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material to protect and pad my IPS 191


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I have ordered an IPS 191 from Amazon for $950. It should arrive this Wednesday. I am not worried about myself, since I don't plan on taking any falls...

However, I would like to protect my investment and try to keep it as new and shiny as possible during my initial learning time.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what materials to use and what areas of the 191 to cover?

I hope to pickup the materials ahead of time so I can ride ASAP when it arrives on Wednesday.


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Duct tape and foam packing from previous shipments = almost free.

The foam I use is high density: it is the stuff that you find in a life preserver.

The challenge on the 191 is that there are light strips you won't want to cover with the tape, and the rubber pads (front/back, and on each side a triangle and a semicircle) don't take the tape well.

I also padded the handle with a piece of tubular foam used to insulate hot water pipes.

Lastly, on rollovers, the plastic housing around the power button and recharge port seem to take scratches since they bulge out a bit, so I put a few layers of duct tape there.


(some pics in this review)


(on this topic a later picture with even more excessive tape...)

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