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EUCs and CO2 Emissions

Wazi Bat

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4 minutes ago, atdlzpae said:

But only if you're a 40kg child, have a strong wind blowing at your back and you're riding down Mt. Everest. ;)

I was about to say, my 1230wh wheel only gets me 43 miles and I am 155 lbs or 70 kg.

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On 2/14/2020 at 3:29 PM, Rehab1 said:

you’ll produce 63 grams of CO2

10,000 farts!  I wouldn't need a wheel just roller skates, and rocket my way to work. Actually with her family they would just be amused as I blow out an o-ring.

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But farts are also methane, which as every connoisseur of cows is aware, is the new shiny ecological boogieman. B)
Let's ban meat and make people sick! And let's ignore the reality of regenerative farming.

Sorry, I've watched way too many vegan/ex-vegan/farming videos lately and I had to vent somewhere... ;)

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