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  1. Yesterday I went on a tour and used euc world, everything works ok except I've had multiple times when I was changing between euc world and other apps, when returning to euc world, my screen went dark, I know the app still runs in the background because my pebble continues. I have to lock my phone and unlock it again, to make euc world appear as normal. If you want I can film this. And the realistic battery level is a bit on the negative side, unchecked it's rather on the positive side. For me the kingsong app is still the most accurate on this part.
  2. Haha, dat zal ik zijn Zandbergen ligt maar op een paar km van mijn deur dus daar kan je mij inderdaad wel tegen komen.
  3. For 200 you can almost buy your own printer these days. I'm paying 12€ to have one printed.
  4. which one did you use for the 16x, I see there are multiple sizes.
  5. Hairdryer maybe ? You can turn off your wheel with the kingsong app.
  6. https://euc.world/getwheellog direct download form this page
  7. 16x: not entirely the same, when active, wheellog displays about 10% less than kingsong app. Unchecked it displays 10% more than kingsong app. Too bad the pebble app doesn't display voltage, voltage is still a better a way of reading your battery instead of % Xiaomi phones have a battery saving function too, you have to disable it for every app that needs gps when your phone is locked.
  8. I'm now at 900km after 1 month, so far: not one single issue, apart from the 50km with 1.06 it has been an amazing wheel But I'm looking forward to your comparison video.
  9. Still too early for me, gonna stay on 1.05. But for those stuck on 1.06, this is good news offcourse.
  10. I honestly didn't feel any difference between 1.05; 1.06 and the testfirmware. I'm at 850km now, +-50 on 1.06 and +-100 with testfirmware but I was glad I had the opportunity to return to 1.05. If the weather wasn't so bad these last days, I would've hit the 1k km milestone allready I wanna test 1.07 but I've got to be sure I can reverse to 1.05. So far I've had a blast on my 16x apart from those few days on 1.06. Edit: No longer able to login with the special kingsong software, so 1.05 it is
  11. Big thank you for this.
  12. Same here, I have a preset named 16x for my equalizer. But just like ir fuel I don't like polluting my surroundings with loud music. I use my pebble for Google maps.
  13. Damn, fixable? What was your psi ?
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