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  1. Sorry for the late reply, I'm just back from 2 weeks in Tunisa. I'm afraid I'll have to RSVP regrets for December as my daughter planned for the family to be in Snowbasin at that time. Will have to catch you whenever we do make it to Phoenix. Sounds like a fun ride. Enjoy yourselves!
  2. It's pretty cool, but an unusual style ... I picked it up at a local store in Sugo, Japan when I was at Yamaha's Sportland race track. Typically Japanese, everything is non-standard, with a mesh polyester holding the elbow, shoulder and back protector as integrated parts of the plastic. The zipper pulls were terrible and broke apart after a few uses, so I purchased some replacements from Amazon that have served me well http://mobike.westland-cpa.com/x.jpg
  3. Smart ... after my last accident (a comparatively minor distal radius fracture but painful and slow to heal) I am hopefully done with injuries ... I plan to protect to the max:motorcycle jacket (I have both summer and winter) wrist guards, knee pads and full face helmet.
  4. Chrysler created a 400mph motorcycle around a Viper V-10 engine -- the Dodge Tomahawk. Of course, top speed was only theoretical; no engineer or test driver would speed test it, because at that speed, even with full leathers, road dirt would quickly abrade the rider to a skeleton. I've maxed at about 150mph on a bike, and even with full leathers, if a bug hits your chest, it hurts. 1000 kph ~ 1000 fps which is the speed of a 9mm bullet ... better break out the Kevlar.
  5. I've been curious about this. I only occasionally ride horses (few opportunities) but have to agree ... it's a long way down, and unlike anything I've seen on a motorcycle. Motorcycles & EUC's are predictable machines, unlike (ahem) horses. So I'm really curious why polo players don't pad their shoulders more. @Rehab1 probably knows best about EUC protection, because he gets to see the gory results of injuries (IMHO) ... my own experience? 1 x dislocated shoulder + 1 x distal radius fracture = wrists and shoulders need protection. It's a (thankfully) limited dataset, but enough to
  6. Just a thought on using "tubleless" slime in a tubed tire ... If you used this in a tubed tire, you might gum up the spigot is what I'd heard, but it seems highly unlikely. My guess is that it might be a problem for Presta valves and the high pressure (>90psi) that these sorts of tubes use. But with a Schrader valve and ~40psi, the opening is big and the pressure low, so the valve would be fairly safe. Correct me if you have experience (or have tried this yourself).
  7. The question of tube vs. tubeless Slime comes up a lot on bicycle forums. I think all EUCs are tubed (correct me if I'm wrong) so you would use that Slime (the name comes from "green slimy stuff" which is how mountain bikers referred to the original formula and was colored green to symbolize environmental friendliness). It's composed of fibers, binders, and proprietary clogging agents that build up and intertwine to seal punctures in inner tubes and tires; made by Chicago's Illinois Tool Works, they market their Fibro-Seal Technology is the basis of a number of products. When a puncture occu
  8. ... all great ideas ... especially alarms + limiters + supercapacitors to make sure that you have the power you need on tap ...
  9. 1.5kg ... that's pretty light. My motorcycle helmets (Arai / Shoei ~$500-$800) are more than that and you don't even notice you are wearing them. The materials and shape are more important than weight IMHO ...
  10. This is great to hear @Jason McNeil, and best of luck in your coming year!
  11. Not really, it's the same as a mountain-bike helmet ... it's even advertised as one. They're very light.
  12. You are right, though dirtbike/motocross helmets cost the same or less, and have the visor (which is probably unnecessary at the speeds bikes and EUCs travel). E.g., for ~$165 https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/afx-fx-41-ds-helmet Or... for ~$99 https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/bell-mx-9-adventure-blockade-helmet Or ... ~$89 https://www.revzilla.com/product/afx-fx-17-helmet Which leads me to question why the mountain-bike-men are spending so much on helmets.
  13. The 3R ... I think the price difference is because of the removable chinbar, and slightly better materials. They do look the same.
  14. There is about twice the material in the models you pictured above, and of course more complex molding and the added vents add to the price. Many people on the board (including me) are getting the Bell Sanction for ~$65. This is much lighter than the motocross helmets you show above. They were originally children's helmets -- the largest size fits me snugly and these are know for running a bit small. But the fit provides very good control; padding is excellent for the speeds EUC riders are going (falling?) and the lightness and visibility are great. Highly recommended. https://www.b
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