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Pebble watch appreciation and maintainence thread


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Ever since picking up wheeling I have grown to love pebble watches and have built a small collection and cache of spare parts. These watches are awesome and I intend to use them for as long as I can keep them alive.

Here a few pieces of my collection 20191107-112658.jpg

At this point I am certain that I have attempted every repair and maintainence possible on a pebble. Do ask away if you need any tips to keep your precious watch ticking. 

The most common repairs seem to be:

- Dead battery

- Stuck buttons

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12 hours ago, soundkite said:

My Pebble screen frequently flickers and gets too jarbled to read, even when fully charged.  Any fix?  I think it's a Pebble Classic, looks most like the one to the left in your pic.

There are a few videos on YouTube on how to potentially fix that. It's a fudge fix to be honest, that involves putting some packing inside the casing to increase pressure on some contacts. But it seems to be the only way to possibly fix it.

On a separate note, I bought a bezel skin from Gadgetwraps ( https://www.gadgetwraps.com/shop/ ) for my Pebble Time, as the bezel had a nasty scratch on it. And I have to say that the skin fits amazingly well. So much so that you can't tell it's a skin at all. 

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@soundkite @Retrovertigo

The problem with pebble classic and pebble steel watches are the low-quality screen connectors. I recommend first cleaning those contacts with contact cleaner or scrubbing gently with Zippo lighter fluid and a soft toothbrush before attempting the "add pressure fix".

Also for potential pebbleheads in the future, try not to buy any other models except the pebble time and time steel, as those are the only ones built to last 


I switch watchfaces all the time, but my current favourites are "phoenix big" and "phoenix too".

How's your time steel holding up! Have bought 4 so far and most of them seem to lose tactile feedback in the top right button, though I figured how to fix that

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Hello. I have a Pebble Time Round with a dead battery. It still seems to be fully functional when connected to charger cable, so I'm pretty sure it's just the battery. DOes anyone have any advice on replacing the battery? What battery is required? Is there anyone (preferably in the UK) that could do this for me.

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