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  1. Xoltri

    Gotway MSX top speed limit warning

    When I got mine I set the tiltback to like 9kph to see how it felt. Now I have it set at 36kph as I don't feel comfortable going any faster and I can easily tell when it kicks in, it's very smooth and reliable. The beep warning only happens to me when the battery gets low. I think if you push the wheel too hard and it drops below 15% battery it will beep at you. Of course when you slow down you are not asking as much from the wheel so the beep goes away as the % battery increases with the reduced load. You can feather this until the wheel kicks you off with a final tiltback, but I haven't ridden to that level yet.
  2. Xoltri

    Gotway MSX Led light colors

    Nice! Never was happy with the rainbow.
  3. Xoltri


    Yeah, I've ordered additional studs to do the sides of the tire, as it is now they are mostly in the center. Will keep trying, just need to work the bugs out.
  4. Xoltri


    Nice job, seems you had more success than I did, I used my MSX with studs on Friday and it was a fail. It was around 0 celcius on Friday and the snow was heavy slush type snow and there was quite a bit of it, too much for the wheel to dig into, so you are basically riding on mush. In some spots there was over 5cm of heavy snow in the bike lanes. I managed to get to work mostly fine. Had to jump off the wheel on my first turn at low speed because it slipped out. It continued to snow all day so on the way home a lot of my commute was impassable. I would've been more comfortable on my bike but even then it would've been a tough commute. I ended up walking most of it and my wife picked me up close to home. One of the biggest issues, and I think you've mentioned this, is that the pedals themselves ice up, especially as you dismount, get snow on your boots, then transfer it to the pedals. I will have to find a solution to this problem, I had to stop several times to scrape the ice off with my keys.
  5. Xoltri

    Riding during off season.

    Just an update, 50 psi was way too high, I'm down to 35 psi now and it is much better. Honestly it just seems like new tires need some time to break in, as the more I ride it the more pleasant it is to control.
  6. Xoltri

    Riding in cold weather

    I'm still riding, lowest so far is around -5c. At that temp on my bike I'd wear just athletic pants and tshirt, with a thin wool shirt and thin cycling jacket. On the wheel it's full on winter jacket, windproof insulated pants, winter boots etc. You do have to dress a lot warmer but other than that it's fine. My commute is 12km, about 30 minutes. I think at -20c I'll stick to the bike though, maybe take the wheel when it's -10c or higher.
  7. Xoltri

    Studs for KS-18XL

    Check my experience in this thread. Have a couple hundred KM's on the tire so far on dry pavement (since the weather changed for the better after I put them on) and haven't lost a stud.
  8. Xoltri

    Gotway MSuper X - winter tire

    Well, the existing tire on the MSX is perfectly capable of going off road - I had put on a lot of kilometers this year both camping and in the mountains by Canmore on dirt/gravel/rocky paths. However I would never expect any manufacturer to produce a winter tire for these - it's a niche of a niche market. There are probably only a small handful of people with electric unicycles willing to ride in the winter. Just have to DIY it like cyclists used to do back in the day.
  9. Xoltri

    Gotway MSuper X - winter tire

    @szaroczek No problem! The studs I have are aluminum body.
  10. Xoltri

    Gotway MSuper X - winter tire

    Have a look at the following thread. I bought the same tire that comes on the MSX and put studs in it. I have about 75km on it so far and it is working great, although the handling of the wheel is different and I'm still getting used to it.
  11. Xoltri

    Riding during off season.

    Well, I put the tire on yesterday and rode 12k to work today, haven't lost any studs. Traction is really good, I have some ice on my driveway and the wheel can go up it no problem. Much more slippery with my shoes. The wheel does handle differently, especially on turns. It seems to want to stay upright and not lean as I'm used to with the stock tire. A little more squirrely too. I tried it at 30-40psi, currently at 40, may try 45-50 later today to see how it handles.
  12. Xoltri

    MSuper X wheel wobbles (misalignment?)

    Wobbles when braking can be fixed by adopting the 'sit down' method of braking like this (@6:31 in video)
  13. Xoltri

    MSuper X Mountain Stress Test

    That was nuts, guess if I get close to 1500kg I'll try and loose some weight
  14. Xoltri

    New toy, Msuper X experience...

    Brand loyalty is for suckers IMHO. Your post is a perfect example. The structure is <pre formed opinion> then <motivated reasoning>. If the MSX had half of the problems as the KS18L it would be receiving so much flack on here. The 18L gets a pass because of course, KimgSong is high quality1!11!!1! Instead it's the shipping damage, crash damage, and a lack of zip ties (!?) that exemplifies the lack of quality in the latest Gotway wheel. That is what is frustrating, especially for new people contemplating what wheel to buy out of the two. I agree!