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What to do for a headlight?

Aaron Corsi

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I've been looking for a headlight for my E+ and the main problem that keeps coming up is that there are few good ways to mount one. I have the trolley handle and stand combo coming in the mail next week and I am hesitant to also get the accessory mount for a headlight, with all that stuff bolted on at once it's going to start looking a little goofy. I already have a GoPro mount on one side of my bot so I was considering slapping another GoPro adhesive base plate on the other side and adding this light because it has a GoPro compatible mount available for it. That's also getting into the territory of having a ton of stuff sticking out of my bot but at least it would also be another possible angle for my camera, but that headlight is a little pricey. 

So what have you guys come up with to light up the pavement at night? Does everybody use the official accessory mount or are most people coming up with DIY solutions?

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1 hour ago, Rotator said:

I have made my own head light (DIY).

I have used a bicycle light (3 cree T6 leds) with a two (or four option) li-ion 18650, which perfect fit into the trolley hole.




Well done. Nice custom mount :-)

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On ‎11‎/‎21‎/‎2015 at 10:00 PM, Paulandjacquelyn said:

I have light on my helmet. Also higher up let's autos see you easier.  

I selected this one, and it is very effective in headlamp mode (strapped onto my head). It provides such excellent visibility as a headlamp that I probably will not attach it to my wheel.


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I tried a bunch of different bike lights and most of them were either too dim to actually light the road, or needed an extra battery pack, which was a pain in the ass to mount.

In the end, I found this zebralight. A bit expensive, but I love it. It's actually a headlamp, it's tiny and waterproof. It has a ton of brightness levels, the highest is INSANELY bright, like a car headlight (no exageration, I looked it up). I actually took into exploring some pitch black tunnels and it worked great.

To mount it I got an extra rubber mount (the one that holds the lamp to the strap) and slid it around the trolley handle, and it fit really well (see picture below).

However, most of the time I use it on my helmet, because it gives me more control over the brightness and aim. On lit streets I go on low levels, and aim it down so I can see the road well without blinding people. In dark places I go on high and it lights the whole thing up putting a giant smile on my face :-D



Here's what it looks like mounted, it took 2 minutes:



Here's the link to their site (also on Amazon but they currently have a sale on their own site, it just ships slowly):


Amazon link:


And my second choice, which looks similar but is a bit cheaper, I went for the Zebra because a friend of mine had one, so I had already tried it:



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7 hours ago, noisycarlos said:

I did exactly the same with this one, which is an equivalent : https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Skilhunt-H02-Cree-XM-L2-Neutral-Cold-White-Flashlight-Magnetic-Outdoor-Hiking-Headlamp-Headlight-Carving-Torch/32267894100.html

This flashlight is incredibly good. I ordered the warm white version. One good feature is that it memorizes the last used power setting and you just have to press once on the button to turn it off.

Where did you find the rubber mount ?


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I've been very satisfied with https://www.amazon.com/Nitecore-Rechargeable-Headlamp-included-LumenTac/dp/B01JGYRBA2/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1475548930&sr=8-4&keywords=nitecore%2Bheadlamp&th=1

I tried this after seeing Nitecore mentioned somewhere in the forum. It achieves in a much more compact, lightweight form factor and self-contained battery about the same illumination (maybe slightly more) compared to my Sahara Sailor https://www.amazon.com/Sahara-Sailor-Headlight-Rechargeable-4400mAh/dp/B0188I6YNM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1475549587&sr=8-1&keywords=sahara+sailor

If you're looking for the most brightness for lowest cost, Sahara Sailor is the choice. For double the price (but not a bad price) Nitecore gives you light weight, self-contained power, usb charging, and equal or slightly more brightness.

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