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  1. Sounds like it's set at beginners mode in the ks app..
  2. Gonna have to start carrying them training wheel brushes now lol. If this catches on gonna make #eucpickups vlogs
  3. You take the risk of zer0 warranty support from the seller in nutshell should u have issues. The price will be lower (100~200apx) compared to authorized resellers. So if you are handy in teardowns and troubleshooting yourself it's a potential deal.
  4. True true, had been following up and ninebots response that they will honor repairs as longs it's a ninebot dealer. The teardown of the wheel itself is amazing, clean wiring layout and the rubber gasket-seal between the casing covers shows a well thought out compact design.
  5. Z10 if you can find one from a legit dealer incase of board issues. It has a smaller battery than the current lineup but it's seems proven from most EU vlogs ive seen. The z10 was my first choice but I didn't want to deal with shady 3rd party dealers since ninebot will deny warranty if it ain't bought from through a authorized retailer.
  6. How again is getting hit from behind careless? Headphones doesn't make one blind. Even if he had turn to look, he still be hit but likely with more injury cause he would have to stop and turn. OP didn't say EU rider rode into the police vehicle, that's careless. He had to be hit from behind his view, otherwise, who rides into on coming vehicle regardless if it was wrong way?! The original story indicates a careless police officer.
  7. That's because of the irresponsible riders getting killed doing dumb things and the guberment has to "show" they are talking action. Are we still talking about pev's? I was picturing mopeds/gas powered scooters when I read that.
  8. Only 2oz? I thought I heard maybe I misread for euc tires at least 8oz.
  9. We need to remember that OP said EU was crossing, so I'm presuming he was hit from the side, since said vehicle sped and hit, one can assume both entered the spot at the same moment regardless if he had headphones, this was clearly an accident if it is the case. In this case a direct hit and immediate cause will be, driver did not see EU rider which is why he was hit, and second fact is speed. The EU rider could win a small claims court back if this was amurrca and get back a new wheel at least IMHO.
  10. MIPs for the elbow makes sense, since the idea just like the helmet, impact can occur from any direction, sounds practical for knee pads as well. Expect to see premium safety gear should the industry take note. Euc pick-up line at the corner..."Hey ladies..., my butt has MIPs protection, check it out!". ooOoooOoo lol
  11. Imagine that winning cases. I hit *insert-victim* because he was wearing headphones despite me speeding down the wrong way judge, my siren, my right if way. No no I was not in pursuit either. Is a euc even considered a motorvehicle? Euc bro could've been on an electric wheelchair, it's still a mobility device in essence. Idk wat country your from, but even a broken sidewalk a pedestrian who tripped and fell sued and won against the city. That's amurrca for you.
  12. Lawyers back here would be salivating to get a case like that to get a piece of that."..$ettled out of court..". As a former motorcyclist, us riders need to always be situational aware though since we are not protected by airbags and a vehicle frame. And we are taught car driver's are just not watching out for us. Personally putting on headphones and just drifting off is a luxury I know if only I do at home or in the confines of work where I am cutting off outside distractions.
  13. Ive found my fall footing wants to place me into the Superman pose, where the wristguards and kneepads take the initial hit followed by the chest bump. Afraid one day it'll be a sideways fall that'll make me hit the shoulder. I love my bulky triple8 kneepads, now just need a version like that for the shoulders. I kinda picture one could just restrap a size smaller to wrap on arm and crisscross the chest and wear. I'd think a hit coming at an angle during the fall on the shoulder will be bad as an unprotected knee cap.
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