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  1. Also, here in Australia the government wants people to exercise for physical AND mental health - well, my EUC is very therapeutic - gives my psychology a huge boost!!
  2. @RywokastExactly, ignorant officials don't bother to familiarise themselves with the facts before legislating. It happens in all areas.
  3. Currently, Western Australian laws stipulate that electric scooters must travel at 10km/h or less, and “must not be used on footpaths and paths designed for shared use by pedestrians and bicycles.” Any unlicensed electric scooters may only be used on private property [13]. Other States have different laws. However, I have ridden around the city without Police ever having stopped me. Average speed ~15 kph. A commercial Segway hire company takes tourists around the city [Perth] footpaths!!! I have not ridden this year due to the virus - hospitals are getting full with virus patients!
  4. My pennies worth: I have fallen off my EUC occasionally 3 times in past 6 years [I'm 75] and don't want to need a hospital under the current COVID overcrowding!
  5. Hi, With Christmas & NY done and a great trip to Thailand early December; thought I'd check what's on this forum. I like your videos t0me - is a 360 similar to a GoPro? Since WindowsMovieMaker was discontinued in Windows 10 I haven't editted my GoPro movies. Are you riding near Kent St weir in the Canning river park? I am too scared to take my 9bE off sealed roads for thorns! But the trail looks interesting for a bike ride! Let me know if you are planning a EUC ride.
  6. Hi Marcin, Tom, I will be o/s from Sunday to 20 Oct, so if you are planning anything in the improving weather, sorry I can't join until after I return! Alan
  7. Yes training to Perth Station then along rail path to Claisebrook Cove over new bridge to coffee at Stadium "City View Cafe" if open. Google Maps has new stadium and Bridge already - impressed! Return along riverside to Eliz Quay I think!
  8. No worries there is always another day Marcin.
  9. I'm thinking of a ride over the new 'Matagarup' [?] pedestrian bridge tomorrow [Thursday], anyone else interested? I haven't looked over the new stadium as yet either. I'm thinking of getting there around 10 am!
  10. Sorry Tom, I only just saw your last message; I was busy unfortunately with some mundane stuff [grandkids!]. The next few days don't look good!
  11. Marcin , Tom, forecast for tomorrow is for showers and windy - not my idea of for a fun day. I'll give it a miss.
  12. Thanks for the info, surprisingly search didn't reveal a few that I know of but 5 others, most of who only visited the site once! The Mandurah "The Skinny Unicyclist" has visited the site since May last year to recently!
  13. Does anyone know how to search for members residing in Perth?
  14. So Yangebup lake and Bibra lake for next Wednesday or future? Canning River next Wednesday?
  15. Yes I am interested in the ride around Canning River; so long as its a Wednesday or Thursday!
  16. Had a great ride - a leather jacket fixed any little cold - my first time in the city with my EUC! Marcin informed that they are illegal to ride on the streets in Perth!!! Bureaucrats with nothing better to do. Look forward to repeating the experience.
  17. Interesting comment on how to enjoy a sunrise - my wife has very similar sentiments! Retired at 47; lotto or ?
  18. Marcin, I said a few posts back that I'd take the train to Eliz Quay, and suggested we meet at the 'Spanda' thing at 9.30. I thought we go to Claisebrook Cove and back. How's your arm? Also, I am not into riding in the rain; so will text you if it looks rainy! Looks like we have 4 riders in Perth, great! BTW, I have never gone off road - too risky for me! Alan
  19. Marcin, I have a 9bot! So tomorrow confirmed; better check tyre pressure today! Tom & Marcin, yes would be interested in the proposed ride from Kent St. I've cycled around the area: good scenic route. Really only most Wednesdays and Thursdays work for me as I have other commitments for the rest of the week. So keep me posted with your suggestions Alan
  20. So tOme, what do you say - later time or give it a miss? Marcin, could you meet later or stay with around 9.30 at Eliz Quay or ? Alan
  21. Of course, what time would suit you? I've pm my mobile to you and Marcin.
  22. I could get to Eliz Quay about 9.30 - so if you guys want more distance and start at say Burswood, S. Perth etc - then meet up at Eliz. Quay in front of 'Spanda' around 9.40 ? Do the site rules allow me to give my mobile no?
  23. I will train to Eliz Quay. Around the bridges is about 13 km - I haven't done that for some time - I did 6.3 km last week and was surprisingly shakey with tension[?] at the end. How about to Claisebrook Cove, coffee and back thats 12 km return! ?
  24. Saturdays are best for me, but some Wednesdays and Thursdays as well; but not this Wednesday. Forecast for Thursday looks good; how does this Thursday suit you? Alan
  25. Hi All, I'm back on this site after some 2 years! Just busy with other things. Would like to meet / join in a ride sometime. I live in Bull Creek and have done a couple of rides along the Esplanade, Mt Pleasant. I'd like to ride around Elizabeth Quay with others! Alan
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