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I'm new to this kind of project. I created a battery pack with 3x3.7v lithium cell and i connected it to a dc-dc step down buck converter and a while ago its working fine i can charge my phone with it but after a few hours it started acting as what you can see in the video. The USB indicator light is not running or it not stable. So Please if anyone can help me . I would really appreciate it. Thank you Very much.


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Ps.: @Ma Ti soldering durectly on the liion cell caps is not recommended. The heat from the sildering iron could easily destroy the cells internals! As you will have noticed, soldering on the caps is a "pain in the ass"...

But one can buy liion cells with prewelded easy solderable tabs.

If you intend to make this often you can buy/build your own welder.

Or you use a battery holder - just be sure he is specified for the necessary current.

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Thanks Mr. Chriull. Thank for taking the time to comment and i really appreciated it. And Sorry for posting in a wrong forum its just that im really desperate for help. Btw im using 3s 12v 25amps 3.7v Battery BMS with Balancer, is this good enough for a bms? And the Dc-Dc Converter why is it that the reading is stuck at 6.1-6.2 ? And also why is it that the dc-dc converter's USB light indicator beside the port is blinking before its steady ? 

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On 1/12/2020 at 7:47 AM, Ma Ti said:

desperate for help

You need to read the manuals/specifications of your used components, search for adfitional info in the internet, and do some voltage measuring to understand once some things do notwork out...

Without the basic understanding i would recommend you to not mess around with liion cells.

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