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  1. Well now I know that my dominant leg is my right leg .. so I push off with my left foot ? Once I get going I wobble then fall off .. I push off a tree and I get a little better momentum and go a little farther ,, I think cause grass area is bumpy that’s why I lose my balance .. tried on concrete but gave my wheel some bad pedal rash plastic is fine .. so I’m just going to practice on the grass no harm to the wheel and me any advice please !! I have the helmet and a little weight padded jacket are ready .. if I had a friend to help steady me but everyone works ... during the day 😔
  2. Can some one give me a tool list of what i need to be able to break down my KS 14M and the pads I assume snap off ? Or how do I remove them with out damaging them I’ve seen a video where someone is taking apart a 14 D or a S witch look like my 14m but video is sped up and they just play music while it’s being done .. so if any one can help 🙂
  3. Well I went to my local park found a play area that had a halfe rail circle around it with a straight way of sixteen feet two other semi curved sections so I was going back and forth yeah once u do get speed it kinda balance it selfe ( I said kinda ! ) then there was a access ramp 12 percent incline did that a few times then I went to a open grass area between two trees about 20.feet apart and tried to ride from one tree to a other made it 10.feet before I lost balance if had a friend to steady me I probably would have gotten the hang of it . Neat feeling once it starts going . Park rangers just watched 👀 puzzled what I was doing ? 🤔 so I am more encouraged to go a practice and I will definitely master this wheel .. so anybody learning don’t be discouraged the pay off in the end is worth it .. oh before i forget ? Can someone get me the a web address KS to order parts in my zeal to learn I made a turn to close to a bench and hit head on and cracked my headlight / taillight depends witch way you go so I need to replace the black plastic strip that goes in the middle of my KS 14 M .....
  4. Yeah I know the feeling I just got a king KS 14m . there realy cool now it’s learning how to master it ? I have some room in my apt. So first I just stood on it ( have it on for gyro to balance it ) if not well you will find out why 😝 I did 🙁 .. then I just rolled back and forth to get the feel of it then I started to do circles around my hallway and living room hanging on to walls or anything reachable had a few spills looked on the app and I put 1.3 miles just doing circles . I know a bus stop turn around that has a wide horse shoe rail just the right height so I’m going to take my wheel and go practice on the rail till I get the hang of it . The height is just right to ride along it and hold on because I want to be able to ride it like all the people I see on utube they make it look 👀 easy well It’s not !! .. I might buy another wheel except one of those double wheel ones and practice with that don’t want mess up my KS it’s so shiny white . I figure if I do I’m in to about almost $1000 with the tax and shipping boy some hobbies are not cheap .. so if any one has some advice on how to master the wheel I would be most grateful. At worst I might keep the two wheeler and sell my king song KS 14 m it’s a challenge for sure .. thank you for those who read this 🤗
  5. If their is a KS rep of sorts maybe he can look into two things 1. Can’t they make and include rubber bumpers for the foot pedals they seem to take most beating when u tip over these wheels are expensive .. would KS go broke if they came with a new unit or sell them to for a VERY reasonable price not $50 like I have seen on line and I can’t find a cover for my KS 14 .. except that Macaroni like stick on tubing they sell and the colors !! Ugly !! And 2 . Could they have someone who is fluent in English proof read the instruction booklet before they go to print . Hard to understand what they mean so I just skip the instruction booklet .. so that’s my two cents still trying to get the hang of riding it so far I can do small laps in my living room so far I put 1.mile on it by doing circles at home so .. I’m dying to get better and take it out but no luck 🙁 learn in two hours the videos say ‘really’ thinking of buying a second wheel one of those two wheelers to learn and then use my KS when I really get the hang of it any tips would be appreciated on how get better at it ??
  6. If u know anyone intrested in a KS 14m new 174/800 let me know thanks
  7. New KS 14m ( white ) it also came in black .. it’s new out of the box has about 5 miles just not as fast as I thought 174 / 800 .. for fun it’s great to commute need longer miles so asking $525.. losing tax $40 shipping $50 not making a cent . Have original box and shipping box with straps in tact to remail if need to ... live in Hollywood . LA .....thank you for reading
  8. Is the king song rep still around I have some Q’s bout my wheel . He / she should be able to give me straight answers . On every post I have put a question every one has been great to share what they know but sometimes u need to here it straight from the ( king song mouth ) silly question why don’t the wheels have name brand stickers mine came like a plain white wheel with lites . Saw someone selling them on the site here .. don’t you need permission?? To do that ?? 🤔
  9. On the KS 14m when I got it in the box ( new ) I got two tiny fuse the don’t go in the charger and it has a USB port ( why ? ) and there is a empty slot under it looks like it could have been two charging port and they forgot to put it in cause the fuse won’t fit the slot so it’s not for the fuse ..
  10. Any one know if the KS 14m give off verbal warnings or just beeps it has four circular cut circles on both sides I assume for speakers it has single pin hole by the power button it has a loud alarm beep I covered it with a little tape for now cause I’m practicing in side back and forth geting better only using one had to balance my selfe then I might go to a park and practice on the grass out there so my wheel don’t get real scratched up then on the side walk .. got to take the bus so it will look funny walking my wheel to the 🚌 stop ...
  11. That would be nice but is it portable can I carry it in my back pack 🤔 ...
  12. I will try it ? Are u joking with me I’m trying to unlock my wheel .. it come locked from factory why ?? .. any idea where I can buy tire inflating tool tire is kinda low and the stem is really tucked into the rim groove very close .. do I need to order it from king song ??
  13. Any idea how to register in the kingsong new .. app can not get the app to register and saw a sticker on it that say u need to dwnld app to unlock before I can use it .. it just beeps when I turn it on .. anyone please help me registration .. and that Darknessbot no better either .. thanks
  14. Pthussey did u ever sell your wheel .. I assume u did by the replying?? Let me know ...
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