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  1. Weird, on the Ethias site, it clearly says that all personal transportation like euc, steps,... that don't go faster than 45km/h are covered by their family insurance. I've asked my advisor the same question en she said, I don't need any papers.
  2. I'll arrive at 17h15
  3. If you are meeting up in aalst, I would like to come . The ride in brussels is to soon, I just had my cast removed from my arm because of a faceplant at 30km/h Keep us posted if there's a second one in the future.
  4. Started 2 weeks ago with my first euc ks16B. After 120km had my first fall and broke a little bone in my elbow. So now my arm is in a cast I had tested tilt back before but had no idea it would react so fast.
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