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  1. The app kept trying to find the latest or download itself.... But every time I checked it was still teh same older version. I had to uninstall and reinstall the Kingsong app yesterday to get the latest. I plan on going for a long ride this weekend and see if any of the optimization on the app side works.
  2. I have mine set to top [experient?] mode. I learned on my future-motion onewheel on the Delirium setting so I figured this was the best way to learn. I did have it on the beginners/learners mode for a couple of days... But changed it to the highest after deciding I didn't want to get used to one mode and have to relearn another.
  3. Wow! I'm glad I'm not the only one now. I'm still new to the EUC game so I thought it was a common sense thing and I just messed up. I learned real quick after that morning. The video from @Marty Backe is how I'm gonna do it from now on.
  4. I'm still new to the EUC world. I own a Future Motion Onewheel and just got this Kingsong 16X. I was loading up my wheels into my jeep to ride around this golf course and I made a serious mistake picking up the 16x by the handle and tire. With the EUC off the tire free spun while I lifted up it up by holding the handle and the tire with each hand. I thought I had just wedged it in there like a pinch feeling... But when I went back to grab my water bottle I hand blood coming faster out of my index and middle finger! How do you guys lift your wheels into your car for transport?
  5. I'm still getting learning on my 16x but I bumped my PSI when I had a friend take few pictures of me on and off my Kingsong. I'm a heavy fellow so the tread were quite low when I saw the photo of the tire with me on it. I felt like the tire was almost caving while I turned on it. I only bumped it up to 35 PSI compared to how I received it (28PSI).
  6. Jason sent my tracking over the weekend. I'll get to work with a more experienced friend down the road from me... I'm looking forward to riding my 16X.
  7. I'm still waiting on my KS-16X; however, when I do get my EUC I plan on doing it just like when I first got my Onewheel +XR. I practiced in empty parking lots in the early morning and some shady bike trails. Only Difference is I'm starting on the paved surfaces; I thought learning near the grass would be nice.. but I kept having trouble starting out. I've seen some people use parking garages.. maybe the flat roof level.
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