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  1. until you see what's happening in italy, last 24hours: +600 dead. In italy, they no longer resuscitate infected people older than 65. Doctors have to choose who dies and who lives.
  2. In Brussel kom je ze inderdaad meer tegen, Belgium wheelers doen daar ook geregeld events. Zelf eigenaar van een 16x 1ste batch, zit nu op 1200km ofzo en heeft mij tot op heden nog geen enkele keer in de steek gelaten. Heb er deze winter wel nog niet veel met gereden, rij ook enkel voor de fun, geen woon werk ofzo. Deze komt dus ook met de 1ste band met gyro effect, maar ik vind dit net een meerwaarde, als deze versleten is, hoop ik van net dezelfde te vinden. Ik haal er max 90km uit.
  3. Pebble time steel black here, and I use it as my daily watch, even with all the WhatsApp messages I get, I still manage 7 days with one charge.
  4. That's because you charge with 5amps, put it at 1amp and your wheel will charge right at 90%
  5. Here in belgium there have been euc/e-skate events at an indoor go cart track.
  6. same here, since I'm riding with my tsg pass, I no longer have a mirror and it feels like something's missing.
  7. Nice, I too bought myself a pebble time steel black for my euc and I find it such a great smartwatch, It has become my daily watch. What's your favorite watchface ?
  8. Same here, sticking with 1.05, I'm at 1100km and it has been rock steady so far.
  9. At the moment I can't find anything I want to improve on my V1's, So, I'm curious about the improvements.
  10. The same question was asked just a couple of days ago. I prefer my pebble.
  11. Yesterday I went on a tour and used euc world, everything works ok except I've had multiple times when I was changing between euc world and other apps, when returning to euc world, my screen went dark, I know the app still runs in the background because my pebble continues. I have to lock my phone and unlock it again, to make euc world appear as normal. If you want I can film this. And the realistic battery level is a bit on the negative side, unchecked it's rather on the positive side. For me the kingsong app is still the most accurate on this part.
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