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IPS out of business now?


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Has anyone heard anything about IPS in the last couple months? I don't see any units available anywhere on the planet online and they don't respond to me and other prople tell me they dont respond to them. Also, there has been no posts about IPS in the last couple months and also there's no activity on their Internet or ips Facebook page for a couple months. They also did not keep their promise to me to fix my brand new broken upon receipt S5 unit. Did they go out of business does anybody know? They cannot compete with the champs like gotway KS inmotion  Ninebot etc...

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IPS wheels are listed on AliExpress as usual. IPS never had any kind of big (or even existant) presence anywhere else that I know of. There's their websites and @IPS Malta... and that's it.

I always wondered how the company survives without (seemingly) selling many wheels, and apparently horrible customer service/quality issues, as confirmed by the two biggest Western sellers (ewheels, Speedy Feet) and you. Maybe they're bigger in Asia? Korea?

But I don't see any change, it's from pretty much nothing to pretty much nothing as far as I can tell.


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Shame if they do disappear, my first wheel was an IPS and i really liked it. I've just moved on to more power and more battery but I really liked the wheel and found the customer service to be pretty good. I sold it quite a while ago now but it was a great first wheel. I keep hoping that they will bring out something which brings them back into the big league ...

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