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MSP 2500w topspeed?


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It's advertised to go up to 37mph. Unlocked, you could probably reach 40mph "safely", though you risk cutting out. Depending on where the battery life of the wheel is at as well as your own weight, you're getting closer & closer to the wheel cutting out.

When I had my Telsa V2, it was capped at 30mph. When unlocked, I could ride it up to 35mph comfortably. Though, it cut out on me at 37mph lol

Use your best judgement & always wear your safety gear.

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On 7/29/2020 at 11:53 AM, Wookz said:

My buddy who weighs 145 got it to 49.2 

we have a 110lb rider who actually hit 51 on the MSX, dumb yes considering how little headroom they have, but capable if you’re light enough. 

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