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  1. picture taken from marty backe's V11 tyre change, here you can see a hollow bore motor. bigger motor wires can be used, wires don't have to go through a thin axle.
  2. Returned my tsg pass because of a manufacturing fault and went for a giro switchblade mips.
  3. I rode this morning to work, tracked my tour with euc world, no problems. Saw your new update, now it won't track my tour anymore. It keeps showing my tour from this morning. Normally it starts tracking as soon as euc world is connected, now it won't even start when i push the "play" button
  4. pebble time steel is even better, I had a steel(broke it) and now have a regular Time. Battery of my steel version lasted longer than my regular Time.
  5. speedyfeet's reviews feature a lot of offroad. He uploaded a 650km review today.
  6. Ik probeer toch ook de mooie dagen met mijn euc naar het werk te gaan, +-34km enkel, mijn stock lader ligt altijd op het werk. Ik doe er ongeveer 1h over, als ik met de auto of trein ga, zit ik daar al over de meeste dagen, dus het is sneller en vooral veel plezieriger. En de sherman steekt toch ook fameus mijn ogen uit, mijn 16x is op zich wel snel genoeg, maar ik zit bijna continue tegen de limiet aan te rijden en voor een beetje peace of mind lijkt wat meer marge wel aangenaam + de extra range uiteraard.
  7. indeed, lots of info Although I promised myself not to buy an euc this year, just like you, I want an 18" with a bit more margin than my 16x.
  8. Here in belgium you can get an insurance for pev's, euc's included. And some insurance company's include it in their family insurance like mine.
  9. voorbije week eens naar het werk gereden met de euc, 35km enkel, inclusief enkele offroad baantjes, toch op het werk geraakt in 1h en 5min
  10. I have a TSG pass downhill helmet and I think it's utterly crap, the amount of windnoise is just unbearable. For the amount of money you pay for it, this is unacceptable. Instead I've used my 10year old shoei motorhelmet for the passed winter and it was 10 times better.
  11. Until yesterday I left my ks16x on 1.05, but since I see lots of users here who switch regulary from firmware, I was eager to test 2.02. Afterwards I checked euc world and 1.05 is not in the list. Sofftuner on android does have 1.05 as an option. So for me and I think a lot of users who had 1.05 before, sofftuner is the one to use.
  12. 1st batch 16x here and I'm pretty sure I love the 16x because of the cx321 tyre. Still not one issue so far
  13. until you see what's happening in italy, last 24hours: +600 dead. In italy, they no longer resuscitate infected people older than 65. Doctors have to choose who dies and who lives.
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