Shellfish's soft mode is super interesting IMHO, and is ACTUALLY REAL SOFT MODE! (which is why I'm even entertaining/contemplating getting this wheel). Like I said above, it's definitely not Gotway soft mode, due to the rubbery sponginess, but has proper front pedal push swing/travel, like an OG Gotway soft mode, but unlike OG Gotway soft, the backswing brake has some significant swing/travel to it, which threw me off (as Gotway OG soft backswing is harder with less travel). Due to the short time I was on it, I'm not totally sure what to make of that, but it does intrigue me into wanting to master that feel. Construction/build quality was on my checklist, and this Veteran is definitely a notch above the cram-and-jam bees nest that is the MSX series. The shell plastic when grabbed and pinched on both sides feels noticeably thicker than the usual Gotway shells, as I tried to tug and warp the inner shell as I can do on my Monster inner shell, but this Shamama inner shell was stiffer and didn't flex nearly as much, especially at the seam where the pedal arms contact the inner shell rectangular column, so there's some hope the usual Gotway cracking at that juncture doesn't happen with the Veteran. And all the board wiring is clean, what with no speaker / LEDs (thank God!), all self contained up top. The rail on touch wasn't super high quality, but not super cheap to the touch either, so better than I thought going in. The rails seem to be in 2 parts, where they adjoin to holed anchoring fixtures on the pedal arm itself, beneath the L support. The rail measures at ~ 0.8" for guys who are looking for mounting solutions. The new longer pedals I thought I would hate, but eh, they seemed fine on trial. Since the normal hotshot YouTubers have no interest in divulging, but I do: Veteran is using the same pedal arm angle and width (minus the need for spacers), so you can swap in any Gotway pedal into this Shamgod you want! (below with my MCM5 pedal on) Water infiltration on this wheel might suffer a bit, but not major I think. None of the seams on the shell covers are gasketed, but that's an easy fix. However, the trolley column holes are also not gasketed, albeit the seams are very tiny, but this would be one possible are of infiltration (not MSX trolley handle level tho). Also, the front and back cooling vent holes, while I like for obvious cooling design, are 2 other areas of possible water penetration, but less trivial, as those vent holes are below the actual board level (board is raised by the heasink), pointed at the heatsink cavities below. But also on the above rain tip, the LCD panel unfortunately isn't the waterproof gel+plastic button deal, it's plastic cover over a mechanical plastic button, and the LCD panel was peeling at 1 edge from the start, so this thing is possibly vulnerable in rain. I would invest in a good XL shower cap or garbage bag cover for rain Another useless (or useful(?)) thing no YouTuber would cover is the fact that, yes, the headlight and taillight are easily removable, and the plugs are 3.5mm pins. Which is awesome because you can technically easily swap in your own headlight of choice! In fact, @Ben Kim already found the generic frontlight they're using here. . Portability-wise, it's just as ppl probably think here: this thing, while not impossible, is DAMN HEAVY! (ie. heaviest in the market) And you can only really lift it awkwardly like a heavy gaming PC by the far front and back railing. This is really the major hiccup that has me wavering over pressing the buy button. Oh! and for the seated riding fans, this thing is definitely too low to just sit. It's not MSX squatty-potty bad, but you still have to straddle the back edge with your twig-and-berries. What a shame! All they needed to do is make this thing a few inches taller for seatless proper seated riding. Oh well. Some guys are trying to herald this as the next Messiah, one wheel-to-vanquish all, but IMHO it's more like this is what the 100V MSX should have been: an actual improved re-design. If you don't care about build quality or want a lighter, cheaper wheel with similar performance, definitely the MSX is still that. But M Night Shamalan to me is the MSX speed performance, wrapped in a much better and cleaner shell, but she also gained like 30+ lbs and can't be lifted up and across the room in a civil manner (oh yeah, I flaked and forgot to bring my spare power button to test, but I spied a few empty 2-pin spots on the board that might be hiding as a live handle disengage port, dunno). Argh, if the soft mode wasn't so intriguing, I would so easily be able to cross this wheel off my list. Decisions, decisions...... EDIT: FML, pre-ordered
  14. Hey there! My friend asked me to buy him a new wheel, he has his old KS18AY and wants something better... He's a pretty heavy boy, around 260lbs/115kg. His budget is around the price tag of Nik+ or MSX/MSP... As he is huge, I guess he would hate the angled pedals on MSX/MSP and bigger pedals of the Nik+ would do a better job for him... But is the Nikola Plus okay with a rider that heavy? Isnt there any chance he would break the axel just by hitting a bump or something? Thank you guys! Have a great day!
  15. Hey guys, if you had to choose between those 2 wheels and you want the most range out of it, is the 100V with the same battery size better for 200usd more? I am just looking for the longest range wheel under 2000 dollars... Or is there any other better range wheel? Thank u and stay safe!
  16. Hey I just have a quick question if anyone could enlighten me. I have a Kingsong 18xl that I got last summer. It was my first wheel and still my only wheel, i love it. But there's one thing I'm trying to figure out. I read somewhere that the later ks18xl wheels in production were given stronger motors. Either 2000w or 2200w I cant remember. How do I tell what motor my current 18XL has? Is there some way to see it on the EUC world app or something? The reason I want to know, is if I know what motor mine has, it can give me a better idea if I want something like a KS S18 to be my next wheel because I'm fine with the power it has, or if I should go the route of MSP. Hopefully someone could help with that! Thanks!
  17. @Marty Backesaid MSP is the most powerful wheel yet. If that's true, we should be able to measure it, right? Right! Friends and I got ahold of the EUCO demo wheel, and put it head-to-head with the prior high-torque wheels, MSX and MCM5. These runs were timed with a manual stopwatch, over a fixed distance. Notable results: The MSX owner (Rider 1) was fastest up our hill on MCM5, not MSP! But we can see from his current log that he wasn't comfortable taking the MSP to its maximum output. The MCM5 owner (Rider 2) was fastest with MSP, not MCM5! We can see that he committed to an even more aggressive forward lean, and got higher current from the MSP. If you don't use power pads, and weigh 175lb or less, it's physically impossible to even get near the power limits of MSX or MSP at low speeds. None of us were comfortable going up this hill quickly (with any wheel) without DIY lean pads installed. Data: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OxLMZz3fuu_x06lTeh8rQOeYU1oPibda/view?usp=sharing Summary analysis: Video of test: Very fun wheel! Notice something we didn't? Comments appreciated
  18. Sold my V10F yesterday - I am already itching for a ride!!! So I wanted to get a little more power/torque and larger battery for some better range - short listed to between 16x and MSP for new wheel. At 91kg my V10F was only getting me about 30-35km in colder weather 6C, hard riding. Need a good all round wheel for commuting to work, some joy riding in evenings and weekends - I am not a speeder (I mostly cruise 30kph) - and I want to do more trail riding. Torque --- So per Marty's mountain test reviews - he kinda estimated the Torque to be about the same maybe with the 16x a little bit more but he never put to the short stall hill that he did with the MCM5 and MSP - 16" 2200W versus 18" 2600W - sounds reasonable based size power and size. Range --- Marty's range test put the 16x a bit longer at 64miles(102km) and the MSP at 58miles(93km) if I remember correctly - again I would put them at about the same given only a 6 mile(9.5) difference. If you had to walk that maybe not!!! Ride quality --- 18" wheel will be smoother on the rough trails vs 16 = so if torque about same, maybe 18" the way to go if I want to do more trails. BUT how much bigger is the MSP wheel when you compare with tires on? Coming from a 16"x2.5" on the V10F to a 16"x3" is still an improvement from what most are saying. For Trails per Marty, Chooch and Kuji - MSP is the best trail wheel to date but the 16x is no slouch! Light --- I commute "to" work in the dark mornings of Spring and Fall so the MSP light is better. I put Marty's comparisons of each side by side and the MSP wins for sure - but I already have a flashlight from use with my V10F that I could use with the 16x but it would be nice to ride without hold one. Peddles - both big but V10F was very flat(dihedral angle) compared to MSP so going to 16x will easier transition - but MSP pedals can be moded to reduce the angle if I dont like them. This may be a moot issue. Trolley -- I go grocery shopping with the wheel so with also bringing into my work building I do bit of trollying. No one that I know of has every complained about the 16x handle. I have heard a few bad things about the Msuper handle - Kuji Rolls shows a good example of getting out of control, which I do not want to happen while in the grocery store. I have not had the pleasure to try an Msuper handle so I can only go by what is posted which is more negative than positive from what I have discerned. So do I save a few hundred and go with 16x that has a great handle and meets most of my other criteria or go with the new MSP which is the new 18" King of trails. Your thoughts are appreciated. Cheers, Patrick
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