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  1. Maybe I can shed some light on battery problems. I recently went to run some IPS Zero I had long stored and not used and discovered some interesting new facts for me that might help you solve the problem. The battery cells in the IPS are all connected to a control circuit. Formerly I thought it was because of balancing but actually that those are to read the individual cell voltage and not balancing. If I figured this right, the pack cells are charged in series and stops when the first cell hits the highest safe voltage. If the cells are not well balanced then the wheel will die quicker o
  2. This is on short notice, but we will be having a EUC meet-up in Valletta (near tritoni fountain) today at 5pm. Hope this will be a more frequent thing in Malta and encourage the use. If you can join us, just make it on time I'll try to get permission and post some pictures here later when all is over.
  3. IPS Malta

    The lightest EUC

    Oh I thought something got sorted out there. I ride mine in SZ when I am there. Yes totally agree, the S5 is nice to have for its better specs but the everyday commuting, the i5 is excellent
  4. Is that the original charger? I think mine is smaller (i remember it smaller than my laptop brick). I'll try to get my wife sending me a picture of it later. If different we can also compare the brick's specification
  5. Hi, Did you manage to find them? I have available but from Europe and better compare your board with a picture as there are 2 versions to what I remember one had a small PCB attached outside the sealed MB while the other had all built-in
  6. IPS Malta

    The lightest EUC

    I can say the same, I'm just missing my S5 in my collection since the LHOTZ. Where do you ride in HK?
  7. IPS Malta


    The voltage reading as suggested @Slaughthammer works only with the IPS LHOTZ as far as what I tested. Forgot if it worked with the i5 As I have that wheel on the other side of the world but the i3(ZERO) shows them all 0 and it doesn't give you much information unfortunately
  8. an aged battery did the same to me, but it charged 100%. I have 2 cells show lower voltage (on the lhotz you can see their initial voltage by tapping the voltage on the setting page of the app) so for your case, it could be either a cell or there's one of the many cell voltage balancings cable not doing contact all the time. It is normal that when you slow down or let it rest a bit the voltage goes up after a few seconds and the low battery warning stops but it's not instant. 5-10 seconds
  9. Anyone up to meet in Malta? We can organize a meeting for anyone who's on the island
  10. Probably you are riding on a low pressure. I had to change once only and it happened when I did run on low pressure that I though it was enough. If you feel the wheel like moving sideways on rides, it's definitely on low. PS. Check the tire pressure weekly. As for changing the tire I used no tools (except to open the case). You simply need to align one side of the outer tube in the center of the rim, which makes room on the other side to slip (with slight force) over the rim. once you have one wall, the tube can go out easily. You only need to slip out one wall of the outer tire at a time
  11. IPS is not out of business. They sell mostly in China.
  12. Your first picture just loaded now (Was kind of impressed by the 400+views this post without a reply attracted) Do I see a black dot on the top red cable? can you check there is continuity there on that cable? Also the third clip (Always from top and actually all first 3) seems not to be fully inserted in the plug, can you see if you can push a bit the third cable in so it will align? I'm suspecting that the cables were not doing a good contact
  13. Hi @Nicholas, I'll try to get some details on your issue and get back to you. Since you reversed the connections you might have broken the LED strips but you need to test that. As your original problem I was thinking of a firmware update as I had encountered something similar before but you said after opening it which makes me think that a firmware update cannot be of help. Will get back to you when I get more details
  14. In my other post I explained a bit on how it should work. When you buy a product you buy it off the other end's hands, If the shipping was defective you deal with the shipping company which I don't know but assume is not, the shipping has to be paid as they delivered the goods and you accepted them. Shipping back will again request another service but (unless agreed before) shipping is customer's responsibility, not to mention the customs clearance issues to return it. If they had to allow returns, everyone will be importing goods as returns in China, faulting the import export strategy at a c
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