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  1. I have vicious grip on my MSX pedals - after 800 miles still more grippy then the stock rubber + grip combo. If I cleaned the mud off I'm sure they'd be even better lol
  2. I'm debating which would be a good companion to my MSX. I'd be looking at either a 67v 420wh Mten or a 84v 460wh MCM5. (I would go for higher battery capacity but these are within my price range). It'd be used for teaching people, a wheel that my friends could ride if I can talk anyone into riding, and a wheel I could do stupid stuff on without the worry of destroying my beloved MSX. (Skatepark, hills, low speed stunts, etc.). I do weigh 210lbs (95kg), so I'd worry about the 67v Mten holding up. Anyone have any opinions on the matter?
  3. I think what you're looking for are the pads made by monocustomize on instagram . Been looking at some myself, but haven't pulled the trigger just yet
  4. Howdy y'all Alright, so I'll admit I've ridden my MSX a bit hard. I went to open it today to examine some new damage, (and a new rattle, but that's a separate issue), and discovered a screw on my left pedal is stripped, so I can't take the pedal off to get inside the wheel. Anyone have any ideas on how to get it out, and where to purchase a replacement? Been considering some Nikola pedals from Aliexpress, might just go that route
  5. It'd be interesting to see if the riding style changes based on age. Like if the older riders tend to go slower, but for longer rides, or if it doesn't really matter. IDK if there's a scientific way to test that but now I'm curious
  6. What speed was he actually going though? Only info it gives was the legal limit was 15 and the bike "was capable of going twice that", and that he was described as going "way too fast". Is that like 30+ or 20? Not saying it excuses the accident, but it seems like fairly important information. The fact that he left the scene after causing something like this is inexcusable, I don't understand how you could leave another human on the ground. I don't think he should be fully charged with the accident, since the pedestrian/jaywalker "had a red light" (maybe 50/50 or 75/25, speed dependent? I don't know), but he should definitely be charged with leaving the scene
  7. 20km/h is actually just what it says on GotWays site for all wheels, (including the 100v MSX!), so we’re all good there
  8. I've been considering adding a Mten to my collection as a beater/stunts/teaching wheel, but I've also heard it's fairly different from all other wheels, in terms of riding. Would the skills translate well to a larger, more normal sized wheel?
  9. I'm working on a research project around PEV's, and I need to get a general idea of everyone's usage of them. None of the questions are required, just answer as many as you want! Link : https://forms.gle/qUEZPnPJF5Sq8jU9A I'm also posting this on various subreddits, so you may see it around
  10. Maybe you're diverting some of your attention from wheeling towards filming? Might just be that little bit of focus lost that caused your fall. Or maybe you felt the need to show off for the camera.
  11. This. I've fallen a few times at relatively low speed while learning, and while I have yet to hit my helmet, I've been saved by wrist guards every time. (not to say helmets aren't important!)
  12. I'd focus on getting riding down first before free-mounting. Once you get more comfortable on the wheel it'll be easier to start free-mounting.
  13. Hello y'all! While I'm saving for a new wheel, I'm considering where I should buy from. Does anyone have experience buying direct from Gotway? Seems like that'd be the cheapest route. I don't really care about after-sales support or anything like that, just want the cheapest route for purchasing. If it makes a difference, I'm based in the US, looking at buying an MTen3 as my second wheel. Also, is their Alibaba store where to buy from, or is there a better way to reach them? (Also, this is my first post on the forum, so let me know if I need to fix anything!)
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