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Wrist guard recommendations please


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So just by chance I met a guy who has an older 9bot and is willing to let me learn on it.

I want to buy some good (maybe double splint?) wrist guards, knee and ankle pads and a quality helmet.

Recommendations please, mostly for wrist guards and helmet. Anything else, hockey pants?

Would an American football helmet help in case of face plant?

I am 55 and have done fairly extream sports but have never broken even 1 bone and do not want to start now.

Does it make sense to learn on softer short grass as opposed to asphalt?

When I teach others to ride a mech uni I find it best to have 2 helpers one on each side, does this also apply to electrics?

And if one has no access to helpers, a rope between trees, two canes, against a wall, other?

Thanks again for any and all help!


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I've posted these many times in different topics, but here's what I use:

Helmet: http://www.biltema.fi/fi/Autoilu---MP/Moottoripyorat/Henkilokohtainen-varustus/Kypara-ja-visiiri/Jarjestelmakypara-2000023495/

Pads (knee & elbow): http://www.biltema.fi/fi/Autoilu---MP/Moottoripyorat/Henkilokohtainen-varustus/Suoja/Polvi--ja-kyynarsuojukset-2000033978/

Wrist-guards: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFMTSQ5Rcqs  (The double-sided version)

The wrist guards are really good in my opinion, sturdy & comfortable (if you choose those, make sure to get the right size), but not that handy if you have to do stuff requiring more movement of the wrists and also the skid plate is in the way if handling something, but you can remove it & put it back fast, it's attached by velcro. The other stuff is ok, but probably you don't have a Biltema (a swedish chain that sells all kinds of cheap stuff) there, pretty basic knee- and elbow-pads + motorcycle helmet, not so hard to find. Those wrist guards I had to order online, as they aren't sold in many places (at least here, I went through all the local sporting goods stores, and all they had were these single-splint or no-splint basic roller skating guards).

Some might think my gear is over the top, but I prefer to not get hurt on a possible face plant (especially now that I ride a wheel with partially faulty custom-batteries and home-made frame :D) instead of looking "cool" or whatever. Hockey- or some crash pants probably would be a good idea too, I've been thinking about getting a spine guard since spring, but haven't yet gotten around to actually get one :rolleyes:.

Learning on soft surface like grass can be harder than on asphalt (especially if the surface is bumpy beneath the grass, I found out my backyard is a lot bumpier than it looks or feels when walking on it ;)). Many people have recommended having a friend or two to hold onto when starting, it seems to speed up the learning. Although with your unicycle-background, I doubt you'll have much trouble getting started.

Many people have also said that using the learning wheels for "too long" isn't useful, as you more or less start from scratch once you get rid of those. I learned by riding around my garage with the learning wheels for about 10 minutes or so, then on the outside I held onto my girlfriend for about similar time. That ended up with my gf getting her ankle banged by a pedal, as the wheel steered fast when the learning wheel hit the ground. I then took off the learning wheels, and continued to jump on and off the wheel for a good 20-25 minutes maybe (nothing to hold onto) before I started getting any progress. After about something like 1.5-2 hours in total after the first time I'd stepped on any euc, I was riding back and forth the street (but couldn't turn yet, except in very, very wide circle :P). Also faceplanted once that same evening, but I was already wearing the safety gear (minus the wrist guards which I didn't have at that point yet), and walked away scratch free, even though I went face first on the asphalt and the chin-part of the helmet hit the ground really hard.

Good luck on getting started! I have a friend who does slacklining and rock climbing, and he was riding back and forth in about 10 minutes (didn't even try with the learning wheels), so I doubt it'll take much time with you either.

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"There's no fool like an old fool"

Today I proved that by neglecting to put on my wrist protector before rolling. Below are the Pro-tec splints I use (neoprene, top and bottom guard, slip on). Fortunately I did pull on the cycling gloves I use.

I escaped with a bruise on my hand (at the base of the palm, exactly where the wrist guard would have covered!!), and road rash on my thigh and knee (through a pair of denim jeans). I don't wear knee pads yet.

Please pardon the unpleasant pics below!

I always wear my snowboarding helmet.

I learned another lesson: the battery behaves a lot differently when there is a blast of cold air from Canada and the EU has been in the garage all night. In the cold temperature, My son's EU dipped to below 50 % charge a lot faster, and I hit a high-speed power cutoff when accelerating at a rate that has not given me trouble at warm temperatures.


As for the wrist protectors, I like them, and they feel quite protective when I have them on! I picked them over gloves with integral wrist guards because I like to ride with just the protectors when the weather is warm, and I can wear puffy gloves over the protectors when it is really cold. They were cheap on amazon.




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I found hard surfaces much better to learn on.

Definitely recommend wrist guards - still sore from a fall 3 weeks ago - without the guards.

Knee guards also - have quite a large skinless abrasion from about 3 weeks back.

I found soccer shin guards excellent for the learner.  Haven't worn a helmet as yet - hopefully won't need to through bitter experience!

Now learning to go backwards - sweating again like I did for the first 5 days on my EUC!

Went to the bank today on my EUC - uncommon in Australia so drew much curiosity.

EUCs are addictive !!


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Thanks so much for all the info, as I thought it seems respect for E Us when learning and even into the future concerning good body protection is  a mustI

I am now trying to source Docmeter double splint wrist guards as thanks to ESAJ they look great!

I may look really silly but I have an old full face motor cycle helmet that will be worn as well.


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I am one of the "lawn" guys. I didnt feel it would steepening my learning curve, in fact training on bumpy hard mode made road riding a lot easier later. Plus it didnt scratch my bot and myself falling or jumping off.

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Just ordered Doc,flex meter double sided wrist guards thanks to ESAJs recommendation.

They cost a bit but seem to be some of the best and knowing I WILL crash seems wise to protect hands and wrists.

Maybe over kill but I broke out my old full face motor cycle helmet and will wear it to learn.

I already have some very old cheapo knee and elbow pads but considering replacing these with ebay cheapies as well so when the 9bot is available to me I can start to E UNI.

Now need to find some thick leather pants.


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HUGE thanks to ESAJ again!

Just got my Flex,docmeter double wrist guards and all I can say is they seem so fine!

I am having fun learning some advanced "ripstick" moves on tennis courts and will feel a lot better with these on!

Easy on, off comfortable, enough flex but stiff enough to prevent broken wrist and removable palm plastic plate.

Now if I can only find a Elec Uni as good as these?

All these probs with shut down sure have me guessing although leaning twards Kingsong, Gotway, IPS but still not one seems to stand out as the "best,SAFEST"

Still reading all I can here and sure thank all for posting so guys like me who know nothing can learn and hopefully make a good choice!

Now to read all the latest posts...


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