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George Iliev

KS 16X EUC world suggested settings.

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I need some help, and would love the community's input... 

I was talking to @Seba about building default suggested profiles settings for different wheels with peak amperage, sustained current, etc, but the data needs to be gathered, and it seems like a ton of work. But either way, I need suggestions about how to set up my own ks16x alarms and settings, and thought it might be nice to systematise the community's settings, so people that come searchig afterwards for the ks 16x EUC world suggested settings (keywords yo) have a nice catalogue. To keep info easy to read for the future users I suppose something looking like that, so next up can just copy and fill it:


🏗️Rider weight: 105 kg equipped / ~220 lbs
📝Current firmware: 1.08
🔋Battery level averiging: true
🔌Overvoltage alarm: true
Voltage-dependant speed alarm: true
🔊Speed alarm 1 (high priority) : ____ / @ 🔋battery percent: ____
🔉Speed alarm 2 (med priority) : ____ / @ 🔋battery percent: ____
🔈Speed alarm 3 (low priority) : ____ / @ 🔋battery percent: ____
Pre-alarm: off? (idk what it does
Peak current: 28 A (saw it somewhere, idk if its good) 
Current: 26 A (what I wrote above) 
🌡 Temperature alarm: 60 degrees Celsius


Ps: let me know if I'm missing something, so I can add it to that post;

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Posted (edited)

Can be 32 peak current 28 Current. Everything you need to know is in this amazing table. I use -30% more conservatiove 1.07 default numbers. Because im heavy. 

Tiltback 43km/h deacelerate warning 40 km/h 1th 2th alarm off. I respect technical limits KS16X safety first 119Kg geared 260 lbs 🐷🐷🐷 . I use ticwatch pro to feel vibration. Here is against law ride euc and hold camera or mobile phone. This numbers is my 2th batch 1.4 maniboard unit. Becasue i use this setting i can feel EUC feedback  and this make me better rider. Eucworld make EUC experience next level.

On 11/16/2019 at 7:06 PM, Mike Sacristan said:



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