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  1. Anyone noticed a change on how euc world is reading the battery status? After the last update, I see it reads higher (I think) than usual. I have a msx100V 1230wh. Today, after 20kms (12 miles) of semi hard riding, it's telling me I have 95% battery left? That's impossible! .. Before the update, I think it should show near 75% I have set the wheel as 100V in the app. But don't know what else to check. Any ideas? Thanx
  2. Ohh wow... Looks terrible. But im sure you will come back stronger!
  3. I tried to paint it more "User Friendly" hope this helps a bit If you are using a 1.5V battery, the buzzers wont work. you should use a 9V or 4-6 series AA's let me know if the picture bellow works better for you
  4. No worries. Its easy once you start going. To help you getting started, I suggest you asign 2 holes where you connect the breadboard with the original buzzer cable. Start from there.. Always follow the positive route. So, from the positive first hole, throw the first resistor there. From the second end of the resistor, connect it to the negative hole... First resistor check! Now, keep going, from the same "second end" of the resistor, put the second resistor, and keep going. Here's a video for you to understand how it all works. Please let me know if you need more
  5. Cool. Let me know if you need any help. It really is easier than it looks. Post your results
  6. @agronick diode is to prevent the buzzers leaking power when they are "off" and resistors are because if you dont have them, then the IBE is high enough (even with no current flowing) to turn on the transistor. hence, you will have the extra buzzers beeping all the time...and draining current. Update to my mod: 9V battery still reads 8.7V or so... starting to think you dont have to change it for over a year of use. For that only reason, I still didnt connect it to the usb power havent missed a beep (I think) and max current speed (on flat ground) is 70kmh (43.7
  7. No.I'm not introducing the veteran again. I was wondering if you guys think GotWay are playing it smart with their marketing and the new Ex wheel. Many people started talking about the "ex GotWay engineers" that created veteran But now, ex GotWay turns to be their new wheel.. Coincidence? Lol.. I have nothing better to write about
  8. wow that's fast.. Flat surface? Or down thru a window?
  9. Normally he runs a msp
  10. Im like 80% sure you can connect all the system to the usb port. As I mentioned before, I was going to do it, but then I saw that the 9V battery still has 9 solid V's so decided to leave it as is. Super super happy with the mod. For some reason, after reading some posts here, I thought I wasn't hearing the beeps some times (40mph and no beeps) so what I did is that I turned the Alarm 1 and 2 back on, and took a fast run.. That made the buzzers sound all the time.. When I came back, I saw my top speed at around 39.5 and never stopped hearing the beeps.. Which confirmed to me that mod
  11. I remember last month or 2 I sagged the battery down to 5% @38mph... that scared the s t out of me after I checked my phone. By the time, I didnt have the beeper mod, so I didnt hear anything, and eucW didnt alarm me anything.. thats why Im still looking for good warning solution...
  12. Im running a msx100V Im pushing it hard so that I sag the voltage as much as possible (just to understand.. Its not my regular riding habit) but I've found that even when I force it to go below 10% it won't beep. In the other hand, im sure the 80% alarm is NOT controlled by speed only... Oh, I am super light too. 57kg with all my gear on (that's like 118lbs) when battery is very low, and you push it, it does beep
  13. Hello guys. Just wondering if you have experience with this: I would like to know how low does the voltage must sag down in order to trigger the 80% alarm. Today I started running at 50%, sagged it down (according to eucW) to 10% but the alarm didn't trigger. I didn't fall or anything.. But I was trying to understand a bit how its triggered... I was hoping to hear the alarm at 20%, but didn't. Then I activated the alarm 1 and 2 to see if they were still working, and they do just fine. Then, deactivated both again, did a lift test, and it works too...
  14. awesome response. Thanx again for taking the time to read all about EUCW
  15. Hey guys, and I believe @Seba (Hopefully) First of all, Seba, THANK YOUUU for this wonderful app!!! I've been trying to set the EUC World Alarms in quite a lot different forms. However, sometimes they trigger, but some times they dont. If you want to be sure it works, you MUST choose a high Battery status. for Example Speed >64kmh && Battery <100% this will work like a charm. However, if you set Speed >35kmh && Battery <15% here is what I find: If I reach 35kmh when battery <15% it triggers. but if the battery is higher, and
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