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  1. I am gonna get 3 different-speed range tests, and after those try the 3 different-moder range tests. We will see... For the tire pressure I will stick on around 30-35 PSI, we got a lot of bumps ans canals around here...
  2. Thank you! So I guess I am gonna ride on soft or medium all the time, I will just try both and see... The third alarm will maybeget irritating soon lol, but it is gonna keep myself from riding too fast and in the end increase my range due to me riding slower...
  3. Very different from the KS wheel tho
  4. That alarm cannot be disabled? Or just moved to 35mph?
  5. Thank you for a great reply! Yeah, I was expecting to do around 30-35 miles with it... Range testing is gonna be the first thing I am gonna do with the wheel after a few battery cycles... I want to do a 20mph, 25mph and 30mph battery drain test on for example 30 miles track. I saw guys doing 35mph on the MSX pretty easily, so 30mph shouldnt be a problem for this wheel to hold for 25 miles straight....
  6. Hey, I am gonna get my first Gotway wheel next month, its gonna be the 84V MSX with 1859Wh battery mod... I am 175lbs, nearly 6 feet and I ride pretty fast, around 30mph all the time if it is possible... What about the riding modes? I need to get the best range out of it... I know that slower speed is the biggest factor of getting more range,but still the riding modes surely have some impact... I am an experienced rider, 2500km on 18XL. Is the soft mode the best for getting the most range out of the MSX? Also a higher tire pressure should help me get more range... Thank you for any tips! Stay safe!
  7. Thank you so much! So a front bumper, speedypads, mudguard and a seat is a yes. I am gonna try the original mudguard and diy it later. I am really bad at DIY anything, so...:D I was thinking of mounting an additional flashlight on the top-front of the MSX, propably with some velcro... What speed is a safe but fun speed to set the tiltback to? I will be riding I gues 35mph max. No more than that, so tiltback 36-37mph? Also are those riding mods any better or worse for range? This was the first thing that I have watched after telling myself I am gonna buy an MSX:D
  8. Hey, so I am gonna buy the 1859Wh 84V MSX from Green&FashionStore. As it is a newer model, it has black pedals better angled, not as the original MSX production...no need to do anything with pedal I guess. ->I guess I am gonna buy a Mudguard and front bumper as the first things to do. -Also thinking about the seat, is it usable on the msx for a 180cm / 5,9feet guy? -Found some "speedypads" on the web for better acceleration/braking. Are those worth it? Or should I somehow make myself a pair of DIY pads? -What are any other things to do on a "old but new" MSX? -Should I open it and check the inside? -Should I mount a better light? What about the tire pressure?I am 75kg and Im gonna ride fast n furious, mainly on asphalt roads, but there are several bumps, not a perfectly flat asphalt lol:( -What app do you use on iOS? Is Darknessbot still the best? Or did gotway app get any better and it is usable now? -Also the best free app for tracking the trips? Your suggestions? Any other tips n tricks? It is gonna be my first gotway wheel n' I really want to be prepaired. So sorry for that many questions lol, thank you very much for any reply, hope youre doing great!
  9. Green & Fashion offered a Seat and Mudguard for free with my order, I dont know what tire they send the wheel with tho, I guess Im gonna ask
  10. nothing else besides pedals?
  11. So the differences are only the black pedals and better angle of pedal, nothing else..? Thank you!
  12. I dont mean the MSP, I mean the upgraded MSX, the one with black pedals..
  13. Hey, is there an owner of this year's MSX with the new black pedals? Are there any differences between an old one with silver pedals? Thanks!
  14. I am 175lbs, gonna ride on soft mode, mainly no offroad, just roads and it is like 50% flat and 50% slight hills here
  15. So what range can I await to get from the 84V 1859Wh MSX at avg 27mph and 25dgC ? Can I await more than 40 miles?
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