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Found 37 results

  1. If anyone can shed some light on this I'd be most appreciative. I tore down my IPS Zero 260 because it simply wouldn't charge anymore. This, after a few stages of degrading performance (e.g. a one-off cutout at low speed, limited range, erroneous low battery warning, wouldn't charge past 80% or so, etc.). These occurred over a period of a few months of daily use. Thinking that I had bad cells (I don't know, just guessing) I decided to remove the battery pack and get an estimate to build a new one. I know it'll be tough to afford that but I hate being without my EUC. As I got into it I also checked all the connections and wires for any sign of shorts. Finding no serious wiring issues I decided to look at the board and this is what I found (see pics). Link to full resolution pics in my Google drive: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1ML7ZwkBCOBkzBhUFISRJnN_qxOSg1ZkY I'm certainly no expert but it doesn't look good to me. Could the corrosion and water damage seen in the pics be the cause of all my issues? Replacing the batteries will likely be prohibitive but a board repaired might be doable. But, I'd hate to do a board repair only to find out I've not solved the problems and that I'll still need batteries. Any thoughts? Also, if you know of anyone who could do the work please give recommendations. I'm in south Orange County CA.
  2. Hi all, I recently bought a used Solowheel Xtreme. Rode it for about 20 minutes, then sparks came out of it and it stopped running. Took it apart to find that the metal snapped where one of the pedals (crank arm) is supposed to attach to the axle. The main thick cable (I assume to motor cable) also got cut since it goes through the crank arm. I am confident I can rewire the thick cable, but to do that it seems I have to get inside the motor. To get inside the motor, I would probably either have to remove the crank that is still attached to the axle, or possibly remove the material on the side of the wheel. Anyone know how to do this? Also, anyone know of a source for a new axle/crank assembly? It looks like the Solowheel Xtreme is not manufactured any longer. Attaching photos of what the damage looks like.
  3. I have a programmable charger from canada, "cycle satiator" can i solder an xt60 plug to it, program to charge from the low 29v upto 84v at 0.1amps? is that a safe workaround to revive it?
  4. Hi all. I need urgent help. I managed to burn the wires on my Gotway Monster and I travel on Tuesday!! Does anyone do same day repairs in London?
  5. Hi all. I need urgent help. I managed to burn the wires on my Gotway Monster and I travel on Tuesday!! Does anyone do same day repairs in London?
  6. Dear All, Please help me find a solution for my InMotion V10 problem. It enters in a trepidation mode each time I try to move it by the handle and also when riding it on low speeds (like when turning and starting the ride) I contacted also In motion service but I dind not revive any reply (except the automatic reply) See link of the video https://youtu.be/GbhRueyOMSo Thank you and relay apreciate any feedback and solution! InMotion V10 trepidation problem.3gp
  7. Hi all, it's been a while since I've posted here and I've got a couple of years happy riding from my wheel but......switched it on today and nothing. Not a light, not a blip nothing. Bricked! Charger has been working fine and I've opened it up and not been able to find any disconnected wires or burns, or water entry. Poor wheel has died. Nothing on the last ride to suggest any problems. Any ideas? (Other than writing to Santa!? )
  8. Selling a used Rockwheel 14 for parts or repair. Bought it recently and turned out it didn't work. Opened it up and looks like the control board was fried. Also the battery is dead. Asking $100 net. Buyer pays actual shipping from Chicago, IL. Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks.
  9. ... sorry for dragging my feet on this last vid. Turns out teardown vids are really tough to try to make not boring *smh....
  10. So my mten3 inner tube got a puncture last week on the way into work. I was able to ride to work but it went completely flat by the afternoon (which is when I realized I got a flat). I filled the tube back up with a hand pump, god help me that took like 300 pumps to get it filled, I will get a foot pump next time. I could barely hear a very muffled hiss and it took over 30 minutes to deflate. This made me think that the hole was a pin price and not a gash. I tried to lever the mten3 tire off but broke 2 of the 3 plastic tire levers. I was hoping I could just do a rubber cement round patch, but the tire was not cooperating in this cold weather. I bit the bullet and bought 16oz of dirtbike innertube Slime. They were not kidding that it was a mess to use. I overshot the fill a bit and I think used 6/7oz instead of the recommended 4oz. It sealed the tube up immediately, no more hiss sound. I filled the tube back up to 45psi and it has been holding steady for 2 days. The Onewheel guys put slime into their tires from the factory and it's given that product a greater amount of tire reliability. The mten3 tire is ridiculously thin, I can't imagine how that innertube won't inevitably pop. Slime should help, or add an hard innertube protector against thorns, or convert to tubeless and use slime again. A small bottle of innertube slime (get the innertube one if you have an innertube, it is thinner and meant for a different pressure) is around $4 on Amazon, get one because you will need it eventually.
  11. Hey Guys! I bought my inmotion V3 in Spain and bring It to Brazil, here there isn't any official assistance, I had a Flat tire, I found a video on youtube teaching how to disassemble the V3, I did It, I went to a bicicle store to change the tire chamber, I have to left there the piece with tires and motor, because they don't have the chamber at the moment. So I pick It up later, bring back to my home and assemble piece buy piece at reverse sequency. Till that, everything goes ok, but when I started It gives an Adivice of "LOW BATTERY", when It turns on, start an inclination of about 45 degrees, It seems like the gyro is in bad position. All pieces that I disassemble are in the right place, just the motor I don't know what they did to chance the chamber. Anyone knows what happens, and whant I can do to fix It? As here doesn't have assistance, I can't use my inmotion anymore. Thanks!
  12. Hello all guys.Here you can clearly look into the video and learn how to disassemable for your GT16.
  13. Hello, I'm new to this bog, just wanted to put something out there. I've been ridding for about 3 months and love it. I've got over 200 miles on my Segway mini pro. The last time I went out, I started hearing a popping noise in one of my wheels. Sounds like a bearing is going out or something like that. Just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this? If so what was your fix? Thanks.
  14. Hi guys, Looking for some advice really. Had my first crash today... Which I knew I would and was inevitable really. So firstly, I've set my tiltback to 42kmh using the Gotway app and disabled the first alarm. I was riding in a straight line, in a tarmac carpark and my Msuper decided it was going to chuck me off. I didn't hit any bumps, neither did my alarms go off. I didn't feel the tilt back come into play either so I was wondering if anyone knows the answer as to why I came off? I was sure the tilt back would let me know when I was getting too fast? The only thing I think it could be, was too fast acceleration?? Is that a thing? Secondly, can anyone give me advice with repairs? My Trolley handle came out as it was bouncing across the car park and has bent and will not retract. Annoyed! Also, when I turn on my wheel now, it seems to slowly tilt itself backwards when stationary? Any ideas would be a great help. Also, the wheel doesn't sit central. For the record, I rode it home fine, just a bit shook with some minor injuries. Luckily my wrist guards saved me, other than that I'm injured where there was no protection. Lesson learned. Please help, hate that I've mashed up my wheel after 2 weeks! Thank you!
  15. Hey All! One stop shop here!! Just as the title says, let me know what you have & need/want done to improve your EUC experience! Also providing maintinence plans & services! Talk to you soon!
  16. Had my inmotion SUV v3 last august 1, had it to start learning how to use euc, enjoyed it! Yesterday morning, repair icon on. Where can I send it to fix it. I'm here at illinois.... Anyone knows where....
  17. I have been replacing my NB1E+ gen2 inner shells. I have completed this procedure several times before but this time I am having some issues with the last 2 of 8 screw bolts which attach the (control board side) shell to the metal frame. I can't seem to get them to make contact with the thread in their holes. Everything looks completely flush and I have tried several different strategies for attaching and aligning the shell. The threads and holes are good because the bolts will tighten in the holes in the absence of the shell. I'm thinking that perhaps the metal frame might be just slightly bent out of shape at the affected end? The screws just seem to be perhaps a millimeter a way from making contact with the thread on the holes. Does anyone have any tricks or suggestions I could try to get these two remaining screws to tighten?
  18. Let's see if I can make this short. Had more charge than I noticed so going down a hill with the regenerative charging killed the fuse and capacitors. Thanks to Jason at ewheels I ordered a replacement board, replaced it, and I'm back on the road. ?
  19. How important is the bent valve stem on my EUC inner tube? I recently bought a KS14C and tore the inner tube on my initial test ride. The valve stem became entangled in the shell (no doubt, due to improper inflation). Finding 14 inch inner tubes is difficult enough, but angled valve stem adapters are even rarer. Hopefully, this is not a common occurrence as repair/replacement is complicated (and expensive).
  20. Does anyone know how to disassemble the inMotion v8? What kind of screwdriver? I already removed the side covers and the battery pack. But I need to get properly under the hood and separate the two plastic shell halves. This is so that I can reinstall the power button and leds that have fallen out of their socket. Have a look at picture for illustration of the damage and the screw I need to open. Thanks for any help! Now for a quick crash report... I have about 400km under my belt, been riding for half a year and this is my second unicycle (first was a inmotion v3+). I've done my share of "learning crashes" and even over-leaned once (I think that's what happened). This time something different happened. I was driving off a low curb (10cm?) on my way to work - the same curb that I've been driving off every morning for the last half year. This time however, once I touched ground the whole unicycle started shaking back and forth. Like it was shifting back and forward and not knowing whether to accelerate or slow down. Causing a pretty violent vibration. As I was in a slope the unicycle started to gain speed and shake more & more. Then I decided to jump off and rather have the unicycle crash without me. The unicycle started bouncing and rotating the whole body around the wheel taking turns smashing the top handle into the ground or the actual wheel. Quite spectacular. No children were hurt. Plastic broke and things moved around inside. I've been taking the subway in the mornings for a week now and am not sure whether being packed in the Tokyo subway or not being able to drive is worst. Either way; I need to fix it. Alternatively; do I buy an GotWay ACM 16? :-D Thanks in advance
  21. Dear friend, can you help me whom can i contact to repair the unicycle? thank you very much for your help.
  22. Repairing a hoverboard for a friend. Originally neither wheels would turn. Typically I just replace all of the boards and the problem is solved, then I'll determine the faulty board later on my own time. Replaced all three boards with new ones, and now one side works great but the right side wheel spins violently instead of slowly. It still senses tilt, just seems to have no variable speed. I replaced the motor with another, same issue. Replaced the control board with another, same issue. Replaced the main board with ANOTHER new one, same issue. What else could I possibly replace, or how else can I troubleshoot this?
  23. Hello I've recently fell off from the wheel as the engine overpowered whilst hitting the maximum speed limit and unfortunately the wheel has been exposed to the water. It doesn't start neither by pushing the button or trying to recharge. Any chance this could be fixed? If yes, then how? Thanks
  24. I'm looking for someone to repair & modify my two Ninebot One+'s. They've been rode hard but I know they can be fixed up. Just a couple of new batteries, pads and tires along with a good cleaning. One of them did get a good solid wreck, nothing serious though. I do want them both modified to the max as well. I'm also looking to get skins made for them if possible. I own a bar/restaurant here in Key West and I want our bar logo put on the sides. Anyone out there up for the challenge?
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