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  1. Which version is this one and are you able to pop some photos up please.
  2. Is this still available or sold please, asking for a friend.
  3. I got my MCM5 (800wh) for the first and last 2 mile commute from a scooter then a DIY eboard and would struggle with anything to replace it with, rides great and perfect for pushing where it's not safe to ride (cops) and also a great for the tube as sits under your legs when seated. Tops out at 24.5mph (I live by the 5 beeps and only heard 4 as I back off) and cruises at 22mph all day. I get 20 miles in this weather down to 48% settled which starts bringing up the alarm which kicks in below 10% battery. I have logged every ride since I got it and check the log each time I ride for battery and speed. I ride in the rain, dark and wind and would rather ride the MCM5 than get a lift. Recently I had a big speed wobble so changed the setting to soft to give it a try and it's much better and not had anything since. I did 20 max speed run 80% alarm tests this morning and they all went off at 24.5mph in between trying to learn to ride backwards to kill some time and focus. I want a Nikola but not for my commute, just for fun. So just shy of the 40kph but close. Looks cool too.
  4. Here's the cells too, only do the mount up enough to stop it moving or it slightly crushes the torch body and the cell won't fit.
  5. That's the idea tbh as won't be using the torch once the darkness passes. Torch is super bright too and throttles the brightness back if it get too hot. Everything is configurable too so played about for the sweet spot as once it ramps down it doesn't ramp back up. The hardest part was getting the covers off carefully and getting them back on. Video on YouTube took about 1 minute, me an hour or so. I grinded the 4 lugs off the mounting plate so it had the same curve as the panel. Holes lined up with the small squares of the panel so hand drilling was easy too. Then a variant of 3m double sided tape along with the screws so the screws are not silly tight but they only just picked up the threads. Thread locked them on too. Had to use a thin strip of rubber on one side of the torch to fit inside the mount. I'll add the info.
  6. I ride in the dark a lot and have tried a usb torch and also a couple of torches on my wrist guards. Usb torch was brighter but not bright enough, using the torches on my wrist guards had a few issues too, one I couldn't see any holes or bumps because the torch was lighting them up as opposed to casting a shadow and also I was concerned about falling off with the two torches attached to my guards. So I spent a bit of time working things out and settled on a weaver mount attached to the body, then a quick release scope/torch mount and purchased a 21700 Fireflies PL47 XP-L HI 6500k torch. Used it for a month and it's great, ultra bright and will last an hour on one 4000mah cell. Thought I would share this as the only difficult part was taking the MCM5 apart to fit the weaver rail.
  7. Only been riding for about 5 months now, initially I had really bad wobbles on the MCM5 mainly due to ability. Then I couldn't get them to go away and they were always there. I spent a few hours looking at the tire and tube and noticed that the inner tube valve stem inside the wheel stops the tire seating fully because is exits on the side of the wheel, after loads in inflates and deflates I eventually got it true. After this I only get them now and again. I've ridden it on hard mode since I got it and over the Christmas break I've been trying to learn to balance on the wheel when stationery and also riding backwards. So I did this in an area that also has a really steep hill, at one point I was going about 16mph down hill and got the wobble and nearly fell off as I couldn't pull out of it. So I thought I would give the soft mode a try, this now seems to have pretty much cured all the wobbles and I've also done my normal commute in the soft mode since new year. If I do get one going from high speed to neutral/braking I can pull out if it much easier and with more control. Maybe on hard mode when your trying to stop the wobble the MCM5 reacts so quick it actually makes it worse by oscillating everything. Just my thoughts.
  8. Anyone bought from wheelieshop.com, after an inner tube for the MCM5 as I've got a H5167 tire on its way. Just want to know any feedback really on the tube quality and any experience before I order as they are cheap and include delivery.
  9. Is this normal. quite new to this and some times I get the feeling it's tilting forwards. I've already calibrated it to a 5-6 degree tiltback in the neutral position, anymore and it'll move backwards when it's resting against a wall. I do a lot of hills, paths and little slopes, could that be it or am I doing something wrong? Only at moderate speeds too, so between 5-15mph.
  10. On the wheellog output file spreadsheet my MCM5 peaks at over 7000w (7kw), definitely enough power. On the alarms, is it best to set in wheellog or the gotway app , are the settings stored in the wheel or would they change to whats in the wheellog app.
  11. Is there a table that shows what the beeps mean on the MCM5, can't seem to find one and would be nice to know.
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