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Found 13 results

  1. The app wont talk to me and we are not even married. EUC world used to speak to me over BT on android phone even while I was hearing music. Now its silens anmd pretty darnd useless. Any advice
  2. I'm working on adding some safety features and improving existing safety alarms in EUC World and I need your help. I just need to obtain no-load (free spin) speed of Veteran, Gotway and Begode wheels. How can I help? It's very simple. Just follow these steps: Charge battery to full. This is very important! Speeds obtained for battery charged to less than 100% will give wrong data. Don't follow voltage reading, but wait for your charger LED to go green. If you have regulated charger, make sure it's set to 100%. Turn your wheel on and connect with EUC World. Make sure app bottom
  3. Hi! I'm almost ready to publish new version of EUC World application (previously known as euc.world WheelLog). This new version will bring many new and exciting features, it will also be full of improvements over legacy or euc.world WheelLog app. I have put really great effort into making next release a huge step forward in terms of features, quality and overall user experience. However, there is one area I wasn't able to improve: translation to other languages. Currently EUC World is available in English, Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, German, Greek, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Br
  4. Hi, I can connect to my Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro without problems, but can only see the main HUD on the watch, the live stats, stats page is there, but no numbers shown. Any idea what could cause it?
  5. Hi, recently I got several requests about adding support for EyeRide HUD to EUC World app. In fact, EyeRide HUD may be a great extension to EUC World, acting as a HUD display that is mounted to almost any helmet. For now we have a phone display readout, smart watch display readout and voice readout using Bluetooth earphones/speakers. Adding HUD display would be a great solution allowing rider to instantly see EUC condition and running parameters. EyeRide HUD seems to be the only affordable HUD solution in relation to other similar devices like Vuzix smartglasses, Google Glass, Epson Mover
  6. Hi guys! Welcome to the exciting world of EUC AVAS!!! This thread has been created to make the most of the very cool AVAS function implemented by @Seba in EUC World's latest release. While the main (official ) purpose of AVAS is to emit sounds to alert passersby of our presence, this thread wouldn't exist if our inner child weren't ecstatic about the possibility of making our wheels sound like race bikes, spaceships and jet planes... The creative possibilities are endless and some users have already begun experimenting with custom sounds, so the time has arrived to create a dedicate
  7. Feature request: The screen that appears when you Start a tour is almost identical to the screen when you Stop a tour. Can you change the graphic and make it very clear that you just started or stopped a tour? I get annoyed when I can't remember if I set up the horn/light/tour to be the single-tap/double-tap/tap&hold on the Gauge. Accidentally turning on the light or honking the horn is ok but I want it to be very apparent if I accidentally stop the tour. I have an image showing the two screens side by side but I'm not sure if viewers will be able to open the link. I c
  8. I'm riding in the winter between 20° and 40°F (-9 to 5 C) and noticing how battery life is affected by the cold. I'm wondering if you can add the outdoor temperature to the screen and maybe to the logs. I'm not asking for the temperature of the wheel or the phone (which may be in my pocket). I'm thinking there should be a way the app can call an API to get the weather data based on the location I'm in. It would be nice if this was visible on the main screen. Ben Pittsburgh, PA "Top 7 Best Free Weather APIs to Access Global Weather Data (Updated for 2021)"
  9. Has anyone else had this? I have occasionally noticed that EUC World shows a negative distance sometimes. It might be the Sherman actually. I think I saw a negative value on its display - happens when it’s been on charge for a week or so. I got this android watch cheaply, and I LOVE it for EUC world. It is brilliant. Definitely going to support the project, so thank you to the development team.
  10. Hi, I need to compile & maintain database of legal speed limits that are in effect (or are not enforced) in countries around the world. So I kindly ask you to post following information: in what country do you live? are EUCs legal in your country in general? if yes, is there a speed limit in your country that is imposed on EUCs? If yes, please specify speed this limit. if not, is the ban on using EUC effectively enforced by the authorities in your country? How would you rate efectiveness of enforcing the ban (0: not enforced at all, 10: enforced in a way that m
  11. This is probably right in front of my eyes but I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to start a new trip. It's supposed to, I thought, begin a new trip whenever you reconnect but that's not happening for me. I ride every day but the app is still stuck on 0km/October 31. I can't get the app to start a new trip. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
  12. Since the current version of EUC world is closed source this is pretty much a proof of concept but if people are interested I can post the APK. I hope this feature can be added to the current version of EUC World. Here is the code. I also added a decimal point to the speedometer which I find is helpful especially when displaying MPH.
  13. People! I need some help, and would love the community's input... I was talking to @Seba about building default suggested profiles settings for different wheels with peak amperage, sustained current, etc, but the data needs to be gathered, and it seems like a ton of work. But either way, I need suggestions about how to set up my own ks16x alarms and settings, and thought it might be nice to systematise the community's settings, so people that come searchig afterwards for the ks 16x EUC world suggested settings (keywords yo) have a nice catalogue. To keep info easy to read for the f
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