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  1. sorry about that. Hey Mauricio, I also live in Bogota. in Chapinero Alto. Just bought a Tesla V2, that im still waiting for it to arrive. Meanwhile, I'm using a friends Z10. Maybe, we could go and take a ride.... or at least try too...I've only ridden once outside my garage, and fell over 10 times. It was a mess, but still fun! Still, if you are still learning, we could teach each other.
  2. Hola Mauricio. por que parte de Bta esta? Acabo de comprar un GW Tesla V2.. aun lo estoy esperando... mientras, me han prestado un Z10 de otro amigo. tal vez podamos salir a rodar.. .o almenos tratar de rodar... solo he salido 1 vez, y me caĆ­ 10 veces.. pero bueno... ahi vamos aprendiendo yo vivo por chapinero alto
  3. Talking to the guys at Gotway, they dont recomend the 340W mcm5. Instead, go for the 420W.
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