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  1. For those wanting to attach rearview mirrors securely without using epoxy. Check links in video description to download the files.
  2. Just a short trailer for an up coming group ride in San Diego on the 26th of December. If you are close by I highly recommend joining.
  3. Participated in a high speed mountain group ride with Rion scooters, esk8s, ebikes and some fast EUCs. @Alien Rides
  4. Day 3 of the 2020 LA EUC Tours
  5. A recent TriCounty SoCal Mountain ride. It was absolutely amazing. Hope to bring more people here in the future.
  6. I attended days 1, 3, 5, 6.5, and 7. I'll have videos for each of those coming out but I'm currently 7 videos behind so it might be a couple of weeks before more come out. Subscribe and check out my 2020 LA Tours playlist to see others footage from that week.
  7. Day 1 from the 2020 LA EUC Tour Photo credit by Marty Backe
  8. Finalized my Mt. Laguna loop in San Diego.
  9. The San Diego Tour is getting popular.
  10. A foggy morning Labor day ride.
  11. This was all over the Facebook groups for like a month. A guy bought an msp. A car tire and open paint can was delivered. Total scam.
  12. Not my video but we had a great ride around San Diego with a special visit from some LA county riders and a ride through a national monument.
  13. A great ride showing what Irvine, California has to offer for EUCs.
  14. A sunset to night ride up Mt. Baldy. Also, San Diego's biggest EUC ride so far.
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