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  1. I rode for about 100 km this week before winter returned to the tune of 20cm of snow! I went on my first "trip" ,a 20km tour of "Lake Drive" which as it implies ,right beside a lake. It will be a very nice ride in the in the summer months. This was the first time in slightly more traffic(more on that). Just a nice 20-30 kph pace with the odd burst of speed to 40 kph. First time going up and down a reasonable grade too. Uneventful . Some observations. The FW 2.0 is awesome!. I'm riding on Hard Pedal Mode and they are very firm compared to the previous FW. The acceleration is impressive(well at least to me). Traffic. A couple times I was very nervous when cars were making left hand turns in front of me. I swear this one lady(older, white hair AKA "White Death") did not see me at all even though its clear unobstructed visibility , I'm 20 ft from her with my arm signalling left and still i felt she was going to go at any moment. I guarantee you, everybody who has seen me ride has seen a EUC for the first time here.I'm sure I'll get more comfortable. I couldn't believe how sore my feet were. I decided to ride on Tuesday night to go for a night ride before the snow and wow, my feet ,especially my left painful, kinda numb like. I'm sure I will build up a tolerance with more riding. Its funny how in just a couple weeks how I missed riding the EUC today due to the weather . I did do some hallway practice using my left leg(non dominant ) doing starts and controlling the wheel. Thats it, just looking at other wheels now. I think a MTen 3 is in my future....lol
  2. Why don't you try some MX Goggles with your current helmet ? I use a MX hemet (Shoei VFX ) and goggles. Like you, I wear contacts as well. Get a couple pair, clear lens ,dark lens.etc.
  3. I think being a successful teacher has a lot to do with your ability to recognize the most effective way to teach your student. We all learn differently and recognizing how the person you're teaching processes the information you're giving. I've taught people 2 sports , Kitesurfing and Snowboarding. My biggest downfall as an instructor was that I could never change my approach even when it was not working. I'm a person who focuses on the basics. Drills and repetition . Black and White. No," what about doing this way". Well obviously there are many why's to do something but I was not observant enough of my student to recognize my approach is not meshing with their ability to learn. Hence, I don't teach anymore. I applaud you for teaching others, especially your girlfriend! What could go wrong there....lol
  4. I upgraded to the 2.0 FW from 1.0 this afternoon. @seage post is dead on. I only rode 20 km but I could notice immediately the difference. Being new, I was surprised how the wheel felt vague(if thats the right term). I was very aware of the pedals tilting down in slower turns. Well, the 2.0 has made it feel much more precise . It might be my imagination but even staring seemed easier. Slow turns were better too. I felt the pedals tilt back which I thought was better than forward. The acceleration is impressive. Overall it feels very solid. The update was done using DarknessBot. Took about 3 min and then I calibrated. Its like a new wheel! Oh wait it still is...lol @travsformation I did consider your advice about staying with 1.0 being more user friendly at my learning stage but I got tired of the wheel doing the 2 beeps and falling over. Like you said , its like a new wheel!
  5. @mrelwood That was really funny! See, if he had some hockey equipment on he'd have been fine!!! Lol
  6. I live in Keswick. North of Newmarket on Lake Simcoe. Where are you?
  7. @Jason McNeil informed me that this issue has been resolved with the new FW 2.0 . He has suggested I update to 2.0.
  8. Pretty much vertical . Just enough lean so it won't fall over. I did read a thread where this issue was brought up. @Jason McNeil said Last year King Song added a 18L/18XL firmware 'feature' to try to prevent the motor from freezing up—this required the Wheel to be opened & disconnected from the power input to the controller. A byproduct of the change, is that occasionally the Wheel will do this random reset, if the controller thinks it's in this frozen/locked condition. When under rotation, firmware suppresses lift sensor input & this reset routine. This is what's happening.
  9. Had a great first week on the King Song 18XL! Put on about 80 km with not really going anywhere...lol. Had my first get off and the Hockey Equipment worked great(slow tip over) !. I don't care what Batman says! @Espen R thanks for explaining the pedal settings. I like the hard setting best I think. @travsformation your advice on turning is excellent! I practiced quite a bit on left and right slow tight (for me). What seem to work for me was getting the wheel to "fall into the turn " ,then a hip/shoulder combo to control the radius. Still thinking about it but I guess that's expected. @ShanesPlanet I don't think I'm posting anything anytime soon in the Speed and Trick section. I did hit 38 kph for a brief moment but I really enjoy the 20-30 cruising .I really like the 18XL ! Very smooth. The only weird thing its done 3-4 times is it beeps twice and then falls over when leaning against a wall. Its very random. I'll send eWheels an email about it.
  10. Having read this thread twice, what is the opinion of you guys on the upgrade ? I am running V1.0 on a 2200W Motor currently. I read many positives and several negatives regarding their choice to upgrade the Firmware. I'm a newbie, with only 80 Km on my wheel. Just a for fun rider, non commuter. The throttle at 50% I don't think would be a big issue for me. Should I wait for the next version that cleans up some of bugs in 2.0? Thanks !
  11. @btl Nice introduction and welcome to the forum! I am the OP of the thread @travsformation linked to you. The information I received from the forum members regarding purchasing a wheel was awesome! I purchased a KS-18XL and have been progressing nicely! It's worth read if you have a moment.
  12. LMAO ! It's a tough crowd in here!
  13. Had my second ride today. Went 17.5 km with an average speed of 19.8 kph. My max speed was 31 kph according to DarknessBot. I would have rode longer but its a little chilly -5 C. Some observations.... I wore my Shoei VFX helmet today. I'm definitely going to have to get a mirror . I didn't trust myself to turn my head far enough around to see. Its a very good helmet and I feel protected wearing it. I was basically riding around the block in both directions. I ventured on to the "main road" several times. I had to stop once before entering the road and it was a slight grade on to the road. Well, I flubbed 2 starts and final got going but it was sketchy . My starts were not bad today until that moment . Practice. I can see how this is going to be really fun! I was gliding along, carving side to side.Pretty happy to be cruising around between 20-30 kph! I have no issues turning both directions, staying in my lane. Slow tighter turns will require lots of practice . The video of the french rider turning the shoulders worked great. All in all, super fun! Hopefully it will warm up I can ride longer !
  14. I just want focus on the basics that you pointed out to me, Mounting/Dismounting ,Braking and Turning. More skill in those areas the confidence to ride longer and further . I like to watch the video's on YouTube. Not just the instructional ones . Reviews , different wheels ,on/off road etc. Some of the best video's are by @Mike Sacristan. I like watching his crew Simon,Petra and his wife Monika ride. You can learn so much by studying their body positions while starting ,riding and stopping. I really enjoyed a video he posted about the girls riding up and down a hill with different wheels. It show the psychological aspect of over coming there fear of riding down the hill. It was well within there skill set and Mike coached them into believing they could do it. As well as my first EUC ride yesterday, I taught my wife how to ride the OneWheel Pint yesterday. After about a 1/2 hour she was carving around having fun. She couldn't believe how easy it was. I said "Honey, it's all about professional instruction" LOL.
  15. @Espen R Thank you! So far it has been a great choice. I'm a little confused about the pedal settings. Using the Darkness Bot I have 3 settings Soft, # 1 and Hard. Yesterday, I rode on #1 . Is it just a feel thing or do the setting affect the performance? @ShanesPlanet Yesterday ,all armoured up for the yard sale I did the same thing as you. I fumbled a start and the pedal clipped my ankle. I stung like a mother.... I even used my high tops but oh no. After the little bite I put on some Neoprene cuffs (old wetsuit) which I used to use for hockey. PITA to put on and off but might help. Of course I didn't fumble anything after that. I was just kidding about the Old Thing. I am old but I think young. As soon as I found out about EUC I was in! Age never was a factor in my decision to do this.
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