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  1. Yep, one more here also Where r u from?
  2. I have the crash pads, probably from day two or something :D. Since then I lost the rear bumper sometime (no idea when) and removed the front one, and now ride with just the top two, but difference in control is night and day.
  3. Riding one legged is like a myth to me... it seems pretty impossible yet (I'm 250 km in on one s2)
  4. I've coached myself to get on and off the wheel only with my right leg as primary: my left leg's the one climbing and stepping off, while my right one is always planted on pedal. I was trying today to step on/off with my right leg, and have my left one on wheel - god did it feel awkward, weird and hard. I thought I'd get some opinions here, and how u guys are riding. Should I invest time in learning to use my left leg same as right one? It appears to have some logic, since it will add a lot of security to the equation, but...
  5. Nope, not necessary - Livemap feature is entirely separate from WheelLog's wheel data connection, and can be used independently. @Seba can confirm this, but I'm pretty sure it's the case.
  6. That part is vital to me also....
  7. I can confirm Pebble issues... BTW I've PM'd u on facebook a question about the translations - I have the BG version ready to send.
  8. Another idea: Let us set our wheels in our profiles. I'm watching a live tour now from "kwmisiek" and his battery usage is amazing to me, I wanna know what wheel he's riding!
  9. I will upload tonight (hopefully)
  10. Been riding with the beta, and with auto-upload to EUC.world ON. Sadly, none of my tours appeared on my profile. Will report back any other findings. Thumbs up on the new voice features tho - i always wanted avg speed not momentary
  11. It's possibly due to a GPS bad reading. When device doesn't "catch" enough satellites, it can't triangulate exact position, so it puts you somewhere on the map based on the readings it has. In the next moment, when it does read enough (or just more) satellites it starts to fine-tune position, which causes your "dot" on the map to move rapidly to adjust accordingly. This often causes bad readings in GPS speed, as your dot moves distances for split second, and also causes bad readings in altitude due to the same shortcoming of GPS work regime.
  12. @Seba, dude. Stuff you make went from awesome to iconic with that reader. It's THE TOOL I've been searching for. By all means, just link it to EUC.world, or iframe it, and if possible - make the logs publishable as tours in the profiles... And once again - just marvelous tool!
  13. As I said, we'll be starting a unicycle project pretty soon, but for me it's either Z10 or KS 16X
  14. I have an One S2, and I think i need a second wheel... z10 is ... well.
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