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  1. Hello, Selling my Kingsong 16X 1554Wh Purchased new from Rev Rides (Vanc, WA) Sept 2020. Prefer local buyer and paypal as I have no idea how much shipping would cost. Willing to meet part way for anyone over in Seattle or nearby. Or if you can get that $50 shipping deal from ewheels let me know? Has just been sitting idle for last couple months as I find myself riding my grom instead. Would also like to get going on a solar project. Has a little ding on the trolley handle and scuffs on the pads. When I got it I chooch'd the **** out of it with overzealous padding
  2. 30 jobs in 30 years... still pondering on that 'inherent value' in work thing
  3. idk maybe their prices have since changed. their 16x is higher than even ewheels mcm5 flash-ecom $1296 (after discounted price of $1440), ewheels $1350 16x flash-ecom $2350, ewheels $1990
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