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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone, after saving some money for this and waiting months to buy my unicycle NOW i have an update about the "TWO" IPS S5 unicycles i recently received, and the awful problems ive had since i opened BOTH boxes. i couldnt ride the first IPS S-5 i received, and STILL cannot ride it. I opened box and it had only 1.13 km on the app and was cracked in the shell AND wheel was bent and looked touched up with black pen. You can not put air in s5 tire without the long air valve extension tool and it was not in the Box so that was a big headache too. I immediately sent pics of app zero kms, the box, and packaging and unit proving it came broken just 5 minutes before. APOGEEBUY.COM said right away and after weeks of going back and forth with JASON its not his problem its the factory problem. I already paid him $862 to apogeebuy.com and he said he had one in stock and that if i want it he does NOT do PayPal or credit card only I would have to do a bank transfer. I trusted him. He does not respond to me now and i will have to put in the trash the s5 and loose all my money. Ok, so after i tried many times to reach Yueyue in customer service at the IPS and she did not reply for two weeks UNTIL i posted this bad review and photos all over facebook. Then yueyue at ips sent me an email at 10 o'clock night saying that she heard about all the reviews online. she promised to help me and to please for me to remove the reviews so I said ok! Now i waited for her to help me again it's been so long and she doesn't respond to any email so I gave her warning that I'm gonna put this review online and put it everywhere which I'm doing now. I see there are many more bad reviews on the Internet about the customer service at IPS and bad product quality. I see many companies already will not sell ips product now. My serial number is 0004 and I saw a person that has serial number 0003 selling the unit yesterday online brand new, so they are not happy also. Ordering from china SUCKS thats for sure and ill explain why... so the first unit i cant ride and the second unit arrived after 7 week off aliexpress used. It was not brand new and it was so dirty. I also had 4 holes drilled on it i have no idea why?? I covered the 2nd one with padding after I cleaned it up to protect it and it rides OK but it definitely needs a lighter person nobody over 200 pounds for sure. You can not go off road at all with it and if you go over a bump or something you have to a bend your legs because it's got no play in it and you could hear it rub inside. So i spent almost 2000 and i want to cry. I want a do over. Lol. Ips and apogeebuy.com are so bad. See attached proof. By the way both companies said if I want I could send it back for a credit but I have to pay return shipping which is $600 about from seattle not an option. I have a lot more details about this drama but I don't wanna keep going I've said enough I need to look for a new unicycle now and save some money up. You can email me at randal.ab@aol.com if you have any helpful ideas. Thanks
  2. There are 2 Lhotz white in USA store, if you need it, please contact me yueyue.wang@iamips.com battery 340wh, top speed 30kmh, max mileage 40km
  3. I've had my Lhotz IPS191 since January, and everything was working fine. Of course I've had a few bails here and there but it still works very well, except for one thing... A few weeks ago I noticed that I was getting the push-back feeling in the pedals while I was riding, like when it was new and you would get up to 17 or 18km/h. I opened the app and connected, and noticed that my mileage had been reset from around 400km back to 0, so my speed limit was back to 20km/h, and I couldn't turn it back to 30! I rode around and noticed that I could log more kms in the top left where the current trip kms are stored, but my total mileage is always stuck at 0, and will not ever move. I have read on a few forums that this sometimes happens and after a reset or recharge it goes back to normal, but it's been a few weeks and nothing has changed yet! Does anyone know of a way to fix this, or to override the app so that I can go full speed again? Very annoyed!! Any help or suggestions are very very much appreciated!! Christoph
  4. I recently adquired a unit of IPS191 and I can't found the option to change the riding modes to comfort.. I tried the Xima app and Xima lhotz and nothing.. I cannot connect it to IamIPS app this say me try again all the time I don't know what to do
  5. Hello, I upgraded to a MSuper shortly after unlocking my IPS191. It has some scratches, and a couple adhesive go-pro mounts on it (bonus?) but it should have thousands of KM remaining in life It comes with 2 Chargers I paid $1,100 for it a few months back. I would like $800 OBO and I will ship UPS Ground. if you are not a recognized member of this forum, I will post in eBay for both of our safety... If there are no offers soon I will post on Ebay anyway. Note in the pic, it does not come with the Flashlight, taillight or the Sony action cam. PM me if interested.
  6. Here's a 30 minute video of my first time "off-roading". (See description for time-stamps.) I had a blast and might have a new addiction. Unfortunately most of the trails are closed in my area so I won't get to do it often, but I very much look forward to doing it again soon.
  7. Hello people! I am newer user on this fantastic forum and I want to ask you..waynezengau Which is better? IPS 191 340Wh 30kph or King Song 16 680Wh 30kph I have seen reviews of the IPS (thanks @waynezengau for the review) and I really like it but the KS16 seems to be really really good too I don´t know what to do!! please help meeee THANKS!
  8. Hey people Someone knows where I can buy the IPS191 cheapest? I've seen this web http://shopelectricunicycle.com/ but I distrust. Thanks!
  9. I have ordered an IPS 191 from Amazon for $950. It should arrive this Wednesday. I am not worried about myself, since I don't plan on taking any falls... However, I would like to protect my investment and try to keep it as new and shiny as possible during my initial learning time. Does anyone have any suggestions on what materials to use and what areas of the 191 to cover? I hope to pickup the materials ahead of time so I can ride ASAP when it arrives on Wednesday.
  10. This is a honest review from my customer for IPS122 I really love this thing.Learning curve is steep; I was frustrated to the point of almost returning it because of my impatience. Thankfully with a little more persistence and help from all the tips and vids out there I finally was able to start riding. One big tip that helped me was to stop looking down at my feet and keep my head up and look ahead to where I want to go; my body was able to figure out how to stay upright on its own.Now I've enjoyed riding amongst the throng of tourists at the memorials in Washington, DC, gliding and weaving through them with ease, being stopped occasionally to answer questions about my new toy. I've zipped around Old Town Alexandria, VA to experience much of the same. I've taken leisurely "strolls" through some local parks being able to enjoy the scenery and yet not feeling exerted or strained by the beating sun because of the breeze from riding. So far it's been a very pleasurable experience.So I've talked about my escapades but what about the unit itself? Not having anything similar I can compare it too here's what I can say:-It's heavy and clunky to carry around, but from what I know of the genre it is typical. Spend your time riding it and not carrying it.-It's fast enough for me. I've not measured any specific speeds, but I'd put it at the same speed as a leisurely bike ride. I was able to easily catch up to and surpass all joggers I encountered. If I try to push the speed, the unit gently raises the pedals to tilt me backward and forces me to slow down a little.-There's no padding on this thing whatsoever, so be prepared for some bruised shins and ankles while you're learning. Once you learn it, the lack of padding is not as big a deal, but still it would be nice. So ergonmically this thing gets a "Meh," but I'm not docking any stars because of it.-Battery life so far is sufficient. The most I've gone on one charge is 12 miles split between several locations. According to the battery indicator (which is kind of pathetic; the power button blinks green once per second when there is between 33% and 67% left on the charge, blinks faster when it dips below 33%, and blinks red when it goes below 10% I think) I had at least 33% left, but how accurate that is I don't know. My feet tired out before the battery did. We'll see if that remains to be the case a few months from now.-It's rugged. When I was learning to ride it took a couple of hard falls and even crashed itself into a solid concrete wall at a good speed a few times. It's definitely scratched up but it has maintained it's shape and functions as well as ever.-Beauty contest winner this is not, but it does have a stark functional aesthetic that I appreciate. The big "IPS" lettering and red battery housing are the only attempts at beautification and I do not find them unpleasant.Like I said, I really love this thing. I find myself waiting for the work day to be over so I can hop on for a little bit and enjoy a taste of flying on the ground. I look forward to times when I can ride for an extended period. It's fun to see the stares of wonder and hear the gasps of "Oh wow I want one!" as I zip by. I'm evangelizing widespread use of these things because I believe everyone should have as much joy as I have when I ride. So stop reading and get yours now!!
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