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How long typically from new wheel announcements —> in stock for purchase?

Denny Paul

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Hello all,

Right now I’m in a dilemma. I don’t know if I should buy a Tesla now or if I should wait for announcements to see if something juicier comes out for 2020.

What is the typical timeline that is roughly expected starting with a new wheel being announced, to its production, to being available for sale by manufacturers or from bigger dealers (like ewheels)?

If I have to wait several months, I may as well get a Tesla now, and sell it when/if I am enticed by something better down the road. Any insight or advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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Since you already have a few 14 inchers, then an 18 incher is about as different from what you already have. While there's a lot of overlap between a 14 and 16, there's very little between a 14 and 18, and so when you need to choose a wheel for a particular ride then there's no doubt which one to ride.

In my opinion, you can get

A. A single 16 incher like Tesla that does everything ok.

B. A 14 incher and an 18 incher. 

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