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  1. This is what I've been doing is power cycling it to ensure it is off. This wheel is babied and kept dry. But this is a pre-ordered wheel so I'll look at it.
  2. Is this normal when charging any EUC that the board is vamping/draining the power to itself? I've noticed on several occasions that the wheel stays "on" after charging. First encounter I had taken a break from riding the EUC a couple of days and left it on the charger; when it came to ride it had drained itself from 100% to maybe 77%. I thought I might of not had the stock charger plugged in all the way. I did this another time and the power brick was GREEN and it had gone from 100% to a lesser amount sitting on the charger. Another time I entered into the room the 16X was charged and unplugged [ I had checked on the app to make sure its percentage and voltage was full] early in morning and could see a red light coming through the case. So I cycled the power to ON then off.. and then the red light was gone.
  3. You have any pictures of this? I can imagine it looking pretty cool.
  4. Awesome! . Yeah, I think there is room for new features and maybe a way to not drain my watch battery.
  5. @Seba Is there going to be an update for the wheellog watch app? I wasn't able to get the EUC World App to work with it. I'm using a Samsung Gear S3.
  6. Thanks! I'm going to use this today hopefully and start logging. I see you added the menu button.... must of been cause of me lol.
  7. DERP! Dang.. I saw the bars on the bottom and didn't think I could got left... I forgot I signed in before.. but didn't remember how to get back to those! Thanks.
  8. on the topic of charging. I've noticed that if I use the stock charger to a full charge that when I unplug the charger the wheel is still "on". I had charged the 16x previously and left it till the power brick went green. A few mornings later I noticed a red light within the case on in the morning darkness. The 16x was "on" but not to where it was balancing or LEDs lit.
  9. Yes this is the version I'm using. it works with the 16X. I'm just trying to figure out how to record my ride on that app. I'm gonna go on thread for that app.
  10. I went from the 3.1.9 to the 3.1.4. That Jason from ewheels and KS site now sends. Both keep crashing... I like the 3.1.9 for Batt and stuff... 🤷‍♂️ Still trying to figure out the wheellog and the euc.world site... I can't seem to get it to work right either for the 16x
  11. I have a EU 49 or a US 15/16 . On my 16X, I'm riding with my arch in the center of the pedal. I've tried with my heel lined up with the back but the front of my feet stick out way to far that way. I'm wearing Vans cause they are my "riding" shoes for all my Eboard vehicles. maybe some shoes with more cushion inserts .[ if they make em in your size.... ] I tend to flex my feet after riding for a bit. I'll either step up onto the ball and the rock back to my heel on each side separate. I also find if i'm going on a slow cruise it seems to help more to do these exercises; when you're really moving and getting it I don't get these pains.
  12. From going from the 1.06 to 1.07 firmware on the 16X, I need to borrow an friends Iphone to update.. My Samsung Note 9 just had the firmware installer spinning.
  13. I can't seem to get my16X to actually do the update.. the circle on the app just spins with no status bar. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the App from the Kingsong site and tried Flipping the side the EUC sits...
  14. The app kept trying to find the latest or download itself.... But every time I checked it was still teh same older version. I had to uninstall and reinstall the Kingsong app yesterday to get the latest. I plan on going for a long ride this weekend and see if any of the optimization on the app side works.
  15. I have mine set to top [experient?] mode. I learned on my future-motion onewheel on the Delirium setting so I figured this was the best way to learn. I did have it on the beginners/learners mode for a couple of days... But changed it to the highest after deciding I didn't want to get used to one mode and have to relearn another.
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