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  1. I was looking into getting a pev this year and the euc was my last choice, but after watching numerous vids of the euc zooming through traffic, streets and sidewalks won me over. What a difference seeing a real world usage of an euc on the street and made it look really fun. I definitely like how badass you can look at a corner and just launch effortlessly, with the stunned stares of what is that? I'm currently aware of only 3 or 4 other riders according to my friends telling me they saw a euc. It took them awhile to differentiate the onewheel and euc.
  2. I've witnessed several t-bone hits at crosswalks, both bicyclist/skater just zoomed into the crosswalk as a car zoomed either straight or turning into. The lesson I see here is slow and pause IF u obviously see a vehicle nearing or wanting to drive into the lane, regardless knowing u have the right of way, they definitely do not see you, they see an empty crosswalk with no pedestrian at the curb. I'd only chance if you can judge their distance enough in the few seconds you still make it through before they do.
  3. I do suggest creating a trash email account and using something like a burner phone for app usage. Red flags..(no pun intended..) went up as I decided to try and link Bluetooth music to the app and it requested access to your phone contacts...wtf. I guess it's no concern if ur call history don't have govt/military in there to link urself to data harvesting.
  4. This reminded me of a pizza commercial where they showed a stack of insulated pizza delivery bags plugged in preheated to 60c before they are sent out, so it has that out of the oven taste when it is delivered. Euc = pizza. Lol preheat the euc like you said with or without charging, and then put on another insulated wrap. Would a a fleeced jacket cover for an euc be feasible?
  5. Another view and with pads removed. The Velcro makes it feel rigid on the front, will need to add a pair of reflector strips on those sides as it does block the light, haven't ride at night yet so still a day time mostly commuter.
  6. Ok, it's not a new idea but having launched my euc twice, thought I needed a front bumper protection. I came across these semi thick neoprene corner pads at a hardware store. It has a set of 4, cutting a piece in half is enough for a pair in front for a KS16X. I figured the adhesive won't work by itself so I used a set of 2"x4" Velcro on the pads and the front panel. It will cover the LED strips but I turned those off anyway and will add extra reflector strips at front and rear later on.
  7. Before I take my first ride of the day, take a moment and kneel to the asphalt still asleep and feel its texture and whisper..."not today..o gawd o holy ev ghost, not today...".
  8. Stopping from slow or fast speeds suddenly instead of dismounting a euc cruise missle. Able to turn both ways. These are my top 2 to in getting comfortable at doing naturally before attempting street riding alongside cars. My final check or number 3 how visible are you to other drivers? Little extra safety, add more reflectivity or back blinkers...for example I almost ran into kids on those gravel bikes at dark and they are literally invisible zooming and swerving on roads where street lighting is non existent.
  9. Temperature sensors are typically soldered somewhere on the board itself or may be intergrated on to a controller chip. One could mod a common indoor/outdoor temperature reader and place the external wired sensor near or even between the board and heatsink. I've started following this topic for a bit, since I am somewhat familiar with pc components that die a sudden death by heat, and those aluminum heatsinks and thermalpads are just not designed to handle the stresses the burgers are putting it through. If the wheel is not pushed and used on common paved urban areas, the heat generated is negligible. Appears constant usage on hills either up and down will stress the units build quality thus drawing more power and heating up eventually, leading to either a cutoff or mosfet barbeque. For now I can see from the sample board images the heatsink needs to be replaced or customized for the hill riders. The thin aluminum heatspreader/thermal pad - grease/glue and dinky little fan are just adequate for the paved pancake urban riders. A beefier heatsink is needed to soak up a constant load imho (although pondering how if it's even possible to get decent airflow/exhaust just by watching a wheel tear-down, and maintain those components won't get wet if riding through a downpour, if theres an opening, water will find its way in *trolley handle* cough cough**).
  10. "Outta my way buddy! he may be the soft spoken kind of person. it's been awhile since I got yelled from behind "watch your lane!".
  11. Looks about right on the 16X, I layered flex seal tape, which is matte black just to add some protection and cover up the eye sore crash marks. It's no longer shiny, but gives either a stealth vibe from a distance (turned off the xmas leds). I worry less letting it fall now with several layers on it, I feel its kinda either mad max'ish to kinda ghetto lol, but does the job since scratches on that body are white streaks which was annoying to look at after awhile.
  12. The assembly video shows how quick and hastily the sealant is placed and spread where all that lovely water and gunk will splash underneath. Anyone consider a few coats of plasti-dip in those areas?
  13. So I read a response from that company stating if bought directly from them (iamips.com) they would help you more better, this is where having someone that knows chinese will need to step in lololol. I suspect the aliexpress/alibaba 3rd party resellers might be selling refurbed/problematic units they can get for the cheap, hoping this aint just alias company just to dump and claim zero warranty by saying they are not affliated to the unsuspecting buyer. I'm waiting to get an S5 or i5 down the road eventually.
  14. This got me reconsidering re-leashing again but making it break away enough to unbalance the wheel, my euc kamikazied itself into a wall last week, dismounting and instead of it falling a few feet away my ks16x torpedo into a wall 10' away and all I could do was watch, always wondered if this was common.
  15. I ended up bandaging my KS16x after my 3rd drop using left over flex seal tape (basically adhesive on thin rubber sheets) trimmed it into 1"x4" strips and layered it up like scale mail armor - starting from bottom side (only on the fake carbon fiber body) overlapping a bit to the upper covers on the areas it made impact. It has a matte black finish so for a little over $10 has an extra skin (albeit temporary) peace of mind. Yet to see how long it'll last on before having to wipe it off with goo-gone probably and start over, but at least it covers the eye-sore scratches in the meantime.
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