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  1. Only if new EUCs have some sort of label which TSA might accept as proof that you don't have an older battery
  2. Every person I tell about electric unicycling assumes it's a regular unicycle with a motor. I think I'm going to go back to saying I ride a Solowheel just to ease the pain. How do you all describe our hobby to strangers? Monocycle, maybe?
  3. EUCO and Inmotion USA share both the same staff and seem to link to the same storefront, so it looks to me like they are changing identities so they can sell other brands, too. Eucservice .com says it is in Gdansk, Poland.
  4. Sticking something in your ears to completely block out your surroundings (loud sirens) is reckless. If our community chooses to defend reckless behavior by its peers, the future of riding free will be in peril. If the EUC rider was to win a court case, municipalities could feel pressure to legislate against us. If the EUC rider loses a court case, municipalities will still feel pressure to legislate against us. In other words, even if the EUC wins the battle, they lose the war. I feel like there's a meme in there somewhere!
  5. I wholeheartedly disagree with this statement by the original poster, ESPECIALLY the notion that it doesn't even slightly make it the rider's fault. This one action of DISTRACTED DRIVING makes it MOSTLY the rider's fault, even if countless other people do the same thing. BTW, yes it is true that we have every right to listen to music as we ride... but not if it is done in a way which diminishes the rider's senses.
  6. I'm interested in hearing stories about what protection the community was wearing when incurring any arm or shoulder injuries. For example, are there riders here who hurt their wrist despite wearing wrist guards? Was your elbow or shoulder injury due to direct contact with the ground, or due to jarring impact from your hands? These kinds of answers can help me decide what STYLE of protection to wear (ie- wrist braces which allow me to slide vs simply cushion a blow, padding vs hard shell protection, etc...).
  7. Thank you thank you for that info about gloves keeping the plates from sliding in a fall. I'll be praising your name next time I take a dive in cold weather!
  8. Any suggestions for gloves which would fit over my wrist braces?
  9. Yes I had just come to a stop and my back was toward it... that's how it bit my calf. It also never barked.
  10. What is it with so many dogs tripping out about EUC's? I'm wondering now if the motion and the sound freaks them out, maybe just the new motion. Today I got bit HARD by an old dog on a leash. He literally jerked his master over to me as I was coming to a stop at a light. If I wasn't wearing riding pants + denim jeans, my calf bruise would be bloody punctures for sure. I never saw it coming. In any case, those riding pants are gonna get a lot more use now. According to Google, dogs typically can run about 15-20 mph, so perhaps I need to upgrade from my V8 just so I can outrun them!
  11. I don't understand "just practice". You use a mirror, too. Are you saying to practice using the mirror, or practice turned to look back, or just general practice to get more confident?
  12. Built in motion and tamper alarm. EUCs already have the gyroscopes to detect movement, so seems like a no brainer to me. Also, I need some sort of key to render my EUC useless.
  13. My Pebble screen frequently flickers and gets too jarbled to read, even when fully charged. Any fix? I think it's a Pebble Classic, looks most like the one to the left in your pic.
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