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  1. Well, with the huge dump of snow that fell here recently I took out my wheel to test it out in various conditions. Hard packed snow is perfectly fine to ride on, as expected with these studs. The main issue is mushy snow which is very hard to ride through, as well as any ruts in the hard pack which can pull you around. But definitely rideable, although at a lower (safer) speed than in the summer. Also, last year when I attempted this I had a problem with my pedals icing up. Each time you step off the wheel and then remount a bit of snow would get stuck to the pedals, which makes it very difficult to ride. So I purchased these which seem to do a good job of getting traction: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07FZTRW75/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  2. Yikes, well get it out of the way early! I rode my wheel today also, although my M.O. is the polar opposite of yours, with my newly improved aggressive looking tire: I had put in normal bicycle T studs in last year, and this year I supplemented them with the screw in flat bottom style of stud found here: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32953408885.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.74e54c4d6Le5g1. These are much easier to install, just need a drill, and they seem to have more bite on the road. As with you I found some icy patches, although the tire seemed to laugh at it. I stopped to try and walk on it and it was extremely slippery but the wheel didn't seem to mind. I still feel uncomfortable going over anything sketchy, I'm sure I'll gain more confidence as time passes. Still going to be really cautious on the turns though, as I've learned my lesson on that from winter biking after a few wipeouts.
  3. What temperature do you find you start to run into problems? I think my commute is twice as long as yours (12km).
  4. I know it as a MAMIL. Middle Aged Man In Lycra.
  5. Mine came with the main power disconnected, I thought this was standard practice now?
  6. Kuji pads are great, I have them now too. I also added studs to the pedals which helped a lot with grip.
  7. You can try loosening the couple of screws that hold the two shell halves together at the back, that should give you more room to work with.
  8. I like to imagine the scenario where up to this point everyone was riding bikes, walking, and using PEV's on the roads and then all the sudden someone shows up with a car on the road. Because then at least it would make sense to ban the new thing, since cars are extremely dangerous, large, noisy, smelly machines that actually kill people and have no real speed or power limits other than your wallet.
  9. How fast are you riding?
  10. That's what I did, leftover foam tiles. Makes a big difference on my MSuperX which I thought was just too heavy to jump. Now after installing the pads and literally 5 minutes of riding I can easily jump curbs. If you haven't checked out the rest of his videos you should, they are very well done.
  11. What a joke. Apparently due to two cyclists hitting each other: https://kdvr.com/2019/06/27/after-cyclist-critically-injured-denver-increases-bike-speed-enforcement/ People get so used to the carnage that cars cause that it doesn't even make the news. But the second that a cyclist is involved it's all bans/fines/calls for licensing.
  12. Thanks for that! Seems like quite the project, looks awesome though.
  13. I seem to recall there was going to be an updated GotWay app that would let us change the random colors of the LED's on the MSX to our liking. I tried downloading the app from the official site but I couldn't get it to work - kept getting warnings that it was infected with a virus. Anyone know if this is still in the works?
  14. I was curious about this too, but even at 100% efficiency you don't get a lot of energy back. A 100m drop in altitude with a 100kg rider/wheel combo would get you 27 Wh, again assuming 100% efficiency which is not possible. My MSX has a 1600Wh battery, so it's minuscule in comparison. As far as speed/range goes, riding style and speed makes a huge difference. As does head/tail wind etc. If I was going for max range I'd probably set the speed at 20km/h tops and be very gentle on the acceleration. But where's the fun in that!
  15. Who organizes this event? Seems like it is very well run. The community there seems night and day from where I am where there are only a few of us that I know of that ride these.
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