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  1. Yeah, I don't like it very much, the knobs are too big and it makes it hard to control. I had bought it a while back online, were through my other winter tire so I thought I'd try it. Just about to switch back to my summer tire anyway.
  2. Love my MSX, but one annoyance is taking it into a grocery store or restaurant. It is big and heavy, and if you need both hands free you either have to lean it on something or carefully put it on its side. So I made a permanent stand for it that kind of look like ears, attached with hot glue. These are made out of wood, but I'm sure someone smarter could 3D print them. This way, you can just lean it forward and it can free stand on it's own. I always trolly it with the motor off indoors (since it can be dangerous if it gets away from you), so it's a pretty easy motion to put it down and pick it back up. I included a photo with a ruler so you can hopefully print out the template at the same scale and use it to make your own.
  3. Yeah, there's a reason ski bindings are designed to release under the right circumstances, otherwise you can get seriously injured, and that's with a pair of lightweight skis. Anyway, look at making some pads that you can hook your ankles into. Takes a bit of getting used to but makes the idea of strapping your feet in unnecessary.
  4. I think I ride mine at about 35, but changing tire pressure or even changing tires does result in a bit of a learning curve for a while. But you do get used to it eventually.
  5. The handle isn't in the greatest spot, for sure, but you can get used to it eventually.
  6. Honestly, I have seen what my MSX is capable of when it gets away from you when turned on. It can be pretty dangerous while doing the funky chicken if you lose control of it. I know the MSX handle isn't in the best spot in regards to this, but I could see it happen even with my KingSong wheel. When I'm indoors now (mall, store, etc) I only trolley it with it turned off. It's not really that much more difficult when off but much less dangerous. Would hate for the thing to injure someone if they accidentally kick it and I lose control of it in an elevator for example.
  7. Anyone have an EUC to rent or lend (case of beer?) In Lahaina? The local rental place is booked until Tuesday.
  8. I use my regular full face bell mountain bike helmet and a thin balaclava, with ski goggles. Seems to keep me warm enough and the goggles don't fog up.
  9. Awesome job on the interview! Lots of people I know have been messaging me asking if I've seen it. I even heard them talking about you (by name) on The Bear this morning.
  10. I saw that on Twitter, make sure to post a link for the video if you get one!
  11. Wish I had one of these the other day. Had my first proper wipe out after ~10,000km. I hit a chunk of frozen dirt, about the size of 2 grapefruits, at about ~35 km/h two days ago. The wheel started bucking side to side, I couldn't control it so I had to step off. I was surprised how unscathed I was after that actually, the fall itself wasn't a big deal. Being winter I was pretty bundled up though. The wheel was my biggest concern, it ended up bouncing onto the road and had several hard impacts, and luckily just barely managed to not get hit by or hit a vehicle. So yesterday I used my plastic welding hot air gun and a chunk of ABS pipe to use for scraps, as well as a dremel to channel out the cracks to fix the damage. Several of the internal screw posts had broken and some screws pulled through their mounting holes. The part of the shell that mounts the headlight was smashed and the headlight was dangling inside the shell. It took all night to fix and the results aren't that pretty, but structurally it is back to normal at least. This fiberglass shell would've saved me a ton of time (and aesthetics), but still at $300 US it is hard to justify. I think after a few more inevitable crashes I will get better at making these repairs look a little less Frankenstein. But honestly, if you want pristine looking things, EUC should not be your hobby at all, maybe opt for fabergé egg's instead.
  12. I find it so silly that literally anyone can buy a truck like the F350 with a curb weight of 3400kg and top speed of over 150km/h, and yet politicians feel the need to limit the top speed of electric bicycles and electric unicycles so low. Where's the logic?
  13. Personally I am not a fan of the kingsong mounting method though. On my KS 16b those hangers bend eventually and the pedal hangers scrape the motor. The only fix I've been able to do is to use a wrench to bend it back outwards, about once a season.
  14. I wonder how long the screws will last? Quality studs are tungsten carbide, much harder than the steel used in screws. Here is my experience with this. I first took the stock tire on my MSX and put studs in it. It was fine on ice but struggled with any amount of snow. It seemed to float on top of it and was hard to control (although @winterwheel seems to have no problems with this). So I found a knobby tire locally that does much better on snow. And I used those screw in studs in addition to the above method to stud the tire: It also works pretty good on ice, although you have to be careful turning or you'll still wipeout. I have also filled my tube with an appropriate amount of Tire Seal-R in case there are any punctures: https://www.amazon.ca/Berryman-1301-Seal-R-Sealing-Compound/dp/B0002KKIJQ/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=tire+seal-r&qid=1575499119&sr=8-1
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