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  1. ED209 has seen my ninebot one S2 when I picked up the MCM5 and he could confirm its condition. More than happy for anyone to come and have a look at it. Hence it's on eBay as have 100% feedback. Was activated on 30/07/2019.
  2. Max, will do it's up for £325 on eBay.
  3. Max I have a Ninebot One S2 forsale. used for learning for 40 odd miles and now on an MCM5 albeit wobbly. Great for learning and wasn't planning on upgrading so soon but a second hand MCM5 came up and couldn't resist. It's in great condition too as it was covered in foam and learn't the basics before I tried to hop on.
  4. I'm still using railings or posts to get on and off and riding in London, happy with that for now as opposed to making a complete twat of myself. First week on my MCM5 and getting more relaxed each day. Done 23 miles this week, my first week in it.
  5. Keep it, I managed to ride free after 20 miles, then your want it back instead of a learner wheel. Learn on grass and keep slow then the damage with the protection is next to nothing. I learnt to ride first before I tried to hop on and off. Tbh still have not mastered the getting on and off. Just my thoughts having just done the learning process.
  6. So I've learned the basics and upgraded so up for sale is my EUC, only been charged a handful of times and is virtually new, less than 50 miles. Unit was fully protected and practiced on grass. Asking for £400. I can post but will be about £20 via UPS and I'll have to either modify the original packing or remove the trolley handle and top pads. Only had it for just over a month. Trolley handle is fitted with 3m tape and self amalgamating tape so can easily removed for the first stages of learning. Here's a link https://www.facebook.com/groups/431385884277038/permalink/503384207077205/?sale_post_id=503384207077205
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