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  1. The button is not a problem here. If you have other wheel, handle is not so much needed. If it is the only one, go and buy it.
  2. LucasD

    My new Mten3!

    I use Nikola pedals, had to move magnets...
  3. LucasD

    My new Mten3!

    I was able to go forest uphill on mten3 that is super hard on MTB. Though it generates high heat and eats battery like crazy So quite capable wheel
  4. Read my post again, if you ride MSX at 50% battery and accelerate hard uphill, the battery will drop to 10% and will turn one the third alarm. But on the other hand I think the wheels in general don't consider torque, but it would more similar to overlean...
  5. This is normal and why I think the Gotway alarms is smart. Basically the heavy current draw will sag voltage (will be shown as bat % drop). In gotway speed alarm depends on battery, so at any given combination rider/ condition/ battery the sag will be different and it will always give fair warning - any more at this conditions and faceplant....
  6. I'm able to ride at 30km/h in slight off-road conditions. Asphalt is easier to go faster, but easier to miss a hidden bump. Once I rode inn night and light shown all imperfections of road that looked fine during day
  7. How come slime is more effort? It is the same process. Also stan is intended for tubeless. Slime has tube and tubeless (STR) version, tubeless is more potent. P.S> Factory mten3 has some sealant inside, not sure what kind, but it seems that it was too much after I added mine. It smelled heavy of cigarettes
  8. From most test I saw, that stan/ orange etc. may be a better seal but longevity wise is 3-6 months in bike. So thank you I will stay with long lived slime...
  9. That is why we need flex master, that minimise damage to hand. And during fall you need to add rotational movement. Regardless in a fall it is better to stop with broken hands, than simply faceplant. In such case without full face helmet I guess you would at high damage...
  10. I wonder about physics here. Letting it go in front make total sense. Yet afterwards pumping (and soft mode) make the physics at best vague. Also I vaguely remember there are some human powered vehicles that get forward speed by carving...
  11. I gave up on headphones, because it is hard to put with a full face helmet Yet I would say wrist guard is number one priority. And in hard riding conditions I was many times heat on my shins. So not sure if shinny's guards are not a better choice over knee guards P.S> I had abrasion on half my face (that is hard to heal) and dislocated shoulder, but it was a bike jump crash with normal helmet.
  12. And how is acceleration compared to mcm and mten3?
  13. Let's go by example 84V mean 20 cells in series So one string has capacity of 50Ah Now the final capacity depends how many of those are in parallel. So if 1A is safe charging level for one series, then for 10 series (500Ah) safe limit would be 10A...
  14. Would not be suprised that charge doctor put some balancing circuits and if not the most likely point of failure would be charge doctor...
  15. Because all EUC manufactures are very low in electronics (look at multiple post). E.g. Live charge in ports of EUC instead of using diod to limit current in other direction, etc... How many people ride like idiots with straight legs? It may be fine for few people, until some imbalance either brick charger or most likely burn something on your board... P.S> Have you even heard of ground loops? And have any idea of polarity in electric sockets...
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