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  1. Day 5 of Marty's 2021 SoCal Tour - the 90 mile mountain ride. I was able to the the new commander out for a long ride in mountains. Watch this video to see the ride and hear my brief thoughts on the wheel.
  2. Thanks. I ended up pulling the tire off. I'll hang onto it for my next wheel. But I did get confirmation that a shipment of 1000 H666 18x3 tires will be delivered to Ewheels in 6 weeks should there be no shipping delays. Looks like my h666 will need to take me another 1200 miles or so until the new one comes in.
  3. Some other have this size on their's though. There is plenty of gap in the front. But in the back the tire seems to hug one side.
  4. Installed the IRC N77 80/90-14 on my original MSX. Having tire rubbing issues on the side somewhere, but there is quite a bit of wobble to the tire. Trying to get it centered on the rim is proving to be difficult (for someone who's never done it before). Not entirely sure my rim is straight either. Plenty of clearance on top. Tire is stiff right now but I'm sure it will soften up as I break it in. I just posted pictures in the reviews, so look for pictures there. Coming from 6500 miles on a H666. Hoping this tire comes close. I've had 2-3 endorsements for this tire but haven't read any documen
  5. Day 6 of the 2020 LA EUC Tour hosted by Marty Backe. Be sure to watch the whole thing to see Marty's infamous wheel drop 5 ft onto his camera.
  6. Did nice short version of the Tour de San Diego for beginners and a onewheel. If anyone visits SD, hit me up on instagram or youtube and I'll give you the route to do this ride. It's really fun and diverse.
  7. Every day is the best day of my life when I'm on the road to Mt. Baldy with Marty Backe and the LA crew! I got to open up my 100v MSX and was giving the Sherman and monster pro a run for their money. To be fair, it's hard to hit top speed on these roads.
  8. We've been having a surge of new riders here in San Diego. Decided to take them on a wonderful cruise around San Diego Bay.
  9. I can't find any k66 in America. Not willing to pay more shipping than the cost of the tire. I'm looking for a tire that mimics the h666 performance, not specifically for the v11.
  10. @Jason McNeil any chance you can convince Chao Yang to bring the H666 18x3.0 back into production? I'd gladly buy a few of those tires.
  11. Any vendor for USA? My brief search only showed European dealers.
  12. Day 5 of the 2020 LA EUC Tour
  13. Exploring the sites of San Marcos, CA
  14. Latest San Diego Group ride at Mt. Laguna. 40 miles of mostly paved mountain bliss. Definitely a must do if you come to San Diego. Oh yeah, and we like to carve
  15. Not my best video due to a greasy lens but thought I'd post it anyways. This was a trip county ride where riders from Orange and LA county ride there monster pros or shermans down to San Diego and then join the locals for back to back rides.
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