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  1. Radislav


    At the autumn EUC contest 2017 in Moscow
  2. Radislav

    The Gotway Gods Destroyed My ACM

    Today was my first failure too. After over 5000 km of safe riding. I jumped off a high curb at nearly 20 km/h and forced the Ninebot One even more immediately after landing. My ACM did it with ease with just a little nod at even higher speeds. So I got used to it and relaxed. But Ninebot One E+ just couldn’t cope ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Palm and elbow protection made its job very well. The sound of cheering from the crowd was my reward. There is always a first time This appeared to be quite hard sequence for a wheel. Please don’t repeat
  3. Radislav

    The Gotway Gods Destroyed My ACM

    Wow! Marty Backe baked his ACM live The Gotway must be proud that their wheel appeared to be such a die hard while even the Monster with the running fans surrendered 5 sec earlier After what happened to @meepmeepmayer's ACM, I never dare to take such a long climbs despite the fact that my ACM motor wires have individual protective sleeves
  4. Radislav


    It's not available yet. They are preparing a video about the whole event, it will be available soon. Until then, they place all the photos and videos here: http://www.mono-drive.ru/arhiv2017
  5. Radislav


    III EUC Contest in Moscow, the track storyboard
  6. Radislav


    You met an interesting vehicle at 18:00
  7. Radislav

    Msuper v3s hit 47km/h easy, WOW.....

    While performing idle (in the air) speed test, I noticed that the gradual speed increase continued up until it reached 52 km/h, then the speed inevitably jumped to its idle max 67 km/h. Below 52 km/h I was able to control the speed by tilting the wheel - decrease it a bit, then increase again. Above 52km/h it became impossible - it just jumps to its bear maximum and turns off. This could give us a hint about max safe speed of ACMs+ in real life.
  8. Radislav

    Brand new Gotway MSuper V3S+ 1300Wh... fail

    Great app but interface is its weak side, and it's too complicated while adding a wheel - debug servers, deleting UUIDs... (imho)
  9. Radislav

    Brand new Gotway MSuper V3S+ 1300Wh... fail

    The latest Gyrometrics shows 66,7 Volts when my ACM1600 is 100% battery.
  10. Radislav

    ACM 1600 video review

    Gotway ACM 1600 gradual speed increase test while it's in the air: 30 km/h = 2 beeps 34 km/h = 3 beeps 53 km/h = the end of gradual increase and quick jump to max = cut off and fall.
  11. Radislav

    ACM 1600 video review

    1.1 beta version supports GW, KS and Inmotion, great app. As far as I know - yes!
  12. Radislav

    ACM 1600 video review

    Gotway ACM 1600 maximum idling speed:
  13. Radislav

    ACM 1600 video review

    Thank you, guys! I provided English subtitles and title translation with a little delay - maybe that's why they didn't appear in English right away. I wonder, will YT be able to provide the right audio track for viewers from different countries if a movie contains more than one audio tracks (EN, RU...) in it.