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  1. You definitely want to get the Mini Pro version with your size and weight, the cheaper Mini made for the Chinese market is made for people under 180lbs. Seriously consider the Ninebot One though, personally I think they are far more enjoyable to ride and you get a much more positive reaction from strangers who see you riding. The learning curve is worth it.
  2. Aaron Corsi

    I made a DIY dock

    It's a WeMo Insight switch from Belkin. Amazon has sales on them occasionally for about $40.
  3. Aaron Corsi

    I made a DIY dock

    I wanted a quick place to drop off my wet or dirty NB1 and its various accessories, I made this from pine and galvanized steel, materials that match some other furniture I've made around my apartment. I keep this dock at the top of my stairs and it has a hole with curved edges that guide the NB1 into place when I quickly drop it in as I walk by. It has a spot to put my helmet and wrist guards and I found a plastic bin at Ikea that fits perfectly underneath to catch mud and water. The charger is plugged into a smart outlet that sends a push notification to my phone/watch when it's done charging. This was a fun project, I'd definitely recommend something similar to anyone who uses their EUC for daily commuting like me. It's made the whole thing far more convenient and as something that lives in a very prominent area in my home it looks a lot nicer than an EUC leaning against the wall with some wrist guards on the ground next to it.
  4. Awesome, glad you're enjoying it! Seems like you're starting to get a feel for the limits of your device, the sensation of the platform tilting backward that you described is called "tiltback" and every EUC and Segway will do it, it's sort of a gentle warning that you're approaching the limits of your device before you get into the potentially dangerous speeds where it will start beeping at you. It's normal to still get beeps occasionally when riding at appropriate speeds because it's related to the load on the motor more than the actual speed you're traveling, if you're going relatively slow but hit a large bump or start going up a steep incline then you may find that you are pushing the motors to their limits even at a lower speed, that's when you will hear a beep without getting to max speed. None of these devices are built to be speed demons so you'll probably find that you will enjoy them the most when you relax and enjoy the ride as you said. The NBM Pro is a great device and I think it's currently the best personal transporter for general purpose commuting, enjoy those headlights and tail lights because they aren't a luxury you get built in with the NB1!
  5. It's a safety feature, I don't think there is an option to disable it on any Ninebot. When it starts beeping it's because there is not much extra power available to keep you upright in the event that you hit a bump or a steep hill so you are risking a sudden shutoff that could hurt you. Riding at the beeping or tiltback speed isn't supposed to be comfortable because they are discouraging you from doing it, if you want a faster ride then you might want to get a Ninebot One.
  6. Aaron Corsi

    What have you been called?

    I was riding with a friend and some guy yelled "sorcery!" out of a car as he was driving by. When I was riding home from work a few days ago two girls in a car yelled "will you marry me?!" I also get a lot of "woah" and "awesome" when I'm riding around. You get noticed riding an EUC around a college town...
  7. I recently spent a week with a two wheeled Ninebot Mini that rides much more like a traditional two wheeled Segway and it has made me rethink my opinion of two wheeled self balancing transporters vs the one wheeled design. I'm curious what the thoughts are of the other people on this forum are of the advantages/disadvantages of each for different uses and what your general opinions are. I wrote a post over on a Segway dedicated forum explaining the tradeoffs of an EUC to someone who has experience on a Segway but has never ridden an EUC and I tried to be pretty neutral but you might be able to read between the lines and figure out which one I think is superior. So what do you think?
  8. Good to know, I was mislead by the salesperson who in their email to me said "Right now you can pre-order the Ninebot MiniPro through our webstore and we estimate that they'll be here in the Spring. They're priced at $500. You would be first in line" I'm going to reach out to them to confirm and possibly get a refund as well because I'm not sure the MiniPro is worth $1300 to me.
  9. So an update on the issue with my Mini's squeaky wheel: I have arranged a return to the eBay seller and I have preordered a Ninebot Mini Pro from my local Segway store after finding out that they are going to be getting them this spring. I'm actually going to end up getting the better version for less money than I spent on the Xiaomi version originally, though I'll probably be waiting a few months. If anybody is interested here is a link to the order page on their web store: http://thegarageotr.lightspeedwebstore.com/ninebot-minipro/dp/1000000236 And if that wasn't enough they're even offering preorders on the super cool Segway Robot!: http://thegarageotr.lightspeedwebstore.com/minipro-robot/dp/4101 At the time of this post the Ninebot Mini Pro and Segway Robot are going for $500 and $750 preordered respectively which is crazy awesome pricing. I would expect it to be too good to be true except that this Segway store has a very good reputation in my city so I think they will honor their prices. I don't know what the MSRP will be for the Segway Robot will be but the owner of the store and I have been going back and forth in email and he said the Ninebot Mini Pro will have an MSRP of $1300 so the preorder discount is pretty steep! I am considering preordering a Segway Robot but I get the feeling it will be delayed endlessly and end up being a frustrating purchase because of that so I'll wait and see how they do once they're on the market for real. At these prices though I almost want to throw in a second Mini Pro just to have!
  10. Aaron Corsi

    Ninebot mini confusion

    If anybody following this thread is interested I got my hands on a Ninebot Mini and wrote a pretty detailed review
  11. I received my Ninebot Mini and have been using it for about a week, I wrote a pretty detailed review if anybody is interested:
  12. I do think that the NBM is safer for the average person, but a skilled rider on an EUC can certainly maneuver as safely as someone riding a NBM. If you're looking at getting your first EUC then there is a significant ramp up of a few days or weeks before you will have the skill to ride it on public sidewalks or streets safely, that ramp is much shorter with a NBM to get an equal level of safe maneuvering ability. Both the NB1 and NBM will limit the top speed to a crawl and tilt the foot platforms back sharply when the battery is very low, it's better to get off and push or carry when it gets to that point so it is just best to avoid it and plan your trips accordingly. Neither offers much in the way of redundant safety features so in my opinion safety gear is a must with these products, that said in my experience a known reliable Ninebot can be trusted not to cut out on you if you pay attention to the high speed warnings and don't try to push the limits.
  13. So to answer this question depends on what you want out of your personal transporter. The NB1 is very fun to ride and if you're looking for something that you will also use a significant amount of time for recreation or off road then I would say definitely get the NB1. If you're mostly looking for something that will be used for serious transportation needs then it's a bit more difficult to answer, they can both get the job done but I'd have to say I give the edge to the NBM based on its newer technology and easier ride. To answer your question on comfort, others may feel differently but I think the NBM was a good deal more comfortable on a long journey than my NB1. Once a week I make a 10-12 mile round trip on my NB1 and I definitely found it noticeably more comfortable on the NBM than I am used to with my NB1. For shorter trips and even up to 4-5 miles that difference is going to be negligible though and they both do give me a bit of sore feet and thighs no matter what after a long trip. The NBM is definitely less easy to carry around than pushing a NB1 with a trolley handle which is my daily driver but if you get the NBM Pro then you'll get a built in trolley handle which would put them on even footing. Carrying a non-pro NBM by its knee pads is definitely more cumbersome than carrying a NB1 by its pop up handle. The remote control feature of the NBM does not work well enough to just drive it around in front of you instead of pushing it. If I had to only keep one of the two it would be a tough choice because I take my NB1 riding on dirt trails and I definitely don't think the NBM could keep up but if I could only keep one I would probably choose the NBM because my transporter is first and foremost a mode of daily transportation which is where the NBM excels. That's not to say I wouldn't miss my NB1 quite a bit though. Another thing to keep in mind if you're debating on which to buy as your first purchase is how much you care about what others think of your ride. There are very few people riding these devices around my city (and most cities) and while I always get very positive responses to the NB1 I have gotten some heckling because of the NBM. People don't like Segways or hoverboards and this is a product that reminds people of both. The NB1 on the other hand is so unique that people don't have their mind made up about them before they even see it.
  14. So I got a Ninebot Mini from eBay, it took 6 weeks to arrive and I've had it for about a week. I've had a Ninebot One E+ for about four months and I commute on it to work daily, I decided to add the Mini to my collection so that I could have something that my husband and friends can ride along with me without having to spend three days learning to ride an EUC competently. This is the Xiaomi model designed for the Chinese market so it's not as powerful or fast as the Mini Pro or my One E+ but it was significantly cheaper than buying the other two options for something I expected to be a very minor part time rider. Looks: I bought the black version. I don't think you can really make a Segway type device that doesn't look a bit strange, but I think the small size and black color minify the strangeness of the shape of a device like this. It also pretty much disappears beneath you when you ride it in the dark. There are several cheesy animations that you can have the rear lights make when it's not displaying the turn signals or brake lights, but I chose to turn those off because I didn't think they looked very good. Ride quality: I have been leaving my NBO behind when commuting to work this week in an effort to get a feel for the Mini. At first I found the knee bar to be less maneuverable than the lean turning of my NBO but once I got the feel for how this device controls I have come to enjoy it nearly as much. The two wheels of the NBM are smaller than the NBO so you notice bumps a bit more and I found it's best to slow down a bit more for bumps than I would on the NBO. I didn't take it off of paved paths very much but I don't think it would handle large off road bumps nearly as well as a NBO, but I think that has more to do with the lack of power. I think the Pro version of the NBM might actually be pretty decent on dirt or grass paths but you'd have to take it pretty slowly on the non-Pro version that I have. The motors in the NBM are extremely smooth and quiet, even quieter than the motor in the NBO. I've also noticed that the NBM takes even less effort to ride and is actually quite a bit less fatiguing after a very long ride. I rode 12 miles in one stretch one day this week and I could have kept going with no problem, I've ridden that distance in one stretch many times on my NBO and while it's not unbearable my feet are definitely sore and my leg muscles fatigued at the end. I think the easy ride is due to the fact that you don't have to balance it side to side and because there is thick cushioning foam on the foot rests. I also have come to really enjoy being able to stop without stepping off, it's a small thing but it adds up along with the rest to make a ride on the NBM very easy and relaxing unlike the more fun and exciting ride of the NBO. Features: I am in love with the features on this Ninebot. It has the typical Segway foot placement sensors so that it knows when you're standing on it but it doesn't end there. There is a sensor to know when you lift it off the ground so that the wheels don't simply spin freely. The lift sensor is extremely responsive and reliable, I have tried to trick it and it always balances perfectly the moment I place it down without the wheels spinning when I lift it. I would love to have this sensor on the NBO. There is also a surprisingly bright built-in headlight with an ambient brightness sensor to turn it on and off automatically. In daylight it stays off, in a dim area it will turn on low but bright enough to make sure you're easily seen, and in full darkness it will shine brightly enough to ride close to its top speed safely. The front of the NBM has a large and bright battery indicator which has proven very convenient, you can just look down and see easily how much battery life you have left. Durability: The build quality of the NBM has been a pleasant surprise for me (setting aside an issue I will discuss later). The plastic is very good quality with a matte finish on my black model and the steering stick is metal. The handle/pads one uses to pick it up don't seem particularly sturdy though so I will be careful to always pick it up by both pads to distribute the weight easily. Practicality: In addition to being loaded with convenient features, the easy ride of the NBM is making it into a very tempting daily driver option. The only big problem keeping it from becoming my daily driver (other than the issue I'll talk about below) is the lack of a good handle on the non-Pro version that I have. When entering a building I like to push my transporter around out of politeness to those around me and with the NBM model that I have just picking it up and carrying it is the best option and the pad/handles don't seem like they will stand up to a lot of picking up over the long term. I am seriously considering buying a Mini Pro once the Segway store in my city gets them in stock so I could get a device with the power of my NBO but the features of the NBM plus a convenient push handle. The Issue: After riding about 35 miles my unit has started to get a horrible squeaking sound in the right wheel. I recorded a video for you all to give a listen, beware it's cringe inducing: After investigating this seems to be an issue with a bearing in the right wheel. I have been going back and forth with the seller I bought it from on eBay and so far it sounds like he might send me a replacement although unfortunately it's probably going to be the white model which I don't think looks as good. Bottom Line: I am convinced that for the average person this is probably a better option than an EUC and while I absolutely love my NBO and have convinced some friends to buy them as well, I find myself wishing I had another NBM when I lend it to a friend for a ride. If you're curious about something that offers a different ride compared to an EUC I would definitely recommend a Ninebot Mini and I think it's a far more practical buy than a full sized Segway or a toy-like hoverboard. I really hope I can get the issue with my unit resolved and though I'm bummed I might end up with a color I don't like, I'm anxious to get riding on a Mini again.
  15. Aaron Corsi

    New hoverboard butler from Ninebot and Intel

    I love this, it makes so much sense to build it on the ninebot mini as a base platform. If you're already making a self balancing robot with strong motors and a relatively big battery then why not let it serve dual purposes as a transport too? Then it gives you the extra usefulness of being able to ride it somewhere and let it follow you around when you get there, seems like it would be great for stuff like grocery shopping, just make a basket for it that it can hold while it follows you around then carry the basket in your hand when you're ready to ride it back home.