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  1. Wookz

    MSuper Pro?

    Can you post that file somewhere? Those looks sick.
  2. It's pretty flat, he thinks he could hit 50+ if he was brave/dumb enough.
  3. 2000w motor sorry should have specified
  4. My buddy who weighs 145 got it to 49.2
  5. I have a friend who had a msx 100v and now has a MSP speed and he swears that the MSP is noticeably faster both in acceleration and top end. But thats just anecdotal so take it with a grain of salt.
  6. Wookz

    Gotway Suspension

    I wonder what the price will look like on this? Bigger motor than the msp and suspension might put it like 2500 ish?
  7. Is there a recommended procedure to go through when you get your wheel? I ordered a MSP via ewheels and I didn't know if theres some checklist of things to do when i get it to check for these sort of issues?
  8. I think for my purposes I'm sticking with the Torque wheel. Thanks for all the info! And it sounds like I should eventually move to the sherman haha.
  9. I put in my order for an MSP the other day and I'm having second thoughts on which motor to get. I was originally signed up for a 2500w motor since i'm 6'2" ~200 lbs but I was doing some reading about how the 2500w motor just EATS battery and I didn't know if the 2000w motor would be better and how much less torque there would actually be. I do like to go fast but if it takes forever to get there whats the point. I'm mainly going to be going around NYC and doing my commute to work in westchester and pretty much no offroading but the 18 in tire will be nice because the roads can be pretty crappy. The extra 800 bucks for the sherman is more than my wife will let me spend... for now. So how much slower off the line is it and is the extra top end worth it and does it have any extra range?
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