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Found 17 results

  1. Hi guys! Welcome to the exciting world of EUC AVAS!!! This thread has been created to make the most of the very cool AVAS function implemented by @Seba in EUC World's latest release. While the main (official ) purpose of AVAS is to emit sounds to alert passersby of our presence, this thread wouldn't exist if our inner child weren't ecstatic about the possibility of making our wheels sound like race bikes, spaceships and jet planes... The creative possibilities are endless and some users have already begun experimenting with custom sounds, so the time has arrived to create a dedicated thread where you can find cool sound packs created by others, upload your own, share and suggest ideas, etc. First of all, a description of the basic sounds that make up AVAS, what they are, how to use them and considerations to bear in mind when creating sounds for AVAS: Engine start: This sound is played when you connect to the wheel / enable AVAS, so it should be an engine starting (whether internal combustion or a spaceship powering on). A second of idling after start-up could be a nice touch (it's worth testing before you load it to EUC World to make sure that the end of this sound matches well with the beginning of the engine idling sound the follows it) Idling: This sound is audible when you are stationary, so it can be anything from a car/motorcycle/truck engine idling sound to a helicopter or a UFO hovering. It will be played in a loop when stationary, so regardless of file length, it's important for the end and beginning to match well so the transition is seamless. This can be tested before uploading to your wheel by opening it in your favorite audio player and playing it in a loop. The same applies to all sounds that are played in a loop. Speed-dependent sound: Sound whose pitch varies according to your speed, creating a realistic effect where your engine sound matches your riding (when accelerating or decelerating, going faster or slower, etc.). Since this sound's pitch will be altered by EUC World to match your speed, it's important for it to be a flat, sustained sound: for IC engine sounds, think of sustained cruising sounds with no acceleration/gear-changing/deceleration (this can be trickier to find than you might think). It will also be played in a loop while you're riding, so a seamless transition is important. Current-dependent sound: Think of it as a turbo-charger that kicks in when you accelerate (this does not replace the speed-dependent sound, it plays on top of it). The included sound is a high-pitched whistle, but the possibilities are endless, from a NOS effect to a jet propulsion thrust to wherever your imagination takes you. I've experimented with flat sounds so far, but I'm sure there are tons of others possibilities (heavy revving, for instance?) Temperature-dependent sound: This sound can be seen as a fun alternative to temperature alarms that alert you in an entertaining way that your wheel is gradually creeping towards overheating. An excellent use-case suggested by @Seba would be for @Marty Backe's Overheat Hill™ tests: steam escaping from a boiler (steam-train style), just subtly present as the wheel reaches a warm operating temp. (50ºC, for instance) and which gradually increases in volume until you reach 60ºC (or whatever max. temp. you've set). Aside from being a fun alternative (tons of sounds come into mind: engine rattling, hissing, etc), it provides real-time temperature feedback on warm days/steep climbs, gradually increasing its presence, as opposed to a static temp. alarm, that doesn't activate until you reach the max. value you've set for the alarm. Engine off sound: Self-explanatory. Might require some fiddling to play nicely with the idling sound the precedes it. You can find a quick guide on how to install user-created AVAS packs here: Sound specifications for users thinking of creating their own packs: Most common file formats are supported (WAV, mp3, AAC, ALAC, FLAC---correct me if I'm wrong, @Seba), but it's preferable to use sounds that are uncompressed (WAV). Update: For idling, speed-dependent, current-dependent and temperature-dependent sounds it's best to use 16-bit, 32 kHz mono PCM WAV format and keep them less than 1 MB of size. This is proven to work on most Android devices. Upload suggestions/requirements (IMPORTANT!): Since this site has a limited hosting capacity and is supported by one person only, please do not upload sounds directly using the forum attachment function. We're studying the possibility of having a dedicated AVAS sound-hosting site, but for now, I think the best solution is to share download links from Dropbox/Google Drive/whatever cloud service you use. Ideally, sounds should be named so they are easily identifiable (spaceship_start.wav, spaceship_idle.wav, spaceship_speed-dependent.wav, etc.). To keep things as organized and user-friendly as possible and not have a bunch of different files scattered throughout the thread (imagine having UFO startup one page 1 of the thread and UFO speed-dependent on page 4...) our current approach would be to bundle sounds together in a zip file and upload them as sound packs. @Seba is studying the possibility of creating a sound-pack download and auto-install function at some point, which might require a specific file-naming scheme and upload route, but this feature is still on the drawing board and he's just finished an intense development stage (AVAS, Tizen Support, etc.), so I reckon he deserves a break and downloading and loading sounds packs into EUC.W manually is no big deal for users considering the amount of development time that has gone into making AVAS possible. Now it's users' time to shine, put your lockdown idle-time to good use and unleash your creativity! Pro tips: - Your phone needs to be connected to your wheel's Bluetooth audio service (like when you play music through it) for AVAS to be played through your wheel's speakers. Otherwise the sound will come from your phone. If your wheel doesn't have in-built speakers, you can easily use a portable Bluetooth speaker (I'm sure @Unventor will be happy to share his setup) - When selecting new sounds in EUC.W., you need to disable and re-enable AVAS for changes to take effect - AVAS can be enabled/disabled by assigning it to a quick gesture on your Flic button, smartwatch, tapping on the gauge on the app's main screen, etc. - Sounds can be downloaded from a numbers of free sources (Youtube, freesound, zapsplat, freesfx, etc.) and edited using the free, open-source and cross-platform Audacity audio editor, or Adobe Audition if you're using Adobe products. There are plenty if tutorials online, but who knows, maybe there'll be an AVAS-specific tutorial by someone in the EUC World Team in the not-so-distant future... - Getting sounds just right: With IC engines, a 1/4 second more or less at the beginning or end up an idling or speed-dependent sound can mean the difference between matching engine strokes and seamless playback vs. an out-of-whack AVAS. Play around until with them you get them to your liking before loading them into EUC World for real-world testing. - On that note, I've found that the best way to test sounds prior to loading them into EUC.W. is to add them to a playlist using your favorite music player and play them in order: engine on, idle, speed-dependent sound, idle, engine off and see if they play (more or less) seamlessly. I'd say that pretty much covers the basics. I'll update/edit this introductory post with any significant/relevant changes. Edit: This thread isn't exclusively for sound-file uploads: Youtube videos with real-world examples of your crazy wheel sounds are also welcome here! (whether you're riding around the neighborhood or trolleying your wheel down the hall) One last note: A lot of people expect to find a changed world when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and they can finally resume their life. Little do they know exactly how different a world they're going to encounter, full of lunatics from the future riding one-wheeled Harleys, spaceships, UFOs, helicopters, jet fighters, Millennium Falcons, Jetsons cars, etc.
  2. I'm working on adding some safety features and improving existing safety alarms in EUC World and I need your help. I just need to obtain no-load (free spin) speed of Veteran, Gotway and Begode wheels. How can I help? It's very simple. Just follow these steps: Charge battery to full. This is very important! Speeds obtained for battery charged to less than 100% will give wrong data. Don't follow voltage reading, but wait for your charger LED to go green. If you have regulated charger, make sure it's set to 100%. Turn your wheel on and connect with EUC World. Make sure app bottom bar is green, CSV logging and tour recording is not active. Open app menu and make sure that speed correction in "General" menu is set to 0%. If you have set non-zero speed correction, write original value down and set correction to zero. Carefully lift your wheel up, so it will be able to free spin. Wait for the wheel to automatically shut off and stop rotating. Write down top speed as indicated by EUC World. Close EUC World and turn off your wheel. It's best to repeat steps 2-5 two or even three times to verify results consistency. This way you will determine raw (uncorrected) no-load speed of your wheel for fully charged battery. Now please report this speed by replying in this thread and adding detailed wheel identification data: battery capacity and voltage, wheel model (including wheel version, motor type and firmware version if applicable). If your wheel is a custom version, please add informations about customizations applied. When lifting wheel up be careful! It's best to make this test outside of your home. There is always a risk that you'll put the wheel on the carpet before it stops rotating. It's an easy way to make a rubber marks on the floor or the carpet, and this will probably make your lady very, very angry...
  3. Hi, First of all, thanks @Seba for a great app with wide range of safety and enhancement features, it beats basically all original apps hands down. After using the app for a bit I have some suggestions for a minor changes or improvements, with mist of them hopefully not being too complicated to implement: 1. Allow to specify the speed for "Enforce regulatory compliance" as in some countries it's different from 25 km/h (or whatever other speed the manufacturer might have as default). In my case I'd for example need 20 km/h. 2. Add LEDs On / Off action to list of available option for screen taps and Flic buttons. This is currently only possible in Settings under Wheel section. 3. As the TP-Link HS110 plug is EOL product, hard to get a hold of new, adding support for some newer plug models would greatly appreciated, like Tapo P110 or Shelly Plug S. I have both and I'll be happy to perform testing for you. Shelly plug is nice and portable, I carry it with my charger everywhere to time limit the charging, it has it's own webserver and can work even without internet or local router and have nice htpp access for commands and info retrieval. Alternatively adding option for configurable http requests into EUC Word app for turning the socket On, Off, reading consumption etc. would make it compatible with any such socket without need to add specific commands for new models by yourself and user can share their settings here. 4. Any chance of adding support for Inmotion P1 (and P2 as it most likely have the same communication protocol and commands)? Again I offer testing if needed. 5. Add option to change volume of or mute on board speaker on wheels without bluetooth sound option (like V8) via tap actions or Flic buttons. Currently the app can only control on board speakers volume in settings under Wheel section. Thank you again for a great app and hopefully some of the above mentioned points would be possible to implement in one if the future version. 6. And as a "bonus", one side question (instead of creating a separate post for it), does V8 support onboard horn function and if not, would it be possible to make it trigger one of the onboard stored sounds (which can be then replaced with custom sound directly on the wheel)?
  4. Hi @Seba I haven't had my GW Tesla connected for some time (months) as I've been riding my Sherman. Today I wanted to connect and log so started Tesla up and made a search in the EUC world app by disabling the ring and pressing BT icon (BT on on the phone of course and it's seen by the phone but cant connect from phone BT menu, just says an app is needed). Has support been lost or dropped for the old v.1 Teslas or it's just a bug? I have the v 1.2 (second iteration of v1) and has been working excellent before.
  5. I recently got my Nikola AR+ back after warranty repairs, and EUC World is sometimes now having my trips distance skyrocket to over 750 miles. It isn't affecting the total distance on my wheel, that's still at ~2000 miles. During the trip I screenshotted I only went a little over 2 miles according to a GPS Speedometer app I had running I also had a glitch where it didn't send the wheel alarms to my Bluetooth speaker. The setting was turned on, I had to restart the app for it to work. Has only happened once but was a scary instance. I'm not sure if it was just the "Use Wheel Alarms" setting didn't work properly that one time, or if all EUC World alarms were affected during that time, since I only ride with the gotway 80% beeps and a temperature alarm, and I never reached the max temp. I believe Alienrides put my Nikola AR+ on the most recent firmware, as I had to enable the Speed/Distance sent in miles per hour setting as I previously didn't. EUC World is on version 2.18.1
  6. Hi, recently I got several requests about adding support for EyeRide HUD to EUC World app. In fact, EyeRide HUD may be a great extension to EUC World, acting as a HUD display that is mounted to almost any helmet. For now we have a phone display readout, smart watch display readout and voice readout using Bluetooth earphones/speakers. Adding HUD display would be a great solution allowing rider to instantly see EUC condition and running parameters. EyeRide HUD seems to be the only affordable HUD solution in relation to other similar devices like Vuzix smartglasses, Google Glass, Epson Moverio etc. You can find more informations about EyeRide HUD here - https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/eyeride-hud-make-your-helmet-smart/. I'm considering adding support for EyeRide HUD to EUC World application, but my final decision depends solely on the interest in using EyeRide HUD with EUC World. Adding EyeRide HUD support to EUC World certainly means a lot of work for me. Since this feature would be available to every EUC World user (premium or not), I can only work on adding EyeRide HUD support if I'm sure that this feature will be used by larger group of users and not just a few. Please express your interest by responding to this post. Any thoughs or comments are also welcome. And please keep in mind that at the time of writing this EyeRide HUD is not yet available for sale and it's a crowdfunded campaign. Also I'm not affiliated with EyeRide HUD manufacturer and doesn't take any responsibility in case this campaign will fail.
  7. Io sono molto contento della nuova funzione del margine di sicurezza, va alla grande, solo non e' chiaro quanto sia conservativa rispetto all'allarme 80% della ruota Mi piacerebbe saperlo....a me entra sempre e ho impostato il 15% di margine, il bip della ruota invece non entrava praticamente mai....o non lo sentivo. - Please post in English. Google Translate:
  8. The app wont talk to me and we are not even married. EUC world used to speak to me over BT on android phone even while I was hearing music. Now its silens anmd pretty darnd useless. Any advice
  9. Hi! I'm almost ready to publish new version of EUC World application (previously known as euc.world WheelLog). This new version will bring many new and exciting features, it will also be full of improvements over legacy or euc.world WheelLog app. I have put really great effort into making next release a huge step forward in terms of features, quality and overall user experience. However, there is one area I wasn't able to improve: translation to other languages. Currently EUC World is available in English, Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, German, Greek, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian. Not all translations are up-to-date however; Bulgarian, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian needs to be updated. Also it would be great to add another language versions to EUC World application. If you would like to help me improve or add missing translations, please download ZIP archive containing Excel spreadsheet containing language definitions for EUC World application. Helpful instructions are included in ZIP file (readme.txt). To be able to include translation in upcoming release I need to get translation back until Monday evening, 18/11/2019.
  10. Hi, I can connect to my Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro without problems, but can only see the main HUD on the watch, the live stats, stats page is there, but no numbers shown. Any idea what could cause it?
  11. Feature request: The screen that appears when you Start a tour is almost identical to the screen when you Stop a tour. Can you change the graphic and make it very clear that you just started or stopped a tour? I get annoyed when I can't remember if I set up the horn/light/tour to be the single-tap/double-tap/tap&hold on the Gauge. Accidentally turning on the light or honking the horn is ok but I want it to be very apparent if I accidentally stop the tour. I have an image showing the two screens side by side but I'm not sure if viewers will be able to open the link. I couldn't figure out how to use the "insert image from URL" feature in the forums. Image An idea would be to show a checkered flag on the finish screen and an image more "start-like" when a tour is started.
  12. I'm riding in the winter between 20° and 40°F (-9 to 5 C) and noticing how battery life is affected by the cold. I'm wondering if you can add the outdoor temperature to the screen and maybe to the logs. I'm not asking for the temperature of the wheel or the phone (which may be in my pocket). I'm thinking there should be a way the app can call an API to get the weather data based on the location I'm in. It would be nice if this was visible on the main screen. Ben Pittsburgh, PA "Top 7 Best Free Weather APIs to Access Global Weather Data (Updated for 2021)" https://rapidapi.com/blog/access-global-weather-data-with-these-weather-apis/
  13. Has anyone else had this? I have occasionally noticed that EUC World shows a negative distance sometimes. It might be the Sherman actually. I think I saw a negative value on its display - happens when it’s been on charge for a week or so. I got this android watch cheaply, and I LOVE it for EUC world. It is brilliant. Definitely going to support the project, so thank you to the development team.
  14. Hi, I need to compile & maintain database of legal speed limits that are in effect (or are not enforced) in countries around the world. So I kindly ask you to post following information: in what country do you live? are EUCs legal in your country in general? if yes, is there a speed limit in your country that is imposed on EUCs? If yes, please specify speed this limit. if not, is the ban on using EUC effectively enforced by the authorities in your country? How would you rate efectiveness of enforcing the ban (0: not enforced at all, 10: enforced in a way that makes EUC riding impossible) ? This database will be used by EUC World to automatically determine right legal speed limit. This will be used by "Enforce regulatory compliance" feature, but also will support rider as an advisory information displayed in the app. EDIT: By "legal speed limit" I mean speed limit that has to be applied to EUC, not the speed limit that has to be obeyed on certain areas/cities. For example state regulation require EUC to be speed-limited at 25 km/h, but on certain areas you've to limit ride speed to 12 km/h.
  15. This is probably right in front of my eyes but I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to start a new trip. It's supposed to, I thought, begin a new trip whenever you reconnect but that's not happening for me. I ride every day but the app is still stuck on 0km/October 31. I can't get the app to start a new trip. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
  16. Since the current version of EUC world is closed source this is pretty much a proof of concept but if people are interested I can post the APK. I hope this feature can be added to the current version of EUC World. Here is the code. I also added a decimal point to the speedometer which I find is helpful especially when displaying MPH.
  17. People! I need some help, and would love the community's input... I was talking to @Seba about building default suggested profiles settings for different wheels with peak amperage, sustained current, etc, but the data needs to be gathered, and it seems like a ton of work. But either way, I need suggestions about how to set up my own ks16x alarms and settings, and thought it might be nice to systematise the community's settings, so people that come searchig afterwards for the ks 16x EUC world suggested settings (keywords yo) have a nice catalogue. To keep info easy to read for the future users I suppose something looking like that, so next up can just copy and fill it: 🏗️Rider weight: 105 kg equipped / ~220 lbs 📝Current firmware: 1.08 🔋Battery level averiging: true 🔌Overvoltage alarm: true Voltage-dependant speed alarm: true 🔊Speed alarm 1 (high priority) : ____ / @ 🔋battery percent: ____ 🔉Speed alarm 2 (med priority) : ____ / @ 🔋battery percent: ____ 🔈Speed alarm 3 (low priority) : ____ / @ 🔋battery percent: ____ Pre-alarm: off? (idk what it does) ⚡Peak current: 28 A (saw it somewhere, idk if its good) ⚡Current: 26 A (what I wrote above) 🌡 Temperature alarm: 60 degrees Celsius Ps: let me know if I'm missing something, so I can add it to that post;
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