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Well now I know that my dominant leg is my right leg .. so I push off with my left foot ? Once I get going I wobble then fall off .. I push off a tree and I get a little better momentum and go a little farther ,, I think cause grass area is bumpy that’s why I lose my balance .. tried on concrete but gave my wheel some bad pedal rash plastic is fine .. so I’m just going to practice on the grass no harm to the wheel and me  any advice please !! I have the helmet and a little weight padded jacket are ready .. if I had a friend to help steady me but everyone works ... during the day 😔

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@Red wheelie
I hope you can ride 1km without falling? Don't learn freemounting unless you can ride - freemounting is more difficult.

There are two important parts:
- Foot placement - at first your foot placement will be random. There is no other way than to mount a 100 times with crooked feet to gain experience.
- You need to lean forward! At first I free-mounted a unicycle, but didn't lean forward... So I immediately dismounted because of lack of balance.

There isn't really any other way than to practice. The success rate will be very low at first. I'd say I succeeded 1 of 10 times on my second day. The success rate slowly went up and got to 10 of 10 after a few hundred km.

Also, learn on pavement. Grass makes it more difficult.

On 11/21/2019 at 4:48 PM, Red wheelie said:

I have the helmet and a little weight padded jacket are ready

The most important protection for a unicyclist are wrist-guards! :) Even cheap $5 ones from Crapsco will do wonders during a faceplant.

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1 hour ago, atdlzpae said:

The most important protection for a unicyclist are wrist-guards

This. I've fallen a few times at relatively low speed while learning, and while I have yet to hit my helmet, I've been saved by wrist guards every time. (not to say helmets aren't important!)

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Practicing along a fence/wall/railings a hundred times. Better to get bored doing this as your muscles will acclimate. Before you know it you can balance.

Next problem doing freemount launches is getting used to no railing/wall/fence lolol, I was whoah nothing to reach for...But same practice freemount n skip, very annoying, makes you practice wall riding again. Eventually similar to first, you will find your frustrations will launch you naturally believe it not, and it'll click.

Street riding with cars same fear and anxieties, moving objects distract you causing you to lose focus or worse steer into them. Again, just practice to get use to it. You will launch you euc into walls, people or parked cars depending where do this.

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On 11/23/2019 at 4:43 AM, MeepMoto said:

I'd focus on getting riding down first before free-mounting.

I agree.. My lesson order is;

  1. How to ride (using a handrail / fence)
  2. How to stop
  3. How to free-mount

After all, there is no point knowing how to get on an EUC if you can't then ride the damn thing...   ;)

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