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  1. No, but now thinking about it, probably a good idea lol. Anyway, disconnected the batteries to force shutdown and it restarts with no issue and able to turn off again with no issue, so whatever it is, it can be bypassed. Hopefully it doesnt happen again or ill really need to open her up again to isolate that wire, yeesh. Anyway, thanks for the input @Arbolest
  2. Ah! From a crash I was in, one of the wires was disconnected from the soldering. I have yet to solder it back, so yes there's one, but it is disabled.
  3. Not familiar with a motor cutoff switch. Should I disconnect the batteries or...?
  4. So getting home tonight after my usual 5 mile commute from work, I lean down to turn off my Tesla, when the headlight turns off(with me doing nothing yet) and when holding the on/off switch, it does nothing. Side lights stay on, and one other peculiar thing is that the wheel isn't freely moving. It's stalled in a way. Started taking the side panels to disconnect batteries to further disassemble assuming some wiring has just disconnected but wanted to double check on here to see what others may recommend before continuing...
  5. Not that I know of, but if you want to PM me before you come out Im sure one of us locals can lend you a wheel
  6. He's got 1860wh 100v MSXs being shipped to him currently, last i heard. Shoot him an email @Han Vo
  7. Did some riding the other night with a fellow local EUC rider in our hometown of Las Vegas!
  8. I appreciate the reply & if I was able to delete this thread, I would, as I have already reached out to Jason through the ewheels website and had our discussion about this option. Thanks!
  9. Yeah, Im thinking youre right. Was watching this video and it's a bit misleading with how one might disassemble it to replace tire and/or innertube.
  10. Im disassembling my Tesla to replace the inner tube and there is a hose of some sort that is keeping me from sliding the shell off and away from the wheel. Do I need to remove the nut that surrounds the 'tube' to remove the hose or is there an easier way? Cause I do not possess the tool to remove the nut currently and want to see if i can do it without removing the nut.
  11. Just found this video and for someone who is waiting for the MSX 100v to ship, I would be thrilled for the increase of WH to 1845. Supposedly https://eucservice.com/en/ has worked with Gotway and added this option for the MSX 100v. Searched the forum and found nothing on this so I'm bringing this up for discussion. Here's the video: Can we get this option available at ewheels.com? How can I tag Jason? lol (I seriously don't know how to tag members on here)
  12. Yeah, I have all the armor in my Amazon shopping cart now lol. Though, the soft stuff did prove effective. But agreed on the sliding. I used to ride motorcycles and it's def saved my skin in the past. Haha, definitely!
  13. I hear ya. Was fully geared, and intentionally pushed it to the point of dumping me, to get a top speed(call me crazy). Thinking next time, of doing it on a golf course to soften the landing lol. But, at some point in, I'd really like to explore the potential of EUC racing and really get comfortable with higher speeds on an EUC.
  14. Haha, yes definitely considering a faster wheel, even though I am content with the Tesla at the moment Yes! Was actually supposed to receive the wheel before WestWheel 2 but it did not make it And yes, won't be doing that again, intentionally...
  15. So 3min into tonight's ride and curiosity took one of my lives I just had to see how fast I could get on my new Tesla(not even two weeks old). And I basically looked like Youtuber, Ron'sWorldMiami, just more sliding and without the dislocated shoulder. I know I could have looked it up, and seen what other people say about the speed limit, but you know when you just have to experience something for yourself? Came down hard on my right knee with less skin lost than the size of a quarter. WEAR YOUR GEAR! Was just wearing soft padding but it worked! Wheel is a bit banged up also but i guess it gives me a reason to undress her now and take a look at everything. Anyway, thought I'd share
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