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  1. this thread reminds me: I'm jealous of my kids who zip around with their lower body weight! I have an IPS Lhotz: fun wheel, 16", good for off-road however, It is a shadow next to my Gotway MSuper2. The power, torque, and 18" wheel are a great ride. I haven't been riding much distance outside of the driveway lately, but I'd like to get back to commuting on the EU I am 180 lb 6 ft and both of the above choices worked, the Gotway just had so much more power.
  2. Hi! Enjoy your new wheel! Was visiting Goucher College with family recently, used to go to school in Baltimore, that's a nice area! Live in Central PA now, but hoping to make the trek down for a DC ride: have never been part of a ride group greater than 2 people before.
  3. Stands work well, @adamo . The 14 inch tg fits snugly. The 16 in. Ips will topple if I put it in wrong. The msuper won't settle in without being precarious. Some times the rubber tubes and end caps come off the wire arms, but are easy to put back on. Late response, but I hope it helps!
  4. @MagicCow congrats on your launch! You made a good choice. To your original question, I have ridden the LHOTZ and MSuper2 in the rain, but I don't like it! When it is clear on the way to work and raining on the way home, there's no choice! The EUs don't seem to mind the rain at all, but once home I try to clean out the wheel well, more to get the mud out than anything else. On my LHOTZ I frequently see water in the transparent red light lenses after a wet run, but it dries up quickly and nothing has stopped functioning. I haven't ridden a Ninebot, but from my experience i
  5. Hi, @Alexa ! Good to have your participation here. I completed your quick survey and would encourage others to do so (it was fast and painless). If you are willing to spend a few hours searching the forum, I can assure you that you will find the most comprehensive catalog of EU injuries in these pages. Besides self reported injuries you will also find member reports of news items concerning EU crashes. Have fun and good luck! Chris
  6. I appreciate the solidarity this topic has surfaced. It's not the first as the forum has numerous examples of cooperation with regard to electronics, mechanics, purchases, legislation and injuries. I'm thankful to be part of this community and even when I'm frustrated I can't provide direct assistance I can at least contribute to brainstorming and encouragement.
  7. Maybe you are an engineer, or at least an engineer at heart! I envision a teflon sleeve or bushing that would solve your problem... or maybe masking tape around the rod! I like things snug and solid too, but sometimes a little loosey goosey absorbs a little impact! good luck and enjoy.
  8. In the extreme cold (USA, mind you, not Finland!) I note that my batteries and tire pressure are unpredictable. I warm the EU up inside, I check pressure frequently, and I accelerate/decelerate gently, riding with gear ready for the fall!
  9. @Pingouin you were subject to harassment and assault (car/rock) in these incidents. It is not cool and I am outraged on your behalf. I live in Pennsylvania, US and the worst I have heard is "you are not allowed to ride that here". I would suggest that you don't ride in areas where you are in danger, but that may not be a possibility. I would avoid times, such as night, when criminal morons are more numerous. When you can, ride in a group, the cowardly will attack lone targets more than groups. Be sure that you have communication with someone at home or a friend so they know where y
  10. I enjoy my Lhotz, but It is a year or so old now. My Msuper2 is better and I'm sure the wheels coming out now are beyond them both! I think the only reason to get an Lhotz is if someone gives it to you as a bargain. Unless money totally is preventing you from her getting an up to date wheel, get her something new if you plan on extended riding together.
  11. Bienvenue! C'est magnifique! your skills are amazing! so good to see your videos here. I wish I could visit Nancy to ride with you!
  12. For what it's worth, my MSuper2 has play in the pedals, but they are nice large rectangles, once my weight is on them they don't slip around much in transit. They are big enough I can wear boots comfortably. They look to be the same shape as your pedals. If you are having front-back play and slippage, you might get a little less play by tightening the grub screw that runs in the pivot point of your pedal (if they are like mine) Good luck!
  13. The silver foil letters weren't on there too firmly so I selectively peeled them. They are all off now!
  14. Wow, reading this from all of you, I need to ride more! I'm ver comfortable with my commute. I agree indoor, close quarters, and obstacle training helps with precise maneuver skills. The only thing I am actively training is backwards, it is slow but I can back up further thanfurther than I could before. Recently I crashed and my skills decreased, but it's coming back as I regain my confidence.
  15. I took my dog out for a walk while I rode my Msuper yesterday, when he jumped for another dog, the Msuper had more than enough energy to pull him back. He is a poodle. But a standard poodle.
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