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  1. Boooooo Video If you're not willing to pay full price, and you do everything you can to save some dollars, be prepared to take care of your own. You expected to have same service as if bought from a distributor? .. thats why they have a margin... to keep parts and support their customers. if you want to be cheap, at least be prepared to pay for the spare parts booooooooo!!!!! (sorry guys, this comment is how I think about the OP. no intend to offend anyone here)
  2. wow, 20 miles and still 42% is a lot! I bet you didnt push it that hard. I normally sag the voltage down to 10% (a few times down to 5%) ... i know i know... I regret doing it...every time but, do you think 40miles with normal use for a 1230W is fine? and just 7 miles (With 40% left) when pushing it?
  3. https://www.youtube.com/user/ZenLeeGaming he uses a Nik+ for what you want
  4. mmm yeah. thats true... but I guess you reduce speed as the beeps comes. I think riding style affects soooooo much the range... I can get about 35-40miles with easy ridding. (is this normal?) But Today I had a rough ride, and went from 100% to 40% in just under 6-7miles???? im 60Kg geared up (enthusiast cyclist here )
  5. hey guys, I've been looking for MIN range tests for the Msx (Specially the 1230W that I have) have you done, or know any video? I would love to see. Min range = drain battery riding at the highest speed possible
  6. You can use a Y cable and connect it to the board... that way you dont loose the outer usb
  7. I did add some extra buzzers, as I ride the wheel at its limit all the time, and couldn't hear the beeps.. When I did the mod, I didn't have the tools to split the usb cable and take current from there. My solution was adding a 9V battery, but should last at least 6months or more. Take a look Buzzers mod you can use the usb instead of the 9V
  8. you need to activate the voice comands in EUCW. its on the upper part of the screen... next to the 3 vertical dots. if you dissabled 1st and 2nd alarm, the wheel only beep at 80% ussage of battery.. thats around 35mph for the msx while lifted (somewhere around... cant remember exact speed)
  9. attached the list of components ready to buy at jameco site (the only I know in the us) im sure you can get everything cheaper... but if you want ease, this is the way cart.csv
  10. The output current of the boards buzzer plug is very limited. Its not strong enough to turn 2 buzzers on. I believe its like 40mA output. That's why you need a circuit like this. You can use the usb output instead of the 9V battery. But when I did the mod, I didn't have voltimeter, nor extra cable to divide the usb cable wire.
  11. Normally open button. when pressed, the circuit is closed
  12. hey guys, many have asked me how I moded my wheel to have actual useful buzzers. well, I added 4 extra ones Here, im sharing with you the SUPER SIMPLE and CHEAP (Like USD8) way to do it. (The diagram shows only 2 buzzers, but keep in mind you can add up to 5 items (I'd rather only add 4 thou) you can choose buzzers, or a laser pointer like the mss, a mix of those... makes no difference.) the sound coming from my wheel went from 54db to 74db standing on it, and having the phone to measure at my heads height ohh... forgot to say: where it says From Original buzzer, You can leave the stock one!... so total is 4(or5)+1. you just cut the wire, and get the signal from there also, attached a pic. of the actual circuit so you can have an idea how simple it is. components list: 1-4 buzzers/pointer 1 Diode 1N4001 1 transistor: 2N2222A (or without the A... its the same) 1 breadboard 1 9V Battery and holder 1 resistor: 4.7K Ohm 1 Resistor 330 Ohm Optional: 1 dip switch to activate/deactivate each component let me know if you have any questions:
  13. Thanx @Lindsey looking for shorter ones, as I have to put them on/off several times a day, and put them in a small backpack while i am with customers. Normally I store everything in a small Decathlon 10L bag
  14. hey guys, look what I found. they look awesome... would love to hear your thoughts before pulling the trigger 100% Fortis Knee Pads also Ion K-Pact Zip
  15. Sebrios

    MSS vs MSP

    this is exactly what I think aswell. for me, they just included more batteries, so the 80% edge is further (faster speed) that, with the combination of the msx (2000W) motor, is nuts
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