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Kingsong 16S starts fire while charging in NYC.


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3 hours ago, prasket said:

@meepmeepmayer ahh dang I didn't think to check the brand specific areas for a similar post. I did check Gen though. :) 

Thanks for sharing that. 

No, this is the right place to post this fire topic, because the brand of the wheel is less important than the type of battery being used. Since the battery is ubiquitous, it follows this important topic be here.

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20 minutes ago, Issah said:

It also wasn't charging. It is specified in the comment chain. Check the facts before posting on such a serious topic.

Well, according to the NY post the firefighters say it was charging: https://nypost.com/2019/05/09/charging-electric-unicycle-sparks-greenwich-village-fire/

Jason is investigating as per the other thread so hopefully he can come to some conclusions.

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1 minute ago, LucasD said:

Also from comments the guy was not easy one his wheel (if after 6 months you need replace even cabling??).

Every Lionn battery (laptop/ phone) if damaged is potential fire hazard...

So what if the guy was hard on his wheel; if he sent his wheel back to be refurbished then he had a reasonable expectation to have a wheel back in safe working order.

Now it might be that crashing your wheel is unreasonable. If so, then the wheel should come with sensors warning its battery is misbehaving. Lithium Ion batteries are quite dangerous; either change the technology to something harmless or place safeties on the device that make them extremely difficult to set afire.

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It seems you do not get how Lion can be dangerous (though it happens quite rarely). Unfortunately these are the best technology we have.

For the guy he repaired it but few months back, so given his history. Draw conclusions yourself...

BTW do you propose not to use gasoline car, you know if you crash them few times and gasoline start leaking you won't get any alarms, it might go boom, or most likely catch fire...

P.S> Look what one cell can do and you are carrying it in your pocket near your jewels ;) Video quickly searched, but effective...


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