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  1. Delmeekc

    MSuper Pro?

    Here's the thread I also put some firm padding where my ankles touch and I grip the wheel with my heels in too as well as resting against one leg. Seems to negate most wobbles.
  2. Delmeekc

    MSuper Pro?

    I balanced both of my wheels using this as a guide and the free spin is super smooth which translates when used on the road. I made pedal extensions for my MSuperX as had the same issue. Can ride for hours now without any toe issues. Here's some video of the photos I took making them, there's a few more videos too. https://youtu.be/RIGP_7_DyFI
  3. Found this today https://kebye.eu/en/urban/93-gotway-mcm5-800wh.html
  4. I just took a piece of wood and started with a 57mm hole through it that just missed the edge, then cut and sanded the other shapes to suit, nothing special really. Made them recessed in the side case as there is a 2mm indent for smaller pads. Bit late for a how to though as made, sorry. Got some new conditioning bruises from the thin padding in the middle against the wheel but I'll ride through that eventually. They suit the way I ride as I use my left leg mainly but once I'm moving I can then add slight pressure with the right to keep speed. Definitely better as I set off my 90A easily at any speed now. I used a pillar drill, chop saw and a bed to take the 2mm off for the recess. Don't think I could of done it all by hand though.
  5. Here's my home made ones, just put them back on with the reflective tape added.
  6. Here's the photo's, you should be able to see most of it hopefully. Not in any order but there are shots of the shell with the wheel fitted and then shots of it with the shell raised. There are also quite a few videos on my channel of the MCM5 being ridden.
  7. I guess the only disadvantage would be if I ever need a new tyre as I'll have to shave the edge off again before I fit it. That's all I could think of tbh.
  8. It's much more stable at speed and a lot more forgiving on bumpy roads, gravel and grass. Can go up and down dropped kerbs without issues without trying to take the weight off the wheel. Dropping off full kerbs is easier too and doesn't break your knees when it lands. I ran the original at 45psi and run the 2.5" at 35psi. Tried out loads of pressures and 35psi is great, my son rides it at this and he's about 70kgs and not my 90kgs. Rode it the other day for 10 minutes after not riding it for months and after a few minutes I was flying, had to adjust from the MSuperX. Can't notice any difference in speed at all, GPS app still on par with wheel log. I used the original inner tube with it and so far no problems.
  9. I've found the photos and putting them in a short video, not in any order but relate to my thread from February. Will upload to YouTube and provide a link and hopefully it will help you.
  10. Slightly confused, you said gotway are not selling the wheel with a 2.5 tyre, then you said you're thinking of selling yours and getting the newest one.! As for the mod, best mod I've ever done, MCM5 is a keeper.
  11. Definitely but I did it slightly different, nobody had raised the body and were cutting lots off the main shells and transparent parts so I tried something different and it worked. Didn't fancy making a mess of the cases. Doing the tyre is part of it though, I made a little jig on the pedal hangers, one side in a vice and shaved it off gradually until it was level with the sidewall which gave much more clearance. I used some wood and a Stanley blade with a heat pad from a plastic welding kit attached to it with lockwire, then I could spin the wheel. I never removed the hangers from the wheel. The long part is taking the MCM5 completely apart and putting it back together. There's gaffa tape holding the cases together in the battery compartment which also stop water getting in from the wheel area, just a heads up. I also only took the return edge of the transparent parts where the widest part of the tyre is, so you don't need to take it all off. I then sealed the area with some 1mm strips of neoprene to stop water getting in. I took it all apart after 100 miles with some wet riding to check everything too. We ride most days and my son rides my MCM5 and after 400 miles has yet to ground out the cases or pedals so all good. And we have do a little off road and up and down kerbs.
  12. I'll upload a video of them when they are back on the MSuperX once the Amazon delivery is here for the reflective tape and I've had a chance to fit it to the pads or should I say blocks. I used offcuts from a kitchen worktop so the wood is solid iroko, fine spray of black car wheel paint and 4 coats of hard wax oil so I'm not expecting and water damage if they get wet.
  13. Here's a little video showing the mods this morning, still not woke up properly so excuse the quality.
  14. I did the mod on mine before gotway showed the V2. I also raised the body to give more wheel shell clearance but not as much as gotway, maybe raised by about 13/14mm. For the tyre I had to shave the return edge off the transparent covers ( I didn't cut anything off the inner or outer shells) where the tyre passed them. I also shave some tread off the tyre. It was a little bit of work and machining but worth ever hour input into it. Rides so much better and I can run the tyre at 35psi so it has some give to make the ride softer. The shell has done about 400 miles since the mod and is fine. I did post a thread on it but the photos have gone I think but I do have them somewhere. I basically made some small alloy blocks that fix to the top of the pedal hangers for the body to sit on, then I had to make 2 new holes per side and threaded two new holes in the hangers to pickup the new position. On the pads I used 3m tape but I glued the tape to the pad side. I made some moulded parts to kick the pads out front and back so they didn't follow the curve of the wheel for a little grip for accelerating and braking.
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