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  1. They look cool, when I get another wheel I may give you a shout.
  2. Eucservice already have this as an option in their website. Been there for a while too.
  3. Willy510, do you know if the sherman footplates fit on your MsuperX please?
  4. Here's my original post but the photos have gone. It's not just about moving it closer because in it's normal position inside the sound is muted, it went from 80dbA to 87dbA and a basic guide is that a 3dbA rise is doubling the sound each time.
  5. The standard buzzer through a panel with a plastic disc pushed on the rear (notice my video on the MsuperX where the lugs are kept and used to bolt it in place, these also hold a bit of plastic hard against the rear of it) I can hear loud at 32mph with a full face motorcycle crash helmet on. I can also hear the MCM5 beep behind me when it hits the 80% alarm. I measured it when I did the test with a db meter (not that I needed it) and it's much louder, maybe over twice the volume. Did the same on both wheels and never missed a single beep.
  6. If the Sherman uses the same buzzer as a gotway mount it through a hole so the side slots are external and use the mounting hole either side to make a plate for the rear of it as it needs pressure to sound properly. Done this on an MCM5 and my MSuperX and I can hear beeps (obviously at a slower speed) loud with a motorcycle helmet on. You can see my buzzer on this video with the side slots exposed. I mad a rubber cap too to cover it if it rains, then obviously slow down as the beeps are muted. Here's the MCM5 being ridden with the external buzzer. On my ne
  7. What did you run the original tyre at, I run my MSuperX at 22psi and I'm 95kgs. Just curious so can compare what your running this one at.
  8. Pics for me too please. How hard is it compared to the original. Have you run it with the standard tube too.
  9. I ran mine with a long brass bolt whilst I was waiting for the cup screws to arrive. The only thing is it'll stick out and look shite I guess. Try you local gotway dealer as you can probably buy the OEM screws from them too. I always clean them off and add a little thread lock so they don't come out. Messy though due to the course pitch.
  10. This is for an MSuperX and an MCM5 so assume it's the same. Pop one out and give it a measure.
  11. Just checked and M10 X 1.5 and length to suit what you want.
  12. M10 X 1.5 I think, look for socket point cup set screws or hex socket set screws on eBay, should only be a few pounds for 5 or 10 of them. I did a post of adding some parts to my MSuperX footplates and it should be on there too.
  13. Anyone tried the Sherman footplates on either an MCM5 or an MSuperX or knows if they fit straight on. Or if someone has both could they try it please and let us know. Many thanks.
  14. Mine doesn't work now either, at all. Using an old wheelog app and on one of my old phones (different android version to my current phone) it can change the wheel settings. Found out by accident when I did a spin test and the 1st and 2nd class alarms turned back on. Need to check the mode and tilt back when I go out next just incase they have been changed too. Anyone know an update from gotway regarding their app and what's going on.
  15. With wrist guards on it's a pain holding a torch, I did try with some others attached to the wrist guards but I use my hands when stopping crossing roads etc holding on to posts so I find it better to have both hands free. Torch is cheap and it'll only break one panel so not really bothered about it tbh. It's also small enough not to get in the way when riding or moving about, I only use it when it's really dark if I need to see the road/path.
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