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BRAND NEW IN BOX Gotway MCM5 800Wh 2.1" (NYC) $1100

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Just received this MCM5 from a dealer and it was supposed to be the V2 with the 2.5in tire.

Instead it is the 2.1in tire version, and I really want the 2.5in version.

Dealer is willing to eat a bit of a loss to avoid shipping/return, so if someone wants to take advantage of their screw-up, here's your chance for a brand-new, unridden MCM5 at a discount!


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I saw your post about the V8 on the other thread. How much are you selling it for? 

I can only send one PM a day apparently, so will msg you tomorrow. If there's an easier way to contact you let me know. 



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UPDATE- confirmed it IS the new V2 MCM5, but it just came with the 2.1in tire - apparently the factory was making it with both sizes while they still had stock of the 2.1in tire.  Has the visibly raised body and new pedals and wider shell opening (2.8" from edge to edge) so will fit a 2.5in tire with no modifications required. 

They are going to send me a 2.5in tire (the one that other V2 MCM5's come with) but I am just too busy to do the replacement as in the middle of a move.  If anyone want s to take this off my hands and do the tire replacement themselves, then they'll have a 2.5in V2 MCM5 for a steal and I'll go buy another one that comes that way...  If not, I may just have to bite the bullet and find the time to dot it myself.

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Seems there are several config options for the V2 - looks like the one I received is the first config:

Ecodrift MCM5 v2
Higher pedals with new pedal hangers
Ships with 14 x 2.125" tire with room for 2.5" tire
No speakers
No LED side lights

EUCSale MCM5 v2
Original 12mm pedal height
Ships with 14 x 2.5" tire
Bluetooth speakers
No LED side lights

Verachai MCM5 v2
Higher pedals
Ships with 2.5" tire
No speakers
LED side lights

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Decided to keep it.  Just received the 2.5in tire today.

Btw, the seller I bought it from (flash-ecom) has been quite good about the whole thing, So I can def recommend them.  They have the MCM5 V2 in stock in the US so you can get it quickly, as long as you're willing to roll the dice on whether it comes with the 2.1 or 2.5in tire.  But their pricing is good (add to your cart to see the discounted price) and if you insist they send you a 2.5in tire if your MCM5 happens to arrive with the 2.1in, I think it' may be a good option.

Good luck!

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On 7/29/2020 at 8:28 PM, JeffNYC said:

But their pricing is good (add to your cart to see the discounted price)

idk maybe their prices have since changed. their 16x is higher than even ewheels

mcm5     flash-ecom $1296 (after discounted price of $1440), ewheels $1350

16x          flash-ecom $2350, ewheels $1990

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