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  1. I'm glad you didn't end up tossing it away. The kid would have been scared for life.... But seriously , I looked at those pics and i'm very surprised anything could have happened at all. It doesn't even look like anything threatening . I agree , the suspension would have possibly reduced an issue like this. Surprises like that can ruin a day.....
  2. I have no doubt after a year in development it works. The question is, how well does it work for a wide range of riders.
  3. I recently learned on an 18XL and one of the keys to success for me was learning to control the wheel with your dominant leg. There are a couple drills which will greatly improve your control of the wheel. One would be the circle drill where you have one foot on the ground and rotate around it . Do it till your dizzy....lol. The other key drill is the on/off drill where you push the wheel like a skateboard ,stepping on then, off . This drill will make self starting much easier . Watch the video below, and do everything he says and you will be riding in a couple hours.
  4. From what little I know about "Air Suspension " its application is primarily for heavy vehicles (buses , heavy equipment etc) or in a racing application used to smooth out bumps encountered on a track. My truck for instance, has air suspension but it only activates when I'm towing say, a heavy trailer . The main issue with air suspension is controlling the compression and the rebound . Without control of those two factors ,the potential for a "pogo stick" feeling is possible. Since they did not expand on what components are being used ,its just all speculation at this point. I would think there would have to be an adjustment system available because there will be a vast range of rider weight to accommodate . It will be air adjustment (if any) because there is no access to "a spring style shock" to adjust the compression and/or rebound .An air system on something this small might do very well in smoothing out the ride without the need for over engineering.
  5. Thats correct. My power button faces forward direction and the charge port is at the rear. The USB Charge ports are underneath the power button in the front
  6. I would read this thread ..... Or, if your using Android ,use EUC World App. I have Apple so I use DarknessBot . The update took a couple minutes . Good Luck
  7. On my KS18XL,the power button (on/off) is in the front with the USB charge ports. The Charger ports are in the back. The tire arrow shows the correct rotation of the wheel(clockwise) .
  8. I like the look of the wheel. The lights fit in with the design very nicely. I think the deal breaker with the V11 will be the suspension performance and what options to tune are available.Back in the day when full suspension MTB came on the seen, some were unridable due to many factors, design, suspension components and quality of the components . I would be shocked if the V11 nails the suspension aspect in the first version. The real testing will be by the people who test the wheels on youtube. They will provide the info we are all asking!
  9. @Senior Coffee I appreciate your advice. I bought a KS-18XL on the recommendation of several forum members. My learning curve was very fast. I now have about 360 miles on it now. About a month ago I purchased a Mten3 ,which is super fun to ride and my wife is in the process of learning on it. I will soon be getting another wheel I hope. Possibly a MSP ,Nikola or 16x.
  10. The Mten is a super fun, easy to ride wheel that will improve your skill set which you can apply to a bigger more powerful wheel. Like @ShanesPlanet said, It doesn't replace (in my case 18XL). Like others have said, Its the best second wheel you can have. My wife is currently learning on the Mten and is having a lot of fun. For her, it's less intimidating due to the size and weight compared to the 18XL(she did have a little try on the 18XL). Once her skill set improves she will be riding the 18XL and I will be on......? If I'm not planning on going any great distance ,I always grab the Mten3 . It's just really a blast to ride!!!
  11. bigwave


    I thought I would add a short clip featuring my wife learning to ride the Mten3 today. She's been riding for a couple hours in total. Today she improved dramatically on her starts ,control and turns. The dismount technique needs a little more work......lol
  12. Thank you. She has always been very athletic and pretty good hockey player, good snowboarder , so she has decent balance. I just got her to watch some youtube videos and we did some indoor practice on the basics. Its nice to be doing something together !
  13. Since I have been having all the fun on the wheels, my wife decide she would give it a try. She has been practicing for a couple hours and making excellent progress! For her she says the hardest part was not starting, stopping or turning ...but breathing ! Lol. She was so nervous she was holding her breath! After this little clip we spent time riding around the block! I'm very proud of her accomplishment !
  14. On my 18XL the volume is controlled by my phone(iPhone). I wasn't to thrilled with the sound out of the speakers so I bought a Bose Sound Link. Using DarknessBot, it has Siri shortcuts accessible using the Bose which is nice not having to handle your phone while riding.
  15. @Stillhart I purchase my first wheel (KS-18XL) in mid February which now has 550 km on it and a Gotway Mten3 67v in mid march which I've put almost a 100 km on it. In both instances ,like you're self ,I asked members of the Forum their opinions on wheels which would be a good choice for someone my age and background. I started a thread It has some excellent information about the KS-18XL and a couple other wheels that were on my radar (Nikola Plus, KS16X). I did not inquire about Inmotion basically due to my weight (205 lbs) vs battery/motor size. The general consensus was the 18XL was the best choice and i'm 100% satisfied with my purchase.(from @Jason McNeil at EWheels). The Mten3 was something I researched and purchase the 67v/420w version on the recommendation and videos of @Marty Backe. I can second the above statement about the 18XL totally. That speed thing is creeping up so my next thread will be about wheel number 3? Good luck with your purchase!
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