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  1. Great to hear - definitely a lucky outcome! Follow the pic I posted of phase wire connections and don't forget to connect the battery last when doing the new PCB swap. Also, when you go to change the PCB, be forewarned that removing all the white 'glue' holding the connector plugs to the jacks is a bit of a PITA. Be careful and avoid using wirecutters to do this as you can accidentally cut a wire (don't ask me how I know this...)
  2. Got the replacement PCB from the place that sold me the wheel - https://www.flash-ecom.com/password Looks like their shop may be on hiatus, but you could try contacting them to see if they'll sell you the PCB. Otherwise, perhaps ewheels can help you out? From what I read on the forum, they seem to be pretty good with parts/service and are based in the US so may be easier/faster... Good luck!
  3. May have some bad news for you - I had this same issue occur when changing the tire on my MCM5 V2. Didn't take a pic of the phase wire connections before undoing, then when reassembled I was surprised to discover the PCB wasn't labeled at all and the wire lengths didn't make it obvious which one goes where. Checked the teardown vid linked above, but it was for the older PCB design so was of no help... So I took my best guess and reconnected, figuring a reversed phase wire would only cause the motor to spin the opposite direction, and then I could simply swap them and all would be well.
  4. Decided to keep it. Just received the 2.5in tire today. Btw, the seller I bought it from (flash-ecom) has been quite good about the whole thing, So I can def recommend them. They have the MCM5 V2 in stock in the US so you can get it quickly, as long as you're willing to roll the dice on whether it comes with the 2.1 or 2.5in tire. But their pricing is good (add to your cart to see the discounted price) and if you insist they send you a 2.5in tire if your MCM5 happens to arrive with the 2.1in, I think it' may be a good option. Good luck!
  5. SOLD Thanks to Ambrose for an honest, responsive, and efficient transaction! Good luck on your EUC journey!
  6. Well I will say this - my original 1.9" tire had a bit of 'hop' - i.e. up/down motion as the tire spun - it was enough to be obvious if you spun the wheel by hand. With the new tire, I was lucky that it was perfectly round, and then I was extremely careful in seating it on the rim so that it was even all the way around. I think people don't realize sometimes how easily a tire can be seated unevenly, which can lead to a 'less-than-round' spin (which creates 'hop'), or a side-to-side wobble, and if tolerances are tight in the case, then it's much more likely to rub. Of course could al
  7. Ah, thanks for clarifying! I've had no rubbing issues with mine - but I run it at relatively low pressure - usually around 25psi - and I weigh 180lb. Maybe higher pressures increase risk of rubbing as tire expands?
  8. No worries! It was that easy for me, but I think I recall reading of others who may have had rubbing issues with the 2.1" I believe Inmotion originally shipped the V8 with the 2.1" and then later switched to the 1.9", but not sure exactly why... Anyways, you may as well try and see on your wheel - worst case you'll probably find another V8 owner who'll want to take the tire from you and try themselves.
  9. Since I bought an MCM5, have no need for my trusty V8 anymore. Wheel is 2.5 yrs old and I've ridden it for a year with zero problems. 1700 total miles. Diagnostic test comes out with no issues and wheel charges to 100% (just tested see pic below). Almost always rode with the cover on (included) so wheel is in excellent condition. Upgraded the orig 1.9" tire to a 2.1" tire a couple months back, so tire is nearly new. Makes a noticeable difference vs the 1.9" tire in ride and bump stability, (so would highly recommend for other V8 owners) In downtown NYC (FiDi) and local b
  10. Update - calling off the sale. The vendor came back and said they can't guarantee that a new replacement unit will come with a 2.5 in tire. So it doesn't make any sense for them to send me another one. I'm just going to have to change the tire myself once they send it to me...oh well. Thanks for the interest everyone! PS after finally riding the wheel a bit for the first time, I've gotta say wow - it feels like a big brother of the MTEN3 I have, which is exactly what I was looking for. My V8 that I mainly rode for the past year was a perfectly fine transport device, but it never
  11. Seems there are several config options for the V2 - looks like the one I received is the first config: Ecodrift MCM5 v2 https://ecodrift.ru/2020/05/10/gotway-mcm5-v2-razbiraem-67v-280vtch-versiyu/ Higher pedals with new pedal hangers Ships with 14 x 2.125" tire with room for 2.5" tire No speakers No LED side lights EUCSale MCM5 v2 https://eucsale.com/euc-transport/gotway/mcm5.html Original 12mm pedal height Ships with 14 x 2.5" tire Bluetooth speakers No LED side lights Verachai MCM5 v2 https://www.facebook.com/1389375382/videos/10222710285850991/ Higher pedals
  12. No side LEDs. I saw the video of those but read somewhere that they were a one-off test and weren't available from the factory. Anyone know for sure?
  13. UPDATE- confirmed it IS the new V2 MCM5, but it just came with the 2.1in tire - apparently the factory was making it with both sizes while they still had stock of the 2.1in tire. Has the visibly raised body and new pedals and wider shell opening (2.8" from edge to edge) so will fit a 2.5in tire with no modifications required. They are going to send me a 2.5in tire (the one that other V2 MCM5's come with) but I am just too busy to do the replacement as in the middle of a move. If anyone want s to take this off my hands and do the tire replacement themselves, then they'll have a 2.5in V2
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