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  1. I've heard production begins the week of Oct. 26. Don't confuse my specific date with what the actual production date will be. Some time during that week. Keeping my fingers crossed for a December delivery to California, but the pessimists are saying January 2021.
  2. If you have done a range test on your Sherman, please share you’re distance in the comments. I am aware of two riders who have done this and they were within a mile of each other 92 and 93 miles. Both of them were riding the knobby tire. Stats needed: distance, tire, weight, average speed A range test is riding your wheel from 100% to 0% in a single trip.
  3. “Man, don’t your feet hurt after riding that long?” It’s a question I see frequently on the electric unicycle (EUC) forums, or get from friends and family after I tell them I just completed a 100 or 200 mile ride. My feet aren’t made of steel. My feet get tired and numb, but I’ve learned from watching others and personal experience a few tricks to make my long distance rides more comfortable. While these tips I’ll share with you will be helpful, there is one thing you’ll need to do if you’re a novice in order to comfortably last on a long ride. Condition your feet, and there is really only one way to do this — ride, ride, ride. If you’re a new rider, you need to know that there will be an adjustment period for your feet, ankles, and calves. You will be using a lot of new muscles you never knew you had. So there is really no way around the pain or discomfort you will initially experience when riding your wheel at first. You’ll just have to grin and bear it and ride a lot. Now that your feet have been conditioned and you’ve got a good 500 miles under your belt, you want to tackle the longer rides. Here are five foot positions you can practice to help your feet last longer and give you a more comfortable ride. (Read more)
  4. @mike_bike_kite I did attempt to post the whole article, but the cut and paste didn't translate well and I didn't see the need to spend the time reformatting when I could just post a link. Forums aren't really designed for article publication. I actually did mean to say bigger. A bigger battery means greater distance traveled without charging.
  5. I still consider myself a new kid on the block in terms of my experience with riding electric unicycles. However, in the last six months, I’ve accumulated nearly 3,000 miles and an insatiable desire for long distance riding on my King Song 18XL. I commute 21 miles round trip to work every day, but I particularly enjoy long distance rides. A long distance ride for me is over 75 miles, but in the last three months I’ve been getting hooked on endurance rides. These rides exceed 100 and 200 miles and take 13–22 hours to complete. So it is from my personal experience and those who have ridden before me that I present to you 10 tips to get you ready for long distance riding on your electric unicycle. (Read more)
  6. It appears the question has already been answered.
  7. That's a great question. I've asked them about this, but am waiting to hear back. Gotway doesn't do this so it will be interesting if they (Veteran) think its a good choice.
  8. How is it flawed? It's not meant to be accurate for sure, but a rough estimate. Is that what you're referring to?
  9. 24” tire on the Monster Pro. Veteran is 20”.
  10. Two Veteran Sherman riders document 200 mile (322.4 km) electric unicycle (EUC) ride from Beijing to Ulanqab. Unfortunately, the Tik Tok video does not show the start time of the trip, which begins June 13, 2020, but what is revealed is a potential new top range and a peek into the Sherman’s battery usage. (Read more)
  11. Don’t worry it is not a part of the purchase. I asked about it and the answer was no.
  12. I've published an article on Medium about the Veteran Sherman. It may be of interest for those who are new to the wheel and a reference for those who are already familiar with it. It's by no means comprehensive, but I did want to collect all the info I've learned from talking to Veteran and put it in one spot. I hope some of you find it useful. https://medium.com/@shanewhilde/what-we-know-about-the-veteran-sherman-electric-unicycle-591db2d4a70a
  13. @onizukagto The speed and distance traveled are unrelated.
  14. @mhpr262 I was the one who posted that. Did it have a picture of the wheel with big white print on it?
  15. I have personally confirmed that the Veteran can reach 50 mph. That's getting close to 60.
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