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  1. Surprised to not find anything on the forums regarding West Wheel 3..anyway; West Wheel 3 is next week & I thought it would be helpful to make a video going over last year's event for anyone new to West Wheel. Official West Wheel 3 info from PEVRA: http://pevra.org/westwheel-3/ WW3 Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/25986...
  2. Willing to make my own but wanted to see if anyone is selling theirs first. Preferably the side pads from Mono Customize on IG.
  3. It's advertised to go up to 37mph. Unlocked, you could probably reach 40mph "safely", though you risk cutting out. Depending on where the battery life of the wheel is at as well as your own weight, you're getting closer & closer to the wheel cutting out. When I had my Telsa V2, it was capped at 30mph. When unlocked, I could ride it up to 35mph comfortably. Though, it cut out on me at 37mph lol Use your best judgement & always wear your safety gear.
  4. Will be posting in video thread but thought it would be appropriate to post here as well given the topic. All links to the gear I use are located in video description on Youtube. Hope this helps!
  5. TMoats


    As long as you're careful, it isn't too much of an issue. I think the police rather us be on the sidewalk than on the road anyway, unless of course there is a large group of us.
  6. TMoats


    Yes, I believe they are prohibited. But as you can see, I ride on the sidewalk with no issue. Some areas are more enforced than others.
  7. TMoats


    I finally take the Insta 360 One X camera for my first EUC ride & thought I'd share my 5-mile commute to where I work on Las Vegas Blvd.
  8. No, but now thinking about it, probably a good idea lol. Anyway, disconnected the batteries to force shutdown and it restarts with no issue and able to turn off again with no issue, so whatever it is, it can be bypassed. Hopefully it doesnt happen again or ill really need to open her up again to isolate that wire, yeesh. Anyway, thanks for the input @Arbolest
  9. Ah! From a crash I was in, one of the wires was disconnected from the soldering. I have yet to solder it back, so yes there's one, but it is disabled.
  10. Not familiar with a motor cutoff switch. Should I disconnect the batteries or...?
  11. So getting home tonight after my usual 5 mile commute from work, I lean down to turn off my Tesla, when the headlight turns off(with me doing nothing yet) and when holding the on/off switch, it does nothing. Side lights stay on, and one other peculiar thing is that the wheel isn't freely moving. It's stalled in a way. Started taking the side panels to disconnect batteries to further disassemble assuming some wiring has just disconnected but wanted to double check on here to see what others may recommend before continuing...
  12. TMoats


    Not that I know of, but if you want to PM me before you come out Im sure one of us locals can lend you a wheel
  13. He's got 1860wh 100v MSXs being shipped to him currently, last i heard. Shoot him an email @Han Vo
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