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  1. Like @ShanesPlanet, I got the 67v Mten3 based on @Marty Backe review. Just a blast to ride! I even taught my wife to ride using it(she's on a 18XL now). If your on a budget, its a great super fun wheel to get!
  2. @Tryptych I live in the GTA area and have purchased my 3 wheels for eWheels. Excellent service and support. Cheaper too. I have no issues with Samrtwheels.ca . The main reason why I didn't purchase from them was they never appear to have anything in stock. Good luck with your purchase.
  3. I agree with Marty regarding the Nikola. It has great speed, very stable and good range. I feel it’s a little more sensitive to foot placement and tire pressure. For your requirements of talking it up 3 floor that will be awkward due to the width of the handle. Also keep in mind it is a big wheel. It’s taller and wider than my outdated 18XL . I had a very positive experience learning with the 18XL. It’s stable, fast and has the best trolley handle. The Nikola is a beast. If your concerned about damaging the wheel when learning, invest in a EUC Bodyguard from roll.nz . Welcome to the forum and good luck with your purchase!
  4. bigwave

    Nikola Wobbles?

    @Stillhart I’m disappointed to hear your not having fun on your Nikola. As you know , I got a Nikola Plus around the same time as you. I now have over 200 miles on it. Being a new rider (started in February) and coming from a 18XL,I have learned a couple things that hopefully will give you more confidence when riding your Nik. I will say I have enjoyed the Nikola from the start. I felt like I was in sync with it right away but there were issues. Like @Rywokast said, the Nikola is a big wheel. It makes my 18XL feel small. From me, the Nikola is sensitive to foot position and tire pressure. I was initially running 40 psi when I first got it, similar to the 18XL. It felt like a beach ball. Lots of bounce. I asked @Mike Sacristan about tire pressure for my weight(205 lbs) and the Nikola He said around 35psi be a good start. I settled at 36psi. Much smoother ride , very little bounce and stable. I believe in EVx ‘s video he said 35 psi was the number for his weight (175 in think). Initially, I had my feet to far forward. This would cause wobbles on both the Nikola and 18XL( the Mten3 too). I would suggest you be very precise when putting your dominant foot on the pedal. Experiment, you will find a sweet spot. I ride my non dominant foot (left) with my toes lined up with the edge of the pedal, so an offset stance. On both the Nikola and 18XL I get brake wobbles when braking hard I just squeeze the wheel and twist a little Like @ShanesPlanet says, you just anticipate it and relax. Even though all the wheels are ridden with same basic technique, they have different handling characteristics which takes time to become comfortable with.i suggest you find a place with no distractions ( people cars etc) and practice acceleration and braking with various foot positions and see if you can get more comfortable with the Nikola .
  5. bigwave


    A short little clip of my wife and myself riding on a nice spring day around the hood. She's on the 18XL and I'm rolling on the Nikola Plus 100v. Shot using the super high tec Hero 1 and 2 lol.
  6. @Mike Sacristan you points are very valid and a constructive back and forth between the manufacturer/ customer can only be beneficial. But, while it's very nice to see the Manufacturer ,in this case King Song offer support to their product, That support would NOT be necessary if the product was designed and tested properly before release. In my limited time with EUC's ,it seems to me, they get rushed out by the companies and then get upgraded Firmware ,Motherboards etc. I completely understand while people get upset with the manufactures. Obviously, these wheels are not cheap. Nothing worse than getting a new wheel and realize there is an issue(minor or major). It goes back to design and testing . If there is a flaw in the design, the testing should make it apparent. If there is limited testing due to time/money, then thats how we arrive at this point, the need for positive interaction with the Manufacturer to make them aware of an issue and resolve it.
  7. Welcome to the Forum. For others to help, you should tell us what you stats are and what your experience level is at. I started this thread earlier this year about purchasing my first wheel. Skim through it. There is some excellent information from the forum members.....
  8. The 18XL was the wheel I learned on. The general consensus from a lot of the members here would be a great choice for a first wheel(they were right) and I am very satisfied with it. I have since bought a Nikola Plus 100v 21700 as well. There is quite a difference. The most obvious difference is the size. The Nikola is quite a bit wider and taller. At slower speeds I feel the Nikola is more stable and more nimble. I think the wider tire is the reason.IMO the 2.5 Tire of the 18XL feels a little more lively at faster speeds while the Nikola feels more planted. The Nikola requires more effort to get going than the 18XL. I think ,the 18XL with the 2.0FW is just as quick as the Nikola from a start but The Nikola just goes like a rocket once it hits around 20 kph.Top speed is no contest, Nikola . I find the stability on both excellent with the nod to the 18XL ,maybe. For me, I find the 18XL is easier to ride longer distances, say around 30 km and up. I think I'm more on the balls of my feet more on the Nikola and I get fatigued faster. I have only 300 km on the Nikola compared to the 700km plus I have on the 18XL, so I'm sure I'll get more comfortable as the distance increases . The Nikola is more sensitive to tire pressure and foot positioning than the 18XL. The Trolley Handle on the 18XL is excellent. If that is an important feature you need, it is clearly a winner over the Nikola. I find the Nikola handle works pretty good but I really don't use it that much. I use a roll.nz EUC BodyGuard on both. Since my wife has learned and taken over the 18XL ,I'm riding the Nikola and loving it! I wanted a Nikola from the start but, in hindsight ,the 18XL was the better choice. to learn. I think with your experience you would really enjoy the Nikola. If I was getting another wheel right now, I'd go with a MSP. The suspension wheels look great but I'll hold off for V2. Good luck with your purchase!
  9. I disagree with that statement 100% I am very new to the Forum and very new to EUC. I have had nothing but very positive experiences with many members on this forum who have guided me in the purchases of all my wheels. They have offered excellent instruction advice and have been very gracious with their compliments regarding my riding achievements. I have had forum members assist me with questions regarding the maintenance of my wheels. I try to give back when I feel I can offer some good advice to other members. I am on several other forums in other sports and by far ,this forum is the most enjoyable of them all. I hope I can meet up with some of the members one day to have a ride, drink a beer and share somethings about our lives. I like this place
  10. 1. I work in a retail business that sells Kitesurfing/Windsurfing and Bicycles . At my urging we added Onewheel to our product line. While watching videos on Youtube about the Onewheel, Some EUC video's appeared and I was immediately interested in them. What made me purchase the first wheel was, I really wanted to learn how to do it . I thought it would be very challenging to learn . In hindsight, it was not as difficult as I first thought it was going to be. I received excellent information from the forum members here about purchasing all my wheels. 2. The only person I have persuaded to ride is my wife. She has picked it up rather fast and is comfortable on the wheel(18XL). The both of us still have plenty to learn. Almost every ride ,I speak to someone about what an EUC is. The typical questions are, hard to learn, how fast is it and how much is it? I have offered some of my buddies a try but they are very concerned about getting injured. I can completely understand that.
  11. I also started out on the Nikola on hard but the last couple rides I tried the medium and liked it. You have probably seen this video , I use his technique a lot. Also , @Mike Sacristan gave me some excellent advice on tire PSI on the Nikola. I was running 40psi like on the 18XL but it felt a little bouncy. He suggested 35psi for my weight and it was instantly more planted. The more comfortable you get with the Nikola the faster you will ride!
  12. bigwave


    A little spin by the lake the other day on the Nikola 100v.
  13. @Stillhart Hi, I hope your liking your new Nikola! I just love riding it, its super fun. I wanted make you aware of a possible long term issue with the Nikola EUC Bodyguard cover. On one side of mine, there was very noticeable wear on the material that holds the cover on the bottom of the wheel. The main cause of this ,is the plastic piece at the bottom of the wheel is very sharp . I did a couple things, one ,I sanded down the plastic so it is smoother and two, I put some vinyl tape on the material to give it added strength . Let me know if you have had any wear issues. The other side had no problems.
  14. Thank you for the advice. I tried 35 PSI in the tire last night briefly and immediately I could notice a more planted feel . It might be my imagination but there seems to be a "sweet spot" on the Nikola regarding foot placement more so than the 18XL. I have noticed sometimes on the Nikola ,I'm not as connected with it. The last couple rides I've focused on foot position and its really made a difference. For a wheel that's rather large, its very nimble. Looking forward to your reviews and rides on your new Nikola 2664W !
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