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  1. Hi Everyone, I bought this jacket off of amazon. For $41.99 + a 10% coupon i thought I'd give it a try. Been riding with it for about a week, and for the price it seems reasonable. So the bad first: 1) the armor's a joke, just a bit of ensolite, however the pads in my winter jacket fit (easy trade out). 2) Pockets are a bit small, they fit my big phone but would like a little more room and bigger zipper openings. 3) when you first open the bag is smells like 2 plastic Ken dolls have been screwing in a sealed bag for a week, then died, but a day or 2 of airing out and it goes away. The Good: Cheep!, After a few wears it soften's nicely, offers coverage with good air flow! Viking Cycle Ironside Textile Mesh Motorcycle Jacket for Men - Adjustable, CE Approved Breathable Armor for Bikers by Total Niches https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MXJVS5F/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_YBEOEb3CKSASS
  2. 10,000 farts! I wouldn't need a wheel just roller skates, and rocket my way to work. Actually with her family they would just be amused as I blow out an o-ring.
  3. Alright first I’ll be honest, I ride my wheel because its totes fun, but if I can claim some green cred why not. So, I thought I’d dive into EPAs Greenhouse Gas Emissions site and run the numbers. 1) On average one gallon of gasoline creates about 8,887 grams of CO2 when burned. 2) In the US vehicles on average produce about 411 grams of CO2 per mile. @ 21mpg on average. 3) 50cc Moped with a 100mile range produce about 89 grams of CO2 per mile. 4) The creation of 1 kWh of electricity produce on average 448 grams of CO2. Nevada has lots of solar, hydro and geo but on average. 5) My 9Bot1 has a 320Wh battery (OMG that’s pathetic) sigh… produce about 10 grams of CO2 per mile (15mi range). 6) The V10F of my dreams has a 960Wh battery produce about 8 grams of CO2 per mile (55mi range). With 178 miles on my 9Bot1 I’ve produced about 1780 grams of CO2 or about 4 average turds (~400 grams). Of note: One Fart produces 0.0063 grams of CO2. What this tells me? I need to convince my wife to let me buy that V10F……
  4. Ouch! Brutal... Just curious did the hi-five rotate you, or induce a wobble? Glad you were kitted up! I would totally go for a hi-five, that's good to know; only low speed fist bumps now. Hope everything works out with the wheel!
  5. Can't wait for some Samsung-EUC World love! So I picked up a used Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro and a silicone band on Ebay, all for around $35. After working it into the wrist guard it makes for a really cool display. The watch head pops in/and out of the band for easy recharging. Can't wait for the EUC World companion app, I'm donating to the cause! Already tried tracking using the cycle mode and get speed and distance. I don't know what it is but I'm really geeking over a display on a wrist guard; it's like a Nintendo Power Glove, only cooler!
  6. Wazi Bat


    Hi @Creative Nomad, Wow I can only imagine how much time and effort you put into that video! Wonderful sound, and you have a lovely narrators voice. Loved the unpacking and really all your clips were well directed and enforced the narrative. Quite professional. I agree with you on the steep learning curve, however I think the biggest adoption barrier in the US is lack of brand recognition and nearly zero brick and motor presence. Ewheels and a few others do an amazing job; however most in the US would be very weary of spending that kind of money on aliexpress or really an overseas seller. Especially without any service followup or warranty. Stories of "dead on arrival" haunt ECUs here. My only critique, would be: consider wearing some safety gear in your videos. Part of your narrative is that of a new person coming to enjoy these vehicles, now your obviously quite comfortable and skilled. I would never tell anyone how they should ride, hey its your head, but if you are trying to build an audience, especially of novice or future riders. Encouraging them to be safe through example isn't bad. Can wait to see more of your videos!
  7. Wazi Bat


    @Rehab1 Sorry to hear about your wife's surgery. My wife and I will keep you both in our thoughts. After my wife was on her feet again my slow EUC complemented her recovery pace quite well. I was able to practice with toys (insta360) and keep myself amused. Plus I could communicate and stay present if she needed me. With a faster wheel or bike it would be more difficult to maintain her reduced pace, or I could unintentionally push her to go faster. I keep telling my wife, "right now your only job is to heal".
  8. Wazi Bat


    Hello everyone I'm still pretty new to riding, but wanted to post a video I worked up. Any critique would be welcome. My wife recently had knee surgery. Many years of caving, climbing and skiing took a bite out of her. This is her first real bike ride post surgery. I took the wheel along to capture the moment. Hope you enjoy the views of Tahoe.
  9. Holy smokes what do you do to your shoes! I'm saving for an upgrade now, but I don't think my 9Bot1 is putting the same stress on my shoes as your MSX would. Quite a bit more speed, mass and power. So far there holding up well to my 3km commute but maybe not so much with a more powerful wheel. I mtb with them too!
  10. I often have to ride narrow bike lanes to get around, and I've been practicing looking over my shoulder without veering. The more I ride, the more I find myself cuing in on traffic noise. Is there a car coming up or is it passing? It really helps me make a mental image. Granted I'd never make a move with out visual confirmation, but listening has become very important. Some helmets really block sound and for me it's quite unnerving. I use a Bell Servo BMX Helmet, it's on the less expensive end, good vis and hearing. The style in black is a head cooker in the heat of summer! Hope this helps.
  11. 7iDP Control Ankle Protection - Like a baby learning to amble, my ECU development also included some scrapes and bruises. Perhaps the most painful and off putting were pedal whacks to the skins. I learned on a 9Bot1E+, and man that little monster when dropped would turn into a blender and eviscerate the shins. Evil sharp metal pedals. The thought of squeezing the wheel with nicked up ankles still brings tears to my eyes. Knees, wrist, head and elbows everything else was armored why not the ankles! 300km latter I’m still using the 7iDP. I’m not affiliated with the product in any way, but man I love these pads. They slide over my socks; I ride in, wear them all day long at work. They’re like happy little pillows for my ankles. So, I haven’t dropped my wheel in months, and I’m no longer squeezing. but they do make for a very comfy ride. The 7iDP mixed with my Five Ten Freeriders have made me a very happy boy, and no more tears.
  12. Wazi Bat

    InMotion V8f

    I believe InMmotion manufactures out of Luohu. Though I don't know how many cases of Corona Virus are in Shenzhen. ‎Guangdong its Province‎ is presently reporting 970 cases and 69 recoveries. Luohu is close to Hong Kong, which is reporting 24 cases and 1 death. Granted material and component supply chains likely sprawl across Asia. If you haven't seen John Hopkins Univ - Corona Virus GIS Dashboard it pretty amazing. https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6
  13. Thank you! I just picked up a used Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro on ebay. I hope to create a quick attachment for my wrist guards, which would allow for charging. It's Tizen based so hopefully I can run EUC World on it!
  14. Wrist guards and watches; they just don't mix? I love to ride and I can't afford to break myself, so I armor up. One of the annoyances is I can't wear my watch and wrist guards at the same time. So I'm always fishing out my phone to check my ride stats (Distance, battery etc). I can just see me dropping my phone and running it over. Has anyone found a guard that accommodates a watch? or is there a better option?
  15. Obviously a rounding error! Anyway I think I stick with a bicycle in this scenario. By the way never ask a geographer to do an electricians job.
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