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  1. That is hell expensive... 50eur for a single side... Thats crazy! And 25eur for postage...
  2. Hello my friends... So, the time has come, I want to make my 18XL look nice and shiny again... I want to buy new plastic shells... Do you got any idea please, where to buy it and what pieces of plastic to buy? I am from central europe... My 18XL got nearly 3000km, what a great wheel... But those scratches from the first 1000km, I hate those... Thank you guys, have a great day!
  3. WheelLog working fine! I got Google Pixel 3a XL and the app keeps searching for my wheel without any resoult. And it keeps saying the app has crashed every few minutes...
  4. Hi guys, I have just switched to a new smartphone and just cannot figure out how to connect my lovely 18xl to it... I tried to download from Google Play store and official kingsong website and none of those work :(. It just keeps saying "SEARCHING..." Kingsong Music connects no problem, though. Also nearly 1600km ridden so far no problem... Thank you guys for every comment, hope youre having great summer!
  5. Thank you guys a lot, I will try 2.5 Bars and I'll see... Have a great day!
  6. Hello guys, hope youre having awesome days with your wheels!❤️ I recieved my new lovely 18XL last week and I completely forgot to check the tire pressure...(ridden around 60km so far and I love it!) My BW is 80Kg, I am 180cm... How many PSI / BAR should I use? Thank you very much guys, have a great day!
  7. I am gonna ride it max speed all the time... So something around 60km is doable for me i guess...
  8. Thanks so much, that sounds great!
  9. Hello my friends! This question is for 18XL owners... Can you share with me the true range your 18XL can make? +Your weight? The temperature outside? Thank you a lot, it will help me a lot... Have a great day guys!
  10. I like driving max speed all the time <3 ... So 50 miles is the number.... Thank you!
  11. Hello 18xl riders! Im thinking about the true range you can get with this wheel..... I saw some youtube range tests...but they were quite different from each other... What is your range you can get with the 18XL if you cruise 25-30 mph avarage? Thank you guys, have a great sunny week!
  12. Ok so, Hello again... I have just realised, the 18xl and MSuperX are the same price on Aliexpress... Do you guys have some experiences with those wheels? What wheel gets better range? I know MSX has higher top speed... For a daily commute +- 50km.... Thanks guys, have a great ride!
  13. MSX for 1500 bucks? That is pretty awesome dude! If I had that chance, i would definitely buy it!
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