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King Song Speed Alarm Explanation

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I recently purchased a King Song 18XL. I'm using the Darknessbot app since the King Song app was pulled from the app store, and I have a little over 30 miles on my wheel. I'm not completely understanding how the three speed alarms work in Darknessbot.

I had all three set to 25 mph, but one explanation from another rider indicated to me that each alarm had a specific function attached to it. For example alarms 1 and 2 are beeps and alarm 3 is tilt back. I take that to mean that if I disable alarm 1 I will only get one beep alarm before I get tilt back. If I disable both alarms 1 and 2, then I will only get tilt back. So in order for these alarms to work properly, I must set them in successively increasing limits.

Am I understanding the speed alarms correctly?

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Hello @shwinston and welcome to the forum. I'm an newbie to the EUC world and have had my KS-18XL for a couple weeks. This is the information I received from @Jason McNeil at eWheels about the set up of my 18XL. Using DarknessBot and FW 2.0 on the KS-18XL.

Speed Settings:
If this is not your first Wheel, then you'll probably want to increase the speed beyond the factory default of 12.5MPH/20KPH.
Once connected to the machine, go into setting & select the 'Speed Settings'. From there, disabled the level 1-2 alarms, set the level 3 alarm to 39kph & the tilt-back setting to 40kph, press Apply to confirm settings. After 125 miles/200km the Wheel can be unlocked to the intended 30mph/50kph design speed
This is how I set my wheel up and it has been working very well. Hopefully some of the more experienced members of the forum can also assist you in your initial set up of your wheel.


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@bigwave Thank you for sharing the information. I have the first alarm set to 20 mph, second to 25 mph, and third (pushback) to 27 mph. I have five more miles before my wheel is unlocked. I'll probably change my settings here as I get used to going faster. I've been commuting 21 miles every day this week and my legs and feet are feeling it.

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